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Season 17

5 Jan. 2001
Appropriate Action
Bob puts his reputation on the line when he takes the lead in solving the case of a missing teenager.
9 Jan. 2001
Criminal Practice
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16 Jan. 2001
No Victim
When the wife of a DS tries to jump off a bridge, Di Worrell steps in to uncover she is a victim of domestic violence but why is everyone so quick to blame the wife?
23 Jan. 2001
PC Smith
PC Smith, a man with a homophobic cloud, 'babysits' a victim of gay-bashing with PC Klein as he reluctantly testifies against his assailants.
30 Jan. 2001
Words of Wisdom
Chandler continues to throw words around everywhere, but nobody, bar Reg, is quite sure how much to believe in them.
2 Feb. 2001
Out of the Frying Pan
Paul's brother is back on the scene when he is deeply involved in a war of the hot dogs which breaks out on the patch.
9 Feb. 2001
Cruise Control
When a high profile man is caught in a well-known gay cruising area, Mickey and Duncan discover there is a lot more to things than meet the eye.
13 Feb. 2001
Real Crime
DCs Spears and Webb clash in their investigations of a domestic violence case and a series of truck hijackings.
9 Mar. 2001
Higher Power
Jim puts his personal bad experiences to good use to help an alcoholic friend who he thinks may not be guilty, but McAllister's selfish blinkered hunger for a result at any cost destroys everything.
27 Mar. 2001
Tolerance: Part 1
Approaching 30 years of service, senior officers question Sgt Cryer's ability to carry out his duty.
30 Mar. 2001
Tolerance: Part 2
Cryer feels the pressure from under Chandler.
3 Apr. 2001
Promised Land
Family problems come to visit Nick Klein at the worst possible time, when he is already at his lowest ebb at work.
6 Apr. 2001
Return of the Hunter
An angry divorcée uses extreme measures to ensure he has access to his son.
10 Apr. 2001
Tour of Duty
The new sergeant ruffles the feathers of the relief who are already not feeling good after the enforced retirement of Bob Cryer. But there may be more facets to him than just strict and gay.
13 Apr. 2001
Lies of Silence
Duncan is seconded to the Serious Crime Group, where he is reunited with former Sun Hill colleague, DC, now acting DI Liz Rawton. But do the old friends still share the same attitudes to the job now they've moved so far apart?
17 Apr. 2001
Over the Hill
Matthew and Vicky take a group of troubled kids on an outdoor pursuits weekend, but both are feeling grouchy - Vicky because of men, and Matt because of turning 40. But this could lead to surprising bonds.
4 May 2001
A Week of Nights: Part 1
In the search of a rapist, new area driver PC Des Taviner is at loggerheads with colleagues over his tactics and demeanor.
8 May 2001
A Week of Nights: Part 2
Sun Hill continue their search for the Jasmine Allen rapist.
18 May 2001
Still Crazy
PC Quinnan returns to work after time off with mental illness. He faces distrust from his colleagues, including former love interest PC Page, when on his first call he witnesses a murder but the body disappears.
25 May 2001
Complicity: Part 1
Two CID officers investigate car-ringing gangsters, but from opposite ends.
1 Jun. 2001
Complicity: Part 2
Continuing his role undercover with car-ringing criminals, DS Singh's position is jeopardized by an increasingly unreliable informant.
8 Jun. 2001
Suffer the Little Children
DI Cullen is focused on a villain he's been after for years.
19 Jun. 2001
Gun Crazy: Part 1
A mad gunman is on the loose in Sun Hill. Chandler takes a personal interest in the case, but when he confides his reasons to a young woman who was threatened by the gunman. He is horrified to learn she is a journalist and the story is published in the Sun Hill Gazzette. Feeling unappreciated in the job, Meadows considers other options and attempts to smooth things over with his long-suffering wife, Laura. Meadows teams up with McAllister and the two of them strike out on their own and after a few close calls, they arrest there prime suspect: whom has a history of ...
22 Jun. 2001
Gun Crazy: Part 2
CID continue their search for a gunman on the loose.
26 Jun. 2001
The Jury's Out
A victim of a minor car accident involving a drunk pro-police judge threatens to sue the Met for being biased.
29 Jun. 2001
Lick of Paint
Uniform target graffiti artists.
3 Jul. 2001
A tired and desperate PC Clarke seeks overtime work and gets herself into trouble.
6 Jul. 2001
An investigation into stolen plant equipment is compromised by Clarke as she's pressured with debt.
10 Jul. 2001
Sun Hill is rampant with rollerblading thieves, whilst a distraught Clarke continues to be haunted by her debts.
13 Jul. 2001
Sun Hill deal with an overdosed kid, whilst Clarke's feeling downhearted after being refused a police loan.
17 Jul. 2001
The Dark Side
PC Hayward becomes emotionally involved with a drugs case.
20 Jul. 2001
Angel Rooms
In the continuing battle against drugs, PC Hayward encounters double-crossing and cover-ups with friends and colleagues.
24 Jul. 2001
Paint It Black
The unconventional methods of undercover DC Raven don't coincide with an unstable PC Hayward.
31 Jul. 2001
Eye of the Lens
DC Spears is given a project to combat on-going vandalism of CCTV cameras.
3 Aug. 2001
Another Country
Carver is adamant that a man's death wasn't accidental and investigates.
7 Aug. 2001
Britanniamania 1: Going Underground
Sun Hill infiltrates a bunch of football hooligans.
10 Aug. 2001
Britanniamania 2: To Us and Ours
As the undercover operation continues, DC Webb becomes endangered when his colleagues' covers are slipping.