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Danger, Intrigue and Grocery Day
mrwiseman-122 June 2006
One of the best "fish-out-of-water" series ever filmed. Amanda King is an ordinary Arlington, Virginia housewife. Divorced for a year, dating a weatherman, living in her house with her boys and mother, she seems to be ...normal. However, while at train station, a mysterious man gives her a package and tells her to hand it "to the man in the red hat." Moments later he is chased down by some unsavory characters. It isn't long before Amanda King finds the man she trusted is Lee Stetson, spy. Soon, she finds her self drawn into his work, and darn if she isn't a natural! Only she has a problem; her family cannot know what she does for a living.

So "normal" Amanda King becomes a secret spy, and is partnered with dashing lady's man, Lee Stetson. Along the way Lee and Amanda become quite a team...and mix in a little romance.

This series is to me one of the best, and most satisfying, romantic series to ever be on TV. Unlike other 80s...(and shows today) the characters avoided the "back and forth" romance where the writers would make you frustrated by plots intentionally keeping the leads apart. Instead on Scarecrow and Mrs. King, the relationship between Lee and Amanda, "naturally" evolved from reluctant co-workers, to friends, partners, lovers, and married couple. It is a shame this series did not get a proper ending. Over 23 years later Scarecrow and Mrs.King is still my favorite show.
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someday on DVD?
vmcorrigan10 April 2005
I do love this show, for its sheer entertainment value. It's a little idealistic and perhaps stretches credibility at points, but so what? I don't always want to be educated when I watch TV, nor do I particularly like being grossed out verbally or visually, as the newer shows push the envelope ever farther in search of ratings... Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner might not consider SMK their best work, but I think they discount their fan base. I loved Bruce in this, and in Babylon 5, a lot better than any of the drippy made for TV movies he made with his wife (sorry Melissa!) I wish Scarecrow and Mrs King would come out on DVD so I'd have a chance to watch it again. Maybe this time I'll hate it! But I doubt it. April 2005
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Great show overall.
thousandisland11 November 2000
I watched this series all the time when I was little. Bruce Boxleitner is a great actor and really shines as the star, Scarecrow. As I watch it nowadays I feel that he must have enjoyed this series a lot, as he seems so natural and comfortable in his role. This is a cute, endearing show based on a simple premise. The first few seasons are especially great to watch, as the contrast between Lee and Amanda is most striking before their romantic relationship develops. (The fourth and fifth seasons are not quite as interesting, but they're inevitable) It's kind of a Lady and the Tramp story set in Washington, DC, with Lee being a charismatic government spy/ladies man, and Amanda a sweet, suburban single mother. What makes this duo so charming is the culture clash between their two worlds. He is forever "burdened" by her ineptness when it comes to government work, and she is always critiquing his lifestyle and trying to get him to live more like a normal, "real person".. Their unlikely partnership leads to plenty of fun and adventure for the audience, and eventual romance that is (fortunately) postponed for as long as possible. The writers and producers seem to know exactly what the viewers want, the guy and girl who like eachother but can't say it or deal with it, and end up tiptoeing around the issue for three seasons... except for the occasional hint or inuendo, executed with perfect style. "Charlie's Angels" fans will have fun seeing Kate Jackson in this different, motherly role, and I think most females will find it very hard to resist the boyish and talented Boxleitner. His skill with dialogue delivery is beyond compare. This series is a classic, great for anyone who likes a little action, humor and romance. It's best seen from the beginning, so you can really appreciate the relationship between these two TV greats.
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Clean Cut Drama!
AbeStreet22 August 2003
As a teenager this was one of the few evening shows that I could watch with my mother. Every Monday night at 8pm we would watch this show and then "Kate & Allie". During the mid eighties gritty crime dramas like "Hill Street Blues" and "Miami Vice" were dominating the popularity poles I looked forward to the light spirited romantic spy show "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" (S&MK).

First of all "The Agency" Lee Stetson worked for never could make up it's mind what type of government agency it was. At times it was like the FBI, at other times it was like the CIA and still other times like the NSA and U.S. Marshals. "The Agency" would investigate foreign espionage, transport witnesses, provide security for people and events and conduct overseas investigations. What an agency!!!

The plots usually involved the Russians and U.S.S.R.. A typical plot would find Lee Stetson (Agent Scarecrow)in over his head and the only person who could bail him out would be the civilian temporary help Amanda King. Despite all the other trained agents like Francine Desmond who was always more worried about looking good before she went on an assignment. Let us not forget Billy Melrose, this shows version of Oscar Goldman from the "Six Million Dollar Man". He could always be counted on to show up right after the nick of time just like Oscar Goldman.

