TRON (1982) Poster


Dan Shor: Ram, Popcorn Co-Worker


  • Ram : You really think the Users are still there?

    Tron : They better be. I don't wanna bust out of here and find nothing but a lot of cold circuits waiting for me.

  • Ram : [about Flynn]  The new guy was asking about you.

    Tron : It's too bad he's in a match now. I'll probably never meet him.

    Ram : You might. There's something different about him.

  • Blue Leader : This is Blue Leader to Blue Bikes. Run these guys into your jet walls.

    Blue Bike #1 : Copy Blue Leader.

    Blue Bike #2 : Copy Blue Leader.

    Tron : This is Gold-1 to Gold-2 and 3. Split up. Take them one-on-one.

    Blue Leader : Watch it! Watch it!

    Blue Bike #1 : [Tron corners him between a light wall and his own trail]  Aah!

    Blue Leader : Taking him into the maze.

    Kevin Flynn : This is it. Come on. Gold-3 to Gold-2 and 1. I'm getting out of here right now, and you guys are invited.

    Ram : Got it.

    Tron : Ready?

    Ram : Ready!

    Tron : So long, suckers!

    Kevin Flynn : Greetings, programs!

    Announcer : Video game warriors escaping game grid. This is an illegal exit. You must return to game grid. Repeat! This is an illegal exit. You must return to the grid.

    Ram : Gold-3 to Gold-2. Those demons are coming down.

    Sark : Get them! Send out every game tank in the grid!

    [knocks his lieutenant down] 

    Sark : Get them!

  • Ram : My friends, my fellow conscripts, we have scored. I feel so much better.

  • Ram : Are you a User?

    [Flynn nods] 

    Ram : Flynn, help Tron.

  • Ram : I'd say welcome, friend. But not here. Not like this.

    Crom : I don't even know what I'm doing here.

    Ram : Do you believe in the Users?

    Crom : Sure I do! If I didn't have a User, than who wrote me?

    Ram : That's what you're doing down here.

  • Kevin Flynn : Look... just so I can tell my friends what this dream is about, okay? Where am I?

    Ram : You're a... guest of the Master Control Program.

    Kevin Flynn : Oh, great.

    Ram : They're going to make you play video games.

    Kevin Flynn : No sweat. I play video games better than anybody.

  • Kevin Flynn : Hey Ram, what were you, you know, before?

    Ram : I was an actuarial program. Worked for a big insurance company. It really gives you a great feeling helping folks plan for their future needs. Of course, if you take the payments as an annuity over the years, the cost is really quite minimal.

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