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Season 1

11 Nov. 1983
Jennifer's mother who's also a ghost shows up. And she keeps going on and on of how when Jennifer didn't acknowledge her when she won an award. And when Jennifer doesn't tell her she's sorry, her mother leaves. She needs to get her back and they only way to do that is séance and she needs a living person to be her medium. She asks Joey and he says he will do it if he can invite Marc and a couple of girls over and if she'll do some haunting to get the girls to curl up to them. She agrees. But when the séance is still not complete, Marc and the girls want to go but ...
25 Nov. 1983
One of Our Jars Is Missing
When George catches Joey still talking to Jennifer. He decides to help him by playing along and what he decides to do is hire an exorcist to get rid of Jennifer's ghost. She arrives and it's clear she's just putting on a show. She says she trapped the ghost in a jar and when she hands the jar to Joey, he sees Jennifer in it and the exorcist claims that the ghost is powerless and within a few hours will be gone. Joey is happy to be rid of her till he learns that a scathing letter he wrote to a teacher in a heated moment was mailed by his mother. So he lets Jennifer out...

 Season 1 

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