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Replacing Kevin Spacey on ‘All the Money in the World’ Will Cost Millions

Replacing Kevin Spacey on ‘All the Money in the World’ Will Cost Millions
Ridley Scott’s decision to fire embattled actor Kevin Spacey and replace him with Christopher Plummer comes at a financial risk and carries a significant price tag, as the director races to finish the “All the Money in the World” ahead of its planned Dec. 22 release date.

It’s an unprecedented move, one that’s full of logistical challenges, as well as added, unexpected costs for reshoots, post-production, and the creation of new marketing materials. Some marketers estimate that the creation of new trailers, posters, in-theater standees, and additional advertising campaigns could total millions once rush fees and take-down costs are added up.

Despite the headaches and hit to the wallet, it’s a step that Scott and the film’s financiers Imperative Entertainment deemed necessary in the wake of several sexual assault and harassment allegations against Spacey, who plays billionaire J. Paul Getty in the picture. They felt that continuing on the project with Spacey’s name
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March 28th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Wishmaster Collection, A Monster Calls

Well, March is definitely “going out like a lamb” (as the old saying goes) when it comes to horror and sci-fi home entertainment releases, as there are only several different titles coming home this Tuesday.

Universal Studios is releasing J.A. Bayona’s heartbreaking modern fable, A Monster Calls, to both Blu-ray and DVD this week, and if you're a cult film fan, then you have a few fun movies to look forward to adding to your home collections: Witchtrap, Venom, and the four-film collection for Wishmaster, a new addition to the Vestron Video Collector’s Series.

Other notable releases for March 28th include Mortuary Massacre, The Abduction of Jennifer Grayson, Park Chan-Wook's The Handmaiden (which finally gets the Blu-ray treatment), and for the little monster fans, Monster High: Electrified.

A Monster Calls (Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Blu/DVD/Digital HD & DVD)

Liam Neeson, Felicity Jones, and Sigourney Weaver
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June 28th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Return Of The Killer Tomatoes

June is ending on a quiet note for horror and sci-fi home entertainment releases, as we only have six titles coming our way on June 28th.

Blue Underground has shown some love to two cult classics with their Blu-ray double feature of Circus of Fear and Five Golden Dragons, and Arrow Video is resurrecting another cult classic (albeit one that is a bit more recent) with their Return of the Killer Tomatoes Special Edition Blu-ray.

Other notable titles being released this Tuesday include Alien Strain, Shark Exorcist, Forgotten Tales, and Hotel Inferno.

Alien Strain (Mti Home Video, DVD)

After his girlfriend vanishes without a trace on a camping trip, he quickly goes from witness to suspect. Now, a year later, she returns to the very spot from which she was taken, but not like she was before.

Circus of Fear/Five Golden Dragons Double Feature (Blue Underground, Blu-ray)

Circus Of Fear
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Blu-ray Review: Venom (1982)

If you’re looking for a great killer snake movie, you may find 1982’s Venom to be a disappointment. If you’re looking for a showcase of competitive overacting, Venom is your huckleberry.

Imagine the 1955 Humphrey Bogart/Fredric March movie The Desperate Hours if it were invaded by a killer black mamba. That’s Venom, only instead of Bogart and March, it’s Klaus Kinski and Oliver Reed, two incredibly talented but famously difficult actors, attempting to devour both the scenery and one another. Though it went into production with Tobe Hooper as director, he left the film fairly early on (with vague reports of “it just wasn’t working” as an explanation) and was replaced by Piers Haggard, the British filmmaker responsible for Blood on Satan’s Claw. He found himself in a difficult and unhappy situation, guiding a movie that wasn’t his and run roughshod over by his actors.
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May 31st Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Pride And Prejudice And Zombies, Venom

The month of May’s home entertainment releases are ending on a strong note, especially if you’re a purveyor of cult cinema. This week boasts an incredible selection of classic films resurrected on high definition including Blood Bath, Venom, The Terror, Psychic Killer and a 12-movie collection from Film Chest.

Sony Home Entertainment is releasing Pride and Prejudice and Zombies on various formats on May 31st and, for those of you who may have missed it in theaters, Alex ProyasGods of Egypt is also coming home this Tuesday as well.

Blood Bath: 2-Disc Limited Special Edition (Arrow Video, Blu-ray)

The films of Roger Corman are often as well-known for their behind-the-scenes stories as they are the ones unfolding on the screen. He famously made Little Shop of Horrors in just two days using sets left over from A Bucket of Blood and shot The Terror over
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The Outre Eye of Daniel Xiii – New Reviews and Interview!

