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Nov. 2006
Boxes for Katje
LeVar profiles Children For Children, a New York based youth organization that creates care packages for relief to children affected by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. Elizabeth Jute reads a story about a US penpal who sends care packages to her friend in war-torn Holland after WWII.
Nov. 2006
Game Day
Game Day, written by NFL superstar twin brothers Tiki and Ronde Barber, share the story of how, as youngsters, they learned that success is built on team effort. Follow as athletes train for, play and enjoy a variety of sports, and we learn that every player on a team has a special role in contributing to the success of the group. As Host LeVar Burton points out, the lessons learned in sports can help you achieve your goals.
Nov. 2006
I Lost My Tooth in Africa
I Lost My Tooth in Africa, written by a girl and illustrated by her father, tells the tale of a young girl who loses a tooth while visiting her fatherâ€ôs family in Africa. In the African tradition, she places the tooth under a gourd and in return gets two chickens from the Tooth Fairy. Host LeVar Burton explores with youngsters how things have changed for them as theyâ€ôve grown, and how taking care of our teeth is part of that process. Then itâ€ôs off to attend a Quinceanera -- a celebration for a 15-year-old Hispanic girl in honor of her ...
Nov. 2006
Show Way
Show Way traces the lineage of one familyâ€ôs women who began creating quilts with secret maps to freedom during the years of slavery and continued in the generations beyond as a tribute to the past. Host LeVar Burton and his family discover some items from earlier relatives, and then we meet a grandmother who inspires her grandson, family members and others with her childhood memories of surviving the Holocaust during World War II.
Nov. 2006
The Biggest Test
In addition to discussing accomplishing difficult tasks, LeVar profiles the New York children's theater group Tada, as they prepare auditions for their newest show. Richard Gear reads The Biggest Test in the Universe, a story about a grade school class having anxiety over an annual aptitude test.

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