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  • Alec Ramsey (Kelly Reno) is devastated when The Black's former Berber owner, Abu Jakub ben Ishak (Ferdy Mayne) shows up to take back the Black, whom he calls Shetan, after he was stolen from then by a rival tribe. When he learns that Black is being returned to the Ishak's kingdom in the Moroccan desert, Alec stows away on a flight to Casablanca. Aided by young Raj (Vincent Spano) from the Tuareg tribe, Alec is finally reunited with the Black, but Ishak refuses to return him to Alec because he intends to run Shetan in a race between the finest horses of the tribes of the Sahara, winner take all. Meanwhile, Kurr (Allen Garfield), the evil ruler of the Uruk, a rival tribe, has come to make sure that the Black doesn't run. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The Black Stallion Returns is a sequel to The Black Stallion (1979) (1979), which was based on the 1941 novel The Black Stallion by American author Walter Farley. The Black Stallion Returns is Farley's 1945 followup to the first book and forms the basis for this movie. The novel was adapted for the movie by screenwriters Richard Kletter and Jerome Kass. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • About a year. A time stamp at the beginning of The Black Stallion sets the year as 1946. A similar time stamp at the beginning of The Black Stallion Returns marks the year as 1947. In real time, four years passed between the making of the two movies. Kelly Reno was about 11 when he made the first movie and 15 during the filming of the second. Consequently, Alec appears to have aged four years instead of the one year indicated by the time stamps. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Alec escapes from the Uruk and takes Shetan/Black back to Ishak. Realizing that Alec is the one rider of the horse, Ishak appeals to him to ride in the race, reminding him that he must win, not only to help Ishak's tribe but to keep the Black from being claimed by another tribe. Alec accepts the challenge. On the day of the race, Alec learns that he must ride not only against the horses from other tribes but against Raj and his horse Sagr. The race across the desert begins, and Alec quickly learns that the Uruk rider is trying to push him off Black and that he has also pushed Raj off Sabr. Alec returns Sabr to Raj, and the race continues, dwindled down to the two fastest riders, Alec and Raj. Suddenly, Kurr shows up in a truck, chasing and shooting at them. Alec and Raj elude Kurr by splitting to the sides while Kurr's truck goes straight ahead and lands headfirst in a ditch. Alec and the Black fairly win the race. Realizing Alec's friendship with Raj, Ishak spares Sagr. Meslar (Woody Strode) comes riding up with Kurr and his two accomplices in tow. In the final scene, Ishak releases the Black to Alec, but Alec releases the Black to the desert because 'he belongs here.' Edit (Coming Soon)


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