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Season 4

19 Sep. 1986
Stemwinder: Part 1
As the US and her enemy countries enter War Games an old nemesis of Lee's frames him.
26 Sep. 1986
Stemwinder: Part 2
Lee and Amanda are in hiding, looking for Alexi and Sonja while the Agency looks for them- and defection starts to look appealing.
3 Oct. 1986
Unfinished Business
An old criminal whose testimony ruined the reputation of Lee's parents after their deaths resurfaces and threatens a King.
10 Oct. 1986
No Thanks for the Memory
A desperate would-be defector is put in trouble because of his mind and politics get in the way of saving his life.
17 Oct. 1986
It's in the Water
An ecological stunt gets out of hand when an overeager but well meaning activist beats a top secret system and gains the attention of the Libyans.
31 Oct. 1986
Night Crawler
Amanda is kidnapped by a Saudi Arabian terrorist who tortures her for information about one of Lee's contacts.
7 Nov. 1986
Billy's Lost Weekend
When Billy forgets an entire weekend early retirement or insanity are looking like his only options.
14 Nov. 1986
Photo Finish
A class assignment ends in a frame up for Amanda as she investigates a company that's building a satellite weapon.
21 Nov. 1986
The Man Who Died Twice
An old Vietnamese double agent friend of Lee's fakes his death and betrayal to get his son back.
5 Dec. 1986
Need to Know
A reporter friend of Lee's gets mixed up in a convoluted plot to get headlines by destroying a valuable mineral.
19 Dec. 1986
Santa's Got a Brand New Bag
Lee has to learn the meaning of Christmas as a toy company is used as a front for munitions.
2 Jan. 1987
Any Number Can Play
Amanda's mother turns out to be dating a man with a false name and a debt to the mob.
9 Jan. 1987
Promises to Keep
TP, the enigmatic smart guy, is accused of aiding drug lords, but the truth is much more complicated- and far more personal to TP.
23 Jan. 1987
Rumors of My Death
When a dead body is found with a passport saying Lee Stetson a phony passport ring is uncovered.
6 Feb. 1987
Bad Timing
Another old enemy of Lee's injects him with a biological weapon and Lee resorts to wearing a dead man's watch to prevent contagion.
13 Feb. 1987
Do You Take This Spy?
An old irritant from Lee's past and some missing paintings throws a spanner in Lee and Amanda's wedding plans.
20 Feb. 1987
Mission of Gold
Amanda and Lee's honeymoon is unexpectedly and tragically cut short when Amanda is shot by gold-smuggling thieves.
27 Feb. 1987
One Flew East
The daughter of an anti-nuclear activist accuses the Agency of kidnapping her father while Lee tries to bond with Amanda's sons.
7 May 1987
All That Glitters
A long lost valuable earring from Granada shows up at a wealthy clique-dwellers birthday party.
14 May 1987
Suitable for Framing
Lee and Francine are framed by the CIA for trying to entrap a Russian student.
21 May 1987
A Matter of Choice
Francine is the target of a cruel scheme to kidnap a prominent scientist involving her ex-fiancée and an enemy of Lee's that he is obsessing about.
28 May 1987
The Khrushchev List
The Agency founder is hunted by every Federal Agency on the Hill when he rescues his Russian girlfriend.

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