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Barnard Hughes: Dr. Walter Gibbs, Dumont


  • Alan Bradley : [about the digitizing laser]  Great. Can it send me to Hawaii?

    Lora : Yep, but you gotta purchase your program 30 days in advance. How's it going upstairs?

    Alan Bradley : Frustrating. I had Tron almost ready, when Dillinger cut everyone with Group-7 access out of the system. I tell you ever since he got that Master Control Program, the system's got more bugs than a bait store.

    Dr. Walter Gibbs : [laughs]  You've got to expect some static. After all, computers are just machines; they can't think.

    Alan Bradley : Some programs will be thinking soon.

    Dr. Walter Gibbs : Won't that be grand? Computers and the programs will start thinking and the people will stop.

  • Dr. Walter Gibbs : That MCP, that's half our problem right there.

    Ed Dillinger : The MCP is the most efficient way of handling what we do! I can't sit here and worry about every little user request that comes in!

    Dr. Walter Gibbs : User requests are what computers are for!

    Ed Dillinger : *Doing our business* is what computers are for.

  • Dumont : All that is visible must grow beyond itself, and extend into the realm of the invisible.

  • Ed Dillinger : ENCOM isn't the business you started in your garage anymore. We're building accounts in thirty different countries. New defense systems. We have one of the most sophisticated pieces of equipment in existence.

    Dr. Walter Gibbs : Oh, I know all that. Sometimes I wish I were back in that garage.

    Ed Dillinger : That can be arranged, Walter.

    Dr. Walter Gibbs : That was uncalled for! You know, you can remove men like Alan and me from the system, but we helped create it. And our spirit remains in every program we design for this computer.

    Ed Dillinger : Walter, it's getting late, I've got better things to do than to have religious discussions with you. Don't worry about ENCOM anymore; it's out of your hands now.

  • Sark : [torturing Dumont]  Had enough?

    Dumont : What do you want? I'm busy!

    Sark : Busy dying, you worn-out excuse for an old program.

    Dumont : Yes, I'm old. Old enough to remember the MCP when he was just a chess program! He started small, and he'll end small!

    Sark : Very funny, Dumont! Maybe I should keep you around, just make me laugh!

  • Yori : [about Flynn]  That is a User, Dumont. He came here to help us. Tron believed in him.

    Dumont : If the Users can no longer help us, we're lost.

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