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The Austrian stable boy at his best!
Bart (lalalahoihoi)5 April 2007
This is to funny to be true. I almost died laughing when I saw this a few weeks ago. I think this was made as a promotion stunt for the coming carnival in Rio but the only thing I learned is that Arnie's libido is bigger than his chest. He constantly makes sexual remarks and talks about " my favorite body part : the ass!". If you thought his English was bad, listen to his Portuguese. He can't even pronounce "amor" without me thinking about an Austrian Shepperd. He also tries to dance the samba with some locals and guess who was the odd one out! Anywayz, if you want to watch the 5 minutes and 15 seconds of shame, google it or wait till the next election for governor in California! "Now let me teach you an English word: Bite! Like this.... yeesssssss!
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Of explicit nature.
joelplamondon5 June 2006
Hi there everyone. Here is my review of the movie 'Carnival In Rio' with our great muscle bound statesmen and leader of men. Arnold Swarznegger, California State Governor, shows us how funny and explicit he is when he's laid back. My friend told me about the video and thought it was funny, but he also realizes how this forces us to rethink Arnold altogether as a 'good' guy. I like him better when he works in scripted movies. At least then we know the writing isn't his. This work seems to be comparable to the Three Stooges 'Adult Version' Movie. I wouldn't spend my hard earned money to buy even the VHS version of this film. If you enjoy watching state figures pawing sweet young Latin women, then this short is for you. Especially one scene when Arnold instructs his date in the gentle art of 'Finger-sucking'. The sexual innuendo is obvious.
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Cheesy, Horndog
getatme-114 June 2006
I saw this a long time ago. I rented in Cozumel, Mexico at one of the video shops on the strip. I doubt that you'll be able to find this video. They may have even aired it on HBO or Cinemax too.

Basically,it's a terrible travelogue in Brasil with Arnold being a man, flirting with the Brasilan babes. He's being a man's man-this is before James Bond became PC. There's this one scene of Arnold feeding a woman phallic veggies and slowly putting it in and out suggestively.

Lots of skin in this. Funny shots of Arnold, the bugged-eyed horndog. It's quite funny but not very educational. It isn't PBS.

A lot of talk shows show clips of this to embarrass Arnold. I'm sure he wants to forget it. I wouldn't be surprised if he owned all the copies-LOL.
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