The criminals always were clean cut middle aged yuppie types with horrible accents. Just about every show I can remember ends with Scarecrow and his obvious double chasing and beating up the bad guys while Amanda King almost innocently saves the day by using her skills she developed as a housewife and mother.

Despite the cheesy story lines and settings this is a very enjoyable show. Right always triumphed over wrong. The entire case acted well together and over the 4 years the viewers grew to know and like them. The relationship between Lee Stetson and Amanda played out well. The first 2 years with them feeling each other out. The third dealing with their desire to move forward and not knowing how. The fourth with their marriage and how they concealed it from everyone.

During the last season the writing began to suffer. First of all you can only have so many episodes with Soviet espionage and sabotage. Secondly, Mrs. King after 4 years could not longer be viewed as an innocent civilian and her innocent charm was fading. Finally, it was nice to see the relationship progress between Mrs. King and Scarecrow but once they were married like most shows of this type the tension that kept the audience captivated was gone. It was clear the show would not be back for a 5th season when Amanda was taken out of the episodes because the actress that portrayed her had breast cancer and the show was moved from Monday night to Friday night. Given all these changes the 4 year time frame was just about right for this shows run.

Lastly, this show was a nice diversion from the ordeals of everyday life. Hopefully as shows that are released in DVD form continue to become available this one will one day come out in DVD format.
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Good show with characters you cared about
johnfuen7 September 2005
I didn't get into this show until a few seasons went by. But once I did get into the show, I found that I really liked the characters portray by Bruce Boxleitner (Lee Stetson aka Scarecrown) and Kate Jackson (Mrs. King). Scarecrow was a suave American spy -- an American James Bond and Mrs. King, a divorced housewife who ended up becoming his partner with the perfect cover....a suburban divorced mom.

Mrs. King wasn't your gorgeous Bond girl....she was more of a pretty all-American girl next door/mom. There was something about her sly intelligence mixed with the slightly husky voice that I always found very appealing. With these two very attractive early 30 something actors playing off of each other, I always thought there was a sexual/romantic tension that radiated off the screen. I was very happy when the two characters got married and became a husband and wife team.

The plot lines were a bit beyond belief, but the way the two leads played off of each other made it fun to tune in.
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I can't wait for Scarecrow and Mrs. King to come out on DVD
jedriscoll17 June 2005
The cable network TVLand recently had a promotion weekend that Scarecrow and Mrs. King was part of. I was so excited to see a few episodes, but it made me wish that the series was on DVD even more!

Scarecrow and Mrs. King was a great series about an unsuspecting housewife who gets pulled into undercover spy work with a reluctant and then fully accepting spy. It's a little hokey, but great overall. Kate Jackson plays single mom, Amanda King and Bruce Boxleitner plays spy, Lee Stetson. The show was really all-inclusive, action, romance and comedy all in one.

The sexual tension in the 1st two seasons is a little like the dynamic between Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepard in Moonlighting.
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I still want to be a spy...
bluedancechild20 June 2004
As I read so many of the user comments, I thought it amusing and funny that it sounds this show reached an unexpected audience. I was really young when my mom would record the show while she was at work, come home really late, and play the tape for us. While other little kids were playing Transformers and Barbies, I was playing as if I were a divorced housewife with two kids who suddenly becomes a spy.

The show has at its core the concept that made shows like "Buffy" popular. They take ordinary average everyday girls, the girls and women who get overlooked, and they made them superheroes with "falable knights on white horses" or as in the case of "Scarecrow and Mrs.King" a really neat silver car.

Yeah, so it is a little cheesy and predictable but I think today, when everything is so not cheesy and predictable it's nice to pop in an old tape of "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" episodes and watch and be reminded that sometimes happy ever after does exist.
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My childhood's most treasured memory
ALittaM1 March 2001
I watched this show when I was a little girl. And it soon turned up to be one of my favorite shows ever: the leading characters are great, and they interact in the cutest way.

Kate Jackson plays Amanda King, the most ordinary, suburban mother whose greatest hope is a special discount at the grocery store.

Bruce Boxleitner plays Lee Stetson, a secret agent who loves being a spy and being a Don Giovanni.

Their meeting happens at the train station, when Lee is forced to ask Amanda for help. From that day,these two become the most unlikely pair of secret agent, and more than often Lee wonders just what the hell Amanda is here for: she has no clue about anything concerning spies, guns, or secret weapons. On the other hand, she has a lot of common sense, and she uses a special intuit that more than once saves them both.