The Outre Eye of Daniel Xiii – New Reviews and Interview!
Belladonna Of Sadness

Release Date: Coming Soon from Cinelicious Pics Written By: Yoshiyuki Fukuda, Jules Michelet (novel), Eiichi Yamamoto Directed By: Eiichi Yamamoto Starring: Tatsuya Nakadai, Katsuyuki Itô, Aiko Nagayama

When I heard about Cinelicious Pics’ plans to restore and release the long lost 1973 anime Belladonna Of Sadness, I was well and truly excited. I’m a huge aficionado of 70s-era anime, and this baby has been a “holy grail” of sorts for folks like me for a good many years — much desired but damn near impossible to obtain. So that being said, and with those expectations set freakin’ sky high, let’s see if ol’ Belladonna was worth the wait or will it just fill me with sadness of my own!

Belladonna Of Sadness, based loosely (and by that I mean hardly at all) on the French novel La Sorcière by Jules Michelet, tells the brutal tale of Jeanne,
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Blu-ray Review: 1981’s Venom

Shock looks at Blue Underground’s re-release of strange snake/siege flick Venom. “The snake is Loose!” There are many pleasures to be had watching British director Piers (Blood On Satan’S Claw) Haggard’s 1981 snakes vs. crooks thriller Venom, but none as palpable as seeing diminutive madman Klaus Kinski browbeat and dominate the barrel chested man-ape Oliver…

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Round-Up: Holliston Graphic Novel, Shudder’s Guest Curator, Circus Of Fear Blu-ray, Viktorville, Shark Exorcist

Holliston: Friendship is Tragic, the graphic novel based on the Holliston TV series from Adam Green (Frozen), features characters from the show and will be released in October. Also: Alexandre Aja’s curator collection on Shudder, Circus of Fear and Five Golden Dragons double feature Blu-ray details, a Viktorville poster, and a Shark Exorcist trailer.

Holliston: Press Release: “Source Point Press has announced they are currently in production on a graphic novel titled “Holliston: Friendship is Tragic”, based on the horror sit-com Holliston tv series created by filmmaker Adam Green. This announcement coincides with Source Point’s debut publisher booth at C2E2 in Chicago, and to celebrate the announcement the first promotional image for the comic will be available as a C2E2 exclusive art print limited to only 50 copies. Writer Greg Wright, artist Stephen Sharar, Editor Travis McIntire, and colorist and letterer Joshua Werner will
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Round-Up: The Lost Boys Leather Jacket Auction, Exclusive Refuge Q&A, MST3K, Venom Blu-ray / DVD, The Hours Till Daylight

Great news for fans of Joel Schumacher's The Lost Boys—an auction of Dwayne's leather jacket and costume is going on right now and will continue until February 26th. Also: a Q&A with Refuge director Andrew Robertson and release details for MST3K: Vol. Xxxv, Venom, and The Hours Till Daylight.

The Lost Boys & Other Entertainment Memorabilia Auction: Press Release: "Prop Store is pleased to bring vampire Dwayne’s (Billy Wirth) Death Scene Leather Jacket and Costume from the 80’s classic The Lost Boys to their online auction site. Joel Schumacher’s 1987 vampire classic pitted a deadly group of vampires against a pair of brothers in a battle to save their family. The Dwayne vampire jacket on offer comes from the character’s death scene in which Sam (Corey Haim) shoots the vampire with an arrow, sending him back into a stereo which electrocutes him. Resembling a heavily worn biker outfit,
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Round-Up: The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Figure, Phobia Fest, The Forest Giveaway, Venom Blu-ray, Death Follows

Hide the Deadly Nightshade, Diamond Select Toys' Sally action figure can be available to purchase for your home / favorite space as early as summer of 2016. Also in this round-up: details on Phobia Fest in Detroit, a trip giveaway themed to The Forest, Venom on Blu-ray, and Death Follows.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Figure: From Diamond Select Toys: "She’s no nightmare!

This static vinyl figure of Sally from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas depicts the shy, stitched-together girl holding her basket of food on a stony path in Halloween Town. With a detailed sculpt and exacting paint applications, this approximately 9” scale figure is in scale with other Femme Fatales statues. Packaged in a full-color window box.

Estimated availability: Summer 2016 - $45.00." ---------

Phobia Fest: Press Release: "The team behind Detroit Zombie Con plan a bolder and bloodier return this March with Phobia.

Phobia is a two day and
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Full Moon Streaming Acquires 50 Blue Underground Titles, Including Tombs of the Blind Dead, The Church

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We have great news for those of you who subscribe to Full Moon Streaming. It has been announced that fifty Blue Underground titles have been acquired by Full Moon Features for their new streaming service:

“Los Angeles, CA, February 3, 2014 – Full Moon Features is proud to announce their most exciting acquisition yet – fifty of cinema’s most obscure and beloved classics from the Blue Underground label will debut on their new subscription-based video streaming service, Full Moon Streaming (, home to the entire Full Moon Features library. The Blue Underground titles will be released once per week beginning in March, and titles will include Venom (a beloved thriller about a killer snake starring Klaus Kinski, Susan George, and Oliver Reed), Mondo Cane (the Award-Winning documentary that launched the whole “mondo” craze of the sixties), Contamination (a gory Italian homage to Alien), Violent City (the Charles Bronson action classic), Don
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Blue Underground and Full Moon Entertainment Team Up for Streaming Terror

Full Moon has been steadily beefing up its streaming service, and if you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, this latest announcement should persuade you and then some. Read on for details, and get those smart TVs ready!

