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23 Jan. 1983
Mexican Slayride
The A-Team is hired by Amy Allen to rescue a missing foreign correspondent in Mexico.
30 Jan. 1983
Children of Jamestown
A wealthy businessman hires the team to rescue his daughter from a religious cult, but after helping the girl escape, Hannibal, B.A., Face and Amy are captured and sentenced to death by the cult's fanatical leader, Martin James. The four manage to escape from their captors and hole up at a local farm, but James' minions refuse to rest until the fugitives are 'brought to justice'.
8 Feb. 1983
Pros and Cons
When a friend of B.A.'s ends up in a prison in Strykersville, FL, the team goes in with an elaborate plan to rescue him. The warden has developed a fight program and he forces prisoners to duke it out with the loser ending up dead and the winner on the run for his life while prison guards hunt him down. Face masquerades as a prison psychiatrist to gain the warden's trust, while Hannibal, B.A. and Murdock get themselves arrested and infiltrate the fight program.
15 Feb. 1983
A Small and Deadly War
A police inspector calls on the A-Team to help him end the activities of a corrupt SWAT team who are hiring themselves out as hitmen.
22 Feb. 1983
Black Day at Bad Rock
After B.A. is seriously wounded in a firefight and has lost a lot of blood, the team decides to hole up in a little town called Bad Rock. They seek the aid of an attractive female doctor, but she calls the sheriff, who immediately arrests Hannibal and Face. Amy, meanwhile, retrieves Murdock from the V.A. hospital since he's got the same rare blood type as B.A. so the doctor can perform a transfusion. Complicating matters is a motorcycle gang that plans to destroy the town since the sheriff has imprisoned their leader. And, of course, the M.P.'s are on the way when the...
1 Mar. 1983
The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas
When two college girls hire the A-Team to rescue their professor who's been nabbed by the mob for a gambling system he's created that seems to work, Hannibal, B.A. and Murdock masquerade as a secret government hit squad in Las Vegas to take out mob boss Gianni Christian unless he turns the professor over to them. Complications arise after the professor's rescue when Christian ends up getting tossed from his penthouse by an overzealous underling and the Team, accused of the murder, is pursued by the mob and the cops as they try to escape.
15 Mar. 1983
The Out-of-Towners
The A-Team agree to help a beleaguered New York neighborhood free itself from a brutal mobster's protection racket.
22 Mar. 1983
Holiday in the Hills
On their way back from Guatemala, the A-Team's plane crashes in a remote area of South Carolina and the team find themselves in a firefight with some locals who are preparing to barbecue a local government official. After running the locals off, Murdock, Face and B.A. design and build an ultralight so Howling Mad can fly the wounded man out of there. Meanwhile, the rednecks are re-grouping for another attack on the team -- and the unit is almost out of ammo!
5 Apr. 1983
West Coast Turnaround
The team are hired to help a watermelon farmer deliver his crop to market.
12 Apr. 1983
One More Time
Hannibal's reckless motorbike driving at his daring escape from a sleazy monster-movie set finally gets him, Face and BA arrested by Colonel Lynch, who proudly poses for the press after locking them in an army base. However, the State Department offers them at least a day's lead to escape if they carry out an unofficial, virtually suicidal, mission to free their evil Vietnam CO General Ludlam and his daughter Kathy, a missionary, from ruthless Borneo rebel leader Rashaad. Luckily Murdock, alerted by Amy, follows to help out.
19 Apr. 1983
Till Death Do Us Part
The team is hired to rescue an heiress who is being forced to marry her late father's partner. The team gets her. But because the man has everyone in the county, including the police in his pocket, they're pinned down. Later the girl tells them she suspects her father's partner of killing her father and he wanted to marry her so that he could get full control of the company. She also tells them that there may be evidence in her father's office which he took over after her father's death, that he killed her father. So in order to get it and to get him to back off, ...
3 May 1983
The Beast from the Belly of a Boeing
The A-Team is called in to help out an airline when one of their planes is hijacked by a terrorist group. Hannibal and Face masquerade as airline executives to bargain for the release of the passengers in a prisoner exchange. Meanwhile Murdock and B.A. sneak aboard the plane through the cargo hold in an effort to help neutralize the hijackers. Things get dicey though when the plane takes off unexpectedly and B.A. becomes catatonic, thanks to his fear of flying. To make matters worse, Murdock is accidentally blinded when a gun discharges in his face and it's up to ...
10 May 1983
A Nice Place to Visit
When a Vietnam buddy of the team dies, they travel to his hometown for the funeral only to discover that a bullying family that runs the town won't allow anyone to attend the funeral except for his wife, Trish. While returning to town after the funeral, the A-Team van is run off the road and Hannibal and company are unceremoniously greeted by the Watkins clan. After stripping the van, the Watkins' brothers dump the team outside of town and proceed to terrorize Amy and Trish who are holed up in Trish's home. Will the team get back to town in time to stop the Watkins' ...

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