As seasons pass by, Lee and Amanda develop a very special friendship, that eventually turns into love. It takes three whole years, though, to see them show their feeling for each other. And this, for fans (or for me at least), was like a secret hope, just like what happened for X-Files ten years later.

Technically speaking, this show is just like any other 80s TV show: poorly directed, badly edited and with stunt over-using (most of the time causing embarrassing shots where anyone could see it wasn't them!). It was set in DC, but filmed in California, so they mixed long-range shot of DC monuments with street shots of the WB lot. Bruce and Kate acted pretty well, Bruce being the best of the pair and giving on the whole a very charismatic portrait of Lee (which caused a lot of women to fall for the actor AND the character - as I did!). On the last season, though, Kate Jackson cut her appearances on the show due to a sudden illness, and after a few episodes without Amanda the show stopped. Too bad they didn't get a chance to film a decent end to a very nice show.

I recommend it to those who suffer old-times nostalgia, and to those who haven't forgotten Bruce Boxleitner in his glory days. Plus it has a great theme tune!
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Not Charlie's Angel Anymore!
Syl17 October 2006
I remember watching this show on CBS Monday nights before Kate and Allie and Newhart. I thought the show was great with Charlie's Angel, Kate Jackson, playing single mother, Amanda King, in the Washington D.C. area. Somehow, she manages to mingle with Bruce Boxleitner's character. He plays a Washington spy/agent for the FBI or was it CIA. I don't remember. I remember Beverly Garland playing Amanda's mom on the series. I thought this series had humor, great acting, and intelligence. The Scarecrow and Mrs. King should be out on DVD eventually. I think Kate proved that she was no more Charlie's Angel and this series displayed her acting abilities as well. I miss shows like this and it was set somewhere other than Los Angeles or New York. Maybe they never actually filmed in D.C. except for the regular shots, this show was always entertaining to watch for family hour.
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My Favorite Show of All Times!
gmogge12 July 2005
I have never before enjoyed a TV series as much as I have enjoyed, "Scarecrow and Mrs. King". There was great chemistry between Kate and Bruce along with action, mystery, and comedy. And even though it's labeled as "old" it's far more entertaining than these silly reality shows that are polluting every channel. I was very upset when PAX (the only channel with it airing) took it out of its line-up. I wasn't happy with how PAX had dubbed minor swear words out of the show but at least it was airing. I was able to tape a number of the episodes but they're of very poor quality (due to the fact there's at least 4 on each tape) and VHS tapes won't last forever. I hope they release the show on DVD soon. No matter what the price I'd buy it.
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This show was great because of the chemistry between the main characters.
mtatara28 December 2004
This show was not only great because of the chemistry between the main characters but also for the freedom the director gave them. Bruce Boxleitner once said that Kate Jackson had a gift for improvising. He would play off what she said and it made the show that much better. Compared to today's shows, Scarecrow and Mrs. King is a pleasant and enjoyable show.

I enjoyed watching her balance her relationship with her mother and boys with her secret life as a spy. Bruce Boxleitner plays the professional very well. In one episode he talks about being so relaxed in the jacuzzi he forgets the time. She tells him she has no clue what he's talking about.

This show is on DVD and VHS sold as two shows at a time through Columbia House club. I would like to see it in stores. Not a big fan of clubs and I would like to buy it as a whole season.
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SMK is a great show (TAG)
PTAG462 April 2001
I used to watch Scarecrow and Mrs. King when I was a little girl and I was immediately drawn to it and still love it to this day. It is a terrific show and very entertaining.

It is with Kate Jackson as Amanda King a divorced mother of two who gets a package from a total stranger and her life is never the same as it draws her into a very secretive business as she becomes a part time spy and Bruce Boxleitner as Lee Stetson the very dashing stranger who hands her the package who works for the government as a spy.They have to team up together.

Amanda and Lee start off not knowing what to think of each other, they build a close friendship that eventually turns into an everlasting love.Unfortunately, the show is cut short because Kate Jackson became too ill to act on it anymore so the show never had a ending to it.
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A good family, very 80's show!
snTWW11 August 2000
Scarecrow and Mrs. King is a wonderful show, with a simple theme. It has very enjoyable acting and some surprising story lines. Although some plots and cinematography remind you it is in reruns, and was in fact filmed during the mid eighties, you will enjoy following the plots and the relationship of Scarecrow (Lee Stetson) and Amanda King. It's a fun show that a family can enjoy together.
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Please put it on DVE
clwilson9113 August 2007
This is one of my favorite shows of all time. When is it going to come to DVD?!?!?

I have such fond memories of watching this show during high school. My friends and I couldn't wait to discuss the episode each morning after it had aired.