From the Press Release

Full Moon Features is proud to announce their most exciting acquisition yet – fifty of cinema’s most obscure and beloved classics from the Blue Underground label will debut on their new subscription-based video streaming service,, home to the entire Full Moon Features library.

Blue Underground titles will include Venom (a beloved thriller about a killer snake starring Klaus Kinski, Susan George, and Oliver Reed), Mondo Cane (the award-winning documentary that launched the whole “Mondo” craze of the Sixties), Contamination (a gory Italian homage to Alien), Violent City (the Charles Bronson action classic), Don’T Torture A Duckling (horror/thriller from Italian godfather of
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Blue Underground Bringing Several Midnight Movie Double Features to DVD

Oh, Blue Underground. We love you so! The company that has delivered some of the horror genre's more crazed moments is back with a lineup of double feature DVD's to kick off the new year! Read on for details.

Killer Critters Double Feature Available January 29, 2013

Rats: Night Of Terror:

In the year 225 A.B. (After the Bomb), a group of post-apocalyptic bikers discover an abandoned research laboratory filled with food, water… and thousands of rats. But these are no ordinary vermin; these are super-intelligent mutant rodents with a ravenous appetite for human flesh. Can a bunch of heavily armed but not-too-bright human scavengers survive a night of terror against the most hungry and horrific predators on earth?


It was supposed to be the perfect crime: the sexy maid (Susan George of Straw Dogs), a psychotic chauffeur (Oliver Reed of Revolver) and an international terrorist (the legendary Klaus Kinski
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Wake Up, Time To Die: 5 Things You Might Not Know About 'Blade Runner'

One of the many reasons "Prometheus" was eagerly anticipated by so many was the director's track record in the sci-fi genre. Ridley Scott had only made two science fiction pictures before this year's blockbuster, and both are considered classics (and arguably his best two films). The first was 1979's "Alien," the direct inspiration for "Prometheus." And the second? 1982's "Blade Runner," the noirish mystery adaptation of Philip K. Dick's novel "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep," which has been one of the most talked about and influential science fiction films of all time, particularly in terms of its grim look at Los Angeles in 2019.

The film, which follows Harrison Ford's "blade runner" Deckard as he's tasked with tracking down four murderous "replicants" (life-like robots) who've escaped from an off-world colony and are hiding out on Earth, wasn't a success when it first arrived, partly thanks to the tumultuous,
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DVD Playhouse--february 2010

DVD Playhouse—February 2010


Allen Gardner

Hunger (Criterion) Harrowing true story of imprisoned Ira member Bobby Sands (Michael Fassbender) and his 1981 hunger strike protesting the British government’s refusal to recognize him, and other Ira members as political prisoners. Director Steve McQueen delivers the story with true filmmaking panache, mixing startling imagery that blends both stunning beauty and stomach-churning horror. Fassbender is absolutely brilliant in the lead. Not for the faint-of-heart, but not to be missed or, particularly, ignored. Also available on Blu-ray disc. Bonuses: Interviews with McQueen and Fassbender; Short documentary; 1981 episode of BBC series “Panorama” that covers the Ira hunger strike; Trailer. Widescreen. DTS-hd audio on Blu-ray.

Adam (20th Century Fox) Quirky romantic comedy about an eccentric, borderline Asperger’s Syndrome, astronomy buff (Hugh Dancy) who is drawn out of his self-imposed shell by a beautiful and sympathetic neighbor (Rose Byrne). Charming film with engaging performances by the two leads,
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Films Of The Decade – Martyn’s List

The first decade of the new millennium would see an abundance of cinematic treasures, disasters and all things in between. It was the decade in which the Webbed-Wonder swung through the streets of New York and battled the Green Goblin, Doc-Ock, Sandman and Venom. It would be the decade of torture porn. It would be the decade in which The Matrix sequels thoroughly disappointed. It would be the decade Michael Bay came into his own as the purveyor of crash-bang action flicks and discovered the photogenic quality of Megan Fox’s ass. It would be the decade that many screen icons left us, whilst others were made. It would be the decade that belonged to high school musicals, vampires, wizards, hobbits and superheroes. It would be the decade that saw the return of Indiana Jones and would see the last screen performance of Clint Eastwood. So many films, so many hours.
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