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The Jackson 5ive: Animator Robert Balser Dies

Deadline reports that animator Robert Balser has died, at the age of 88. While his most famous work was arguably The Beatles' film, Yellow Submarine, Balser worked in animated TV, too.

Balser was animation director on ABC's The Jackson 5ive TV series, a 1970s musical cartoon, featuring Michael Jackson and his brothers. Watch the intro, below.

Balser was also animation supervisor on the mid-80s cartoon, The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show. Additionally, he served as sequence director in the 1979 animated TV movie, The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe -- an adaptation of the C.S. Lewis novel.

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The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show: Still resonant and amusing

Before U.S. audiences were inundated by computer graphics and oversees animation, they reveled in the simple delight of hand-drawn cartooning. The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show harkens back to an era of childhood trials and tribulations. The subtle character voicing and prepubescent antics Charles M. Schulz famed comic-strip characters are as resonant and amusing today as they were in 1983. The 18-episode series has been released as a 2-Disc DVD Collection from Warner Archives.

The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show doesn’t rely on the typical 11 or 22-minute story arc of an animated series. Instead, episodes are broken down into brief segments – some focus on characters, while others focus on topics. For instance, segments may focus on Charlie Brown’s sister, Sally, and her classroom. You’ll see quick bits of Sally delivering a speech in front of her classroom or bringing in an item (or Snoopy and Woodstock) for show and tell.
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The Spirit of "Peanuts" Is Rendered Inert in "Go Snoopy Go!"

"Good grief, a home run."

It begins with an episode of The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show (1983). Snoopy thinks he’s a vulture for a moment. Linus tries to get rid of his blanket, then Snoopy tries to get his Linus’s blanket. Then Linus uses his blanket as a hammock. Then Snoopy tries to get Linus’s blanket again. Marcie and Peppermint Patty skip school because Patty thinks she’s stupid. Why does Marcie keep calling Patty “Sir”? Then Charlie Brown tries to get some baseball practice in on a Rainy Day. It doesn’t go well. Good God.

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The Peanuts Kids Tackle Sports

Warner Brothers’ single serving DVD releases of Peanuts, known quite simply as Happiness Is…Peanuts, don’t have much to offer the devoted Schulz fans, nor are they really the best value if you’re looking to stock up on the more classic and memorable Peanuts cartoons. The thematic DVDs cover topics like “Winter” or, in this case, “Sports”, and typically have one main feature along with a few episodes of The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show, again in accordance with the disc’s theme. On “Team Snoopy”, we get the Peanuts feature Lucy Must be Traded, Charlie Brown, and the following episodes of Tcb&SS: “The Pelican”, “Spike”, and “Great Pumpkin”.

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'Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown' is terrible. Will kids care?

'Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown' is terrible. Will kids care?
I am a serious Peanuts aficionado. When I was a kid, I constantly visited our local library to borrow the same gloriously dogeared Peanuts collections. In high school, I wrote a ten-minute speech about the history of the American comic strip, and Peanuts took up about three of those minutes. (Calvin and Hobbes and Doonesbury also featured prominently. Psh, Garfield.) A few years ago, I devoured David Michaelis’ massive biography of Peanuts creator Charles Schulz in a couple marathon reading sessions. But my love for Charlie Brown’s melancholic circle of semi-friends goes back much longer, into the deepest primordial era of my consciousness.
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Happiness is...Peanuts: Snow Days

It’s hard to count the number of Peanuts releases now available on DVD, and even should you succeed, every year new single-serving DVD releases will inevitably throw you off. This time around they’re being released in a collection called “Happiness is…Peanuts” which has two brief doses of Peanuts usually aligned with a particular theme; in the case of Snow Days, it’s winter. The barebones release has an episode from The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show broken up into three little vignettes and the 1980 TV special She’s a Good Skate, Charlie Brown. The Peanuts cartoons are still cute and filled with one-liners, so what’s not to love? Quite simply: the piece-meal DVD release.

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Fergie Photos: “Hollywood Hottie of the Week” Our selected celebrity to be our “Hollywood Hottie of the Week” is Fergie.

Fergie ◄ Back Next ►Picture 1 of 19

Fergie - 2011 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals - MGM Grand Garden Arena - Las Vegas, Nv, USA

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Fergie - 2011 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals - MGM Grand Garden Arena - Las Vegas, Nv, USA

Stacy Ann Ferguson (born March 27, 1975), better known by her stage name Fergie, is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, fashion designer and actress. She was a member of the children’s television series Kids Incorporated, and the girl group Wild Orchid. She is the female vocalist for the hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas with whom she has attained charting success worldwide. Her own debut album spawned five Billboard Hot 100 top five singles, three of which went to number one.

Having left Wild Orchid in 2001, Ferguson joined The Black Eyed Peas. With The Black Eyed Peas,
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Six to watch: TV schools

As a new term begins at Waterloo Road, which are the programmes it should it be taking lessons from?

This week the nation's kids return to school, all bright-eyed and smelling of hope. Ditto the cast of Waterloo Road – basically Holby City for former soap actors who don't have complexions that suit medical scrubs – which will also return for its sixth series tonight.

It's all change at the school, with Amanda Burton's fiery new headteacher replacing Eva Pope's fiery old headteacher, and the likes of Angela Griffin and Denise Welch replaced by someone from Waking the Dead and, later in the series, him out of Spandau Ballet. Still, at least Grantly Budgen – the marvellously gloomy English teacher with a face that resembles a melting waxwork of Geoffrey Palmer with gout – is still around. That's something.

So let's ring in the new term – at Waterloo Road and elsewhere – by
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