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  • Yes, a book of the same name was published in 1980 by author John Irving. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Walt was killed but Duncan was only injured. He recovered without any long term injuries except having lost one of his eyes. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes, he does. In the book it is revealed that Helen only bit off the first 2/3 and the rest had to be amputated shortly afterwards for medical reasons. The movie however does not go into specific details beyond to say it happened. It should also be noted that such an accident could occur in real life because in accidents it is not unheard of for people to bite off part of their own tongue if it happened to be inbetween their teeth when their head/jaw is hit forcing the jaw shut. People will often chip or break their teeth in this manner as well. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Maybe, maybe not. In the book Pooh shot him twice and he died a few minutes later in the gym. In the movie however it is not explicitly revealed, but some feel that the ending suggests he does die. He had been fascinated with flying ever since he was a child (because of his father) and with his joyous exclamation to Helen of "I'm flying!" suggests a fitting end to his life. He was able to die a happy man by having that simple childhood dream become a reality. Then again, some argue that Garp did survive as he was still alive as the movie ends and if he was seriously injured to the point where he could die at any moment the paramedics would have been actively working on him in an attempt to keep him alive instead of sitting back and allowing him to calmly speak with his wife. While medical personnel in trauma cases such as those will continue CPR and other first aid measures for a good deal of time after death, just in case the patient is able to come around, if the person is near death, they do not sit back and wait for it to happen before taking action. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Around 24 minutes into the movie. Edit (Coming Soon)


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