When my brother and I were both in college, we would watch reruns late at night during the summer after returning from our summer jobs. It was the same every night: Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Remington Steele, and the Paper Chase. A perfect evening's entertainment!

It seems like this kind of show has disappeared. Sad. I'd love to see less reality TV and more of this kind of scripted show.
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Great Show
ecc1231 April 2001
I discovered Scarecrow and Mrs King showing on PAX TV this past fall (2001). I really fell in love with it - the characters - the co-stars - the cast. Everybody does a great job. A show for the whole family to enjoy. UPDATE for 2010. They finally released the show on DVD -at least Season One. The video quality if great. I do have to turn the audio up quite a bit, but that may be my VCR/DVD combo player, rather than the DVD itself. It's so nice to have the original CBS versions - not cut to fit in those extra 4+ minutes of commercials! Although Best Buy and Target have not seen fit to advertise the DVDs, I have read from others that both stores carry it. And it is available through Warner Bros, Amazon and Walmart - I got it from their WebSite. It's faster if they have it in your local store. The prices vary, but it's well worth whatever your nearest store is charging. They way this Site formats all submissions - you have to keep writing in order to get the ten line minimum for them to actually DISPLAY the review. ENJOY!
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My First Obsession
henderjo15 October 2001
Scarecrow and Mrs King was the first TV show I became obsessed with. I still love it, even though there were many cringe worthy episodes.

The chemistry between Kate and Bruce for me was the reason for my love of the show. The fact that Bruce was very nice on the eyes didn't hurt either.

Even though the story lines were cheesy, the acting bad, the directing, editing and set design on many occasions was terrible......this just added to the charm of this characteristically 80's show.

There has been talk for a while about a reunion movie. I hope this evenuates and rectifies the untimely and ambiguous ending to this great show.
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For Love and Country
hammelxxi30 January 2018
By today standards "Scarecrow & Mrs King" might look overly simplistic, far fetched at times, even corny, but for me it will always be one of the best shows ever to grace TV screens everywhere. The premise was simple and interesting. Lee "Scarecrow" Stetson, a capable operative of a government outfit known as "The Agency" is running for his life carrying a package he must rely to another agent at a train station. Being chased by foes and out of options, he grabs a woman passing by, Amanda King, and pleads with her to help him in what he calls a matter of life and death. Reluctant at first, Amanda accepts the package Lee is carrying and agrees to board a train and "give it to the man in the red hat", only things get complicated by the fact that there is a cart full of men in red hats. Unable to deliver the package Amanda takes it home what brings unexpected situations. From that chance encounter Lee and Amanda develop a casual work relationship that eventually turns into a full partnership, not only in, but also out of the field. Danger, action, PTA meetings, international intrigue, a nosy mother, lavish parties, laundry and grocery shopping, funny stakeouts, two children, and a lot more made this show a delight to watch, though I was especially invested in Lee and Amanda's romantic potential, and I enjoyed watching how the sweet housewife from Arlington slowly won the heart of the suave Scarecrow and how together they made one of the most entertaining couples of the 80's TV scene. I recently bought the box set and I'm watching it again as if it were the first time and somehow, no so unexpectedly, I fell in love with "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" all over again. If you watch it, Im sure you will, too.
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Great mix of G-rated intrigue and light humor
stanbrown3221 February 2010
It is a little more than a week before the first season DVD set is set to be released--and I can't wait! Years ago, I got the VHS tapes from Columbia House, but I'm eager to get the DVD set.

I was in junior high school when this show began--I was 13 in 1983--and I don't think I ever missed an episode. I already was a fan of Bruce Boxleitner from the short-lived "Bring 'Em Back Alive" series, and I remembered Kate Jackson from "Charlie's Angels." While I suppose a show featuring a divorced mother of two as the lead might not be imagined as aimed at junior-high boys, this did air at 8:00 PM (not 10:00, which was "Cagney and Lacey"'s time slot on Monday night), and there was plenty of James Bond-type action for excitement. The brilliance of the show was taking Amanda King, the civilian who never even thought of being spy, and thrusting her into the world of Cold War espionage in Washington, DC. Every viewer, junior-high boys included, could therefore imagine himself in her place--what it would be like to have a stranger thrust a package into your hands and tell you to give it to the man in the red hat.

The premise was similar to so many Eric Ambler novels or Alfred Hitchcock movies, where the unassuming, ordinary citizen gets caught up in intrigue. The added element here was Amanda King's ending up as the protégée and then real partner of Lee Stetson. As the show went on, scripts filled in why Lee operated without a partner until Amanda came along, who his mentor had been, even information about his parents as agents decades before.

