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Season 6

10 Sep. 1988
Alvin does Bruce Willis, Brittany does Cybill Shepherd in this spoof of Moonlighting, a suspense/thriller/romance/comedy episode of Chipmunks.
17 Sep. 1988
Elementary, My Dear Simon
A spoof of Sherlock Holmes, with Simon as Holmes and Theodore as Watson.
15 Oct. 1988
Food for Thought
Simon and Alvin walk Theodore through American History in hopes that he can pass his test and go with them to the amusement park.
29 Oct. 1988
Treasure Island
The power goes out, leaving Alvin without his electric toys, television, or music, so Dave introduces the boys to another form of entertainment: reading, and his book of choice is Treasure Island.
7 Dec. 1988
Alvie's Angels
The Chippettes run into a jewel thief and get knocked out, during which time Brittany imagines them as a group of crime fighting 'Angels', working for the unseen Alvie.
28 Jan. 1989
Dave's Wonderful Life
Swept up in a holiday mood, Alvin gives away his cherished harmonica to a sick little boy. Meanwhile, Dave has booked Alvin to perform a harmonica solo at Carnegie Hall! Alvin keeps the loss of his harmonica a secret from Dave, and with the help of Simon and Theodore scrambles to earn enough money to buy another harmonica in time for his Carnegie Hall debut! Along the way you'll hear Alvin, Simon and Theodore getting ready for the Big Night, singing their own comical versions of holiday favorites like "Jingle Bells," "Deck the Halls" and their famous "Chipmunk Song (...

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