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2 Jan. 1985
Episode #1.1
As her children plot the takeover of her retail empire, Emma Harte plans her own counter-moves against them. Emma started life as a maid in the home of Adam Fairley, the wealthy local mill owner. She works hard not only at the Fairley's but also in her own home taking care of her father, two brothers and a bedridden and dying mother. At the manor house, she is particularly attentive to Mrs. Fairley a depressive alcoholic who is unhappily married and whose sister has effectively replaced her in her marriage. Emma soon strikes a friendship with the youngest son Edwin ...
3 Jan. 1985
Episode #1.2
Now in Leeds, the pregnant Emma Harte learns that Blackie O'Neill has gone to Ireland to care for a sick friend. She finds a place to stay but has tried everywhere to get a job with no success. Her luck changes when she rescues a middle-aged man, Abraham Kallinski, be stoned by two boys. Kallinsky is a Jew and while Emma doesn't quite understand why the boys were stoning him, she is invited to the Kallinsky home where she is warmly welcomed and given a job in one of their clothing factories. She quickly rises from seamstress to cutter and eventually a designer. Emma ...
4 Jan. 1985
Episode #1.3
As Emma Harte's empire grows, she arranges her assets in such a way as no one knows she is the buyer, noting that most men don't like dealing with a woman on business matters. The various layers of ownership come in quite handy as George Fairley drinks and gambles his family businesses away and she gets a opportunity to buy them cheap. She is lonely however and decides to marry the family solicitor, young Arthur Ainsley but the marriage is a failure. When she meets Australian Paul McGill, she meets the love of her life. Their marital status doesn't prevent them from ...


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