I also vividly remember when in Season 2 or Season 3 there was a series of episodes filmed in various European countries. So much fun!
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The Greatest Show EVER!!
myyankees25 August 2008
I think anyway. ;-) I originally got hooked on the show when I watched it through PAX when I was in high school. It's been ten years now, and I'm watching a version of it without the PAX edits, and I love it ALL THE MORE!!! Sometimes it's a little corny, but as a former boss of mine says, "Corny sells." I love the humor in the show, and the way that Lee (Bruce Boxleitner) always seems so annoyed, yet patient with Amanda (Kate Jackson). There is NO other show that comes close to the way Lee and Amanda worked on screen. Bruce and Kate may not have been best friends off the camera, but I don't much care about that because they made it work on film. It may not air on TV anymore, but if it ever comes on DVD, I highly suggest EVERYONE buy this show - because even after watching every episode more than several times, they never cease to keep me entertained.
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Charlie's Angels This Ain't!
ShelbyTMItchell17 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
No if people are expecting to see Charlie's Angels as it used to star Kate Jackson. Then you are dead wrong. She plays "normal" mom Amanda King, divorced and looking for a job. And with two boys and a nagging mother to defend with.

Lee Stetson aka Scarecrow as the handsome and sometimes arrogant spy. Wants Amanda to give a package to a man in a red hat but she can't complete the task without knowing who the person in the red hat is and due to that. Stetson must have her complete it.

They do and gets her involved with the so-called Agency either FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. But later, after being annoyed by a rookie or a normal person.

But then they make a good team. And that they begin to really become good friends and then marry in the fourth and final season.

Very funny and really with action and great acting!
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my little tribute to SMK
a-kaupisch19 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Well ... we are in the age of super-shows, where the fate of the world depends on survivors of a smoky island, where Mr Spock rings a Bell, where Malcolm Reynolds writes HEATed bestsellers, the undead are roaming the streets, vampires are a fashion statement, the word shadow has a whole new meaning, Apollo becomes a terrorist ...

... and "Scarecrow and Mrs King" was slowly disappearing from my memory...

But finally the DVDs came out. I watched season 1+2 (48 episodes) in 8 (yes, I can be that crazy) days during my Christmas break, starting a bit amused with the first episode, and getting hooked again just as I was the first time (me in the age of 8)! For days and nights I was by Amanda's side, falling in love with Scarecrow (poor Dean), saving innocent people, catching those unfortunate enough getting in our way and talking Lee Stetson into deafness. I was close to tears when the car exploded (you know what I mean ;) ), excited to see faces I knew from other shows - and got a major surprise when I came to then episodes in Europe.

I should add that I am German, and the first time I saw this show was of course dubbed. Listening to the original made the show even better, and Bruce actually speaks a great German! Kate not so much, but who cares ;)

So, if you are still reading this: the show is from the 80's with a different idea of special effects and stunts, we are talking about a different pace and during the first two seasons you'll come across a lot of things that don't really make sense. But the whole show and its characters are sooo funny, gripping and heartwarming to be my all-time No.1!

Oh, and by the way, this is written from a woman, OF COURSE I had (and have again :D) a major crush on Bruce, and I can still be objective - But on the other hand, do I need to?
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Need to see this again, and again and again. -
joyousfive25 August 2011
Sorry, this is the right review. Scarecrow is a great show and I'm so glad to see it out on DVD.

I love the intrigue and the love story between the two main characters. I'm about to watch the 1st season and I'm looking forward to seeing Bruce & Kate in this show again.

I just purchased, the second season and I'm waiting for S3 & S4 to come out.

Bruce is one of my all time favourites, after Jimmy Stewart.

Just waiting for the series he was first in to come out on DVD. "How the West was Won" with James Arness & Bruce in it on DVD and I'll be really happy.
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Scarecrow and Mrs. king
chrissybaby7620 February 2011
It wasn't until my early 20s when I first started watching the show (lifetime started re-airing them). I worked nights so I came home and found the show. It was an instant favorite for me. And quickly started stalking for information about when it was to be release onto DVD. I have the first season and am anxiously awaiting season two in about month. The chemistry between the main characters where great. It is refreshing to watch a show and be surprised by it. Today shows are based on one thing and one thing alone: shock value! To be able to watch this type of show and see the solid storyline, the wonderful chemistry between actors/actresses makes it refreshing. I'm shore that once the two characters admitted feelings and married it may have lost a little something but I think it still holds strong and gave them a whole new level to play on. I'm glad that the show is still on in re-runs, and that a whole new generation will be falling in love with this wonderful show.
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