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Season 2

22 Dec. 1983
Hit the Road, Newdell
Newdell pans a recent segment of the show. Bill pulls rank on him and wants him fired, so Newdell quits. But there's concern that Newdell might sue, in which case Bill may have to pay big money to Newdell to settle the possible lawsuit.
5 Jan. 1984
Jerry Lewis Week
While Jerry Lewis impersonators overrun the studio, Karl is depressed at not being able to stand up to Bill, until Kart discovers and implements a method of exacting revenge. Then things really get hot in the studio.
12 Jan. 1984
The Interview
TV news reporter LeeAnne Cook goads the staffers into sharing their true feelings about Bill, who fumes that she is late interviewing him. Bill then invites the staff over to watch the completed interview on television.
19 Jan. 1984
Company Ink
Karl has news for everyone: Mr. Wilkinson has sold the station to Hayden Stone, Bill's former boss, who fired Bill from a previous job after catching Bill sleeping with Mrs. Stone. Hayden has neither forgiven nor forgotten.
26 Jan. 1984
Jo Jo's Problem: Part 1
Wendy is collecting money for a long-time boom man who is retiring due to ill health. Newdell Spriggs takes steps to move up at WBFL. JoJo is suddenly lashing out at people for a reason involving her future with Bill.
2 Feb. 1984
Jo Jo's Problem: Part 2
Finding out that the staff knows about Jojo's problem only adds to her frustration. Bill seems happy about the news, but then goes on the air and delivers a preachy lecture about the dangers of promiscuity.
9 Feb. 1984
Competitors for the Miss WBFL beauty contest include Wendy, Melanie, and local baton twirling champ Sherry Posnick. Tony steps up to the plate when Jojo boycotts the segment, refuses to direct it, and even circulates a petition against it.
16 Feb. 1984
The Big Freeze
Despite strenuous objections from Bill, Karl, and Jojo, Wendy prepares a one-hour segment covering the nuclear freeze initiative and Newdell encourages her to use her feminine wiles to make the planned segment come to fruition.
23 Feb. 1984
The Girl on the Jetty
During a cold winter, Karl's wife kicks him out of the house for bringing his work problems home with him. Compasssionate Jojo consoles him by fixing him a fancy home-cooked meal. Romantic sparks fly, and then Bill finds out.
1 Mar. 1984
Buffalo Bill Versus the Kremlin
During an on-air chat with computer gurus, Bill callously accuses his guests of smuggling American computer technology into Communist countries. During a commercial break, they threaten Bill, and his paranoia skyrockets.
8 Mar. 1984
A Hero
Karl is powerless to deal with his rebellious teenage son, who idolizes Bill. So Junior gets a job at WBFL. Meanwhile, Bill publicly derides a local businessman for selling defective products, and the vendor shows up seeking revenge.
15 Mar. 1984
The Tap Dancer
Bill wants to book the Alexandria Brothers Tap Dancers on the show, but two of them have died. Lone survivor Tom appears on the show, tap dances, and expires during his big finish. Bill is upset enough to rant about the evils of television.
22 Mar. 1984
Have Yourself a Very Degrading Christmas
Bill refuses to wear a Santa Claus outfit on the Christmas Day segment of his show, until the Brazilian actress who is guesting changes his mind by offering him a one-night stand if he wears it. Is this Bill's lucky day?
29 Mar. 1984
Church of the Poisoned Mind
After injuring his hand during a martial arts stunt on the air, Bill accuses his next guest, a Roman Catholic priest who is raising funds for a youth center, of sexual misconduct. And the audience sees Bill's true colors.

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