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Jeff Bridges: Kevin Flynn, Clu



  • [a Bit flies around Flynn's head in a Recognizer] 

    Kevin Flynn : Hey! Hold it right there!

    Bit : Yes.

    Kevin Flynn : What do you mean, "yes"?

    Bit : Yes.

    Kevin Flynn : Is that all you can say?

    Bit : No.

    Kevin Flynn : Know anything else?

    Bit : Yes.

    Kevin Flynn : Positive and negative, huh? You're a Bit.

    Bit : Yes.

    Kevin Flynn : Well, where's your program? Isn't he going to miss you?

    Bit : No.

    Kevin Flynn : *I'm* your program?

    Bit : Yes.

    Kevin Flynn : Another mouth to feed.

    Bit : Yesyesyesyesyes!

  • Sark : There's nothing special about you. You're just an ordinary program.

    Kevin Flynn : So are you, one that should have been erased.

  • [Flynn is flying a Recognizer] 

    Kevin Flynn : Pretty good driving, huh?


    Bit : No!

    Kevin Flynn : Who asked you?

  • Kevin Flynn : On the other side of the screen, it all looks so easy.

  • Alan Bradley : You invented Space Paranoids?

    Kevin Flynn : Paranoids, Matrix Blaster, Vice Squad, a whole slew of them. I was this close to starting my own little enterprise, man. But enter another software engineer. Not so young, not so bright, but very very sneaky. Ed Dillinger. So one night, our boy Flynn, he goes to his terminal, tries to read up his file. I get nothing on there, it's a big blank. Okay, now we take you three months later. Dillinger presents ENCOM with five video games, that's *he's* invented. The slime didn't even change the names, man! He gets a big, fat promotion. And thus begins his meteoric rise to... what is he now, Executive V.P.?

    Lora : Senior exec.

    Kevin Flynn : *Senior* exec...?


    Kevin Flynn : Meanwhile, the kids are putting eight million quarters *a week* into Paranoids machines. I don't see a dime except what I squeeze out of here.

    Alan Bradley : I still don't understand why you want to break into the system.

    Kevin Flynn : *Because*, man, *somewhere* in one of these memories is the *evidence*! If I got in far enough, I could reconstruct it!

  • [Flynn has just arrived in the electronic world] 

    Kevin Flynn : Oh, man, this isn't happening, it only thinks it's happening.

    Guard : Vacate entry port, program! I said, move out!

    Kevin Flynn : Hey! Look, if this is about those parking tickets, I can explain everything, okay?

  • Kevin Flynn : Who's that guy?

    Warrior #1 : That's Tron. He fights for the Users.

  • Master Control Program : You're in trouble, program. Why don't you make it easy on yourself? Who's your user?

    CLU : Forget it, mister high-and-mighty Master Control! You aren't making me talk!

    Master Control Program : Suit yourself.

  • Master Control Program : [keyboard clacks as Flynn gains access to the system]  You shouldn't have come back, Flynn.

    Kevin Flynn : Hey, hey, hey, it's the big Master Control Program everybody's been talking about.

    Master Control Program : [calmly]  Sit right there; make yourself comfortable. Remember the time we used to spend playing chess together?

    Master Control Program : [Flynn continues typing]  That isn't going to do you any good, Flynn.

    [Flynn launches a compute-intensive program] 

    Master Control Program : I'm afraid... Stop! Please! You realize I cannot allow this!

    Kevin Flynn : How are you going to run the universe if you can't answer a few unsolvable problems, huh? Come on, big fella, let's see what you got.

    Master Control Program : I'd like to go against you and see what your made of.

    Kevin Flynn : You know, you look nothing like your pictures.

    Master Control Program : I'm warning you. You're entering a big error, Flynn.

    [manipulates dematerialization laser and targets Flynn] 

    Master Control Program : I'm going to have to put you on the game grid.

    Kevin Flynn : Games? You want games? I'll give you games...

    [klaxon blares; dematerialization laser fires at Flynn] 

  • Kevin Flynn : Alan?

    Tron : Where did you hear that name?

    Kevin Flynn : Well that's your name, isn't it?

    Tron : The name of my User. How did you know?

    Kevin Flynn : I'm a program from a User that knows Alan.

  • Yori : What good will that do?

    Kevin Flynn : I'm gonna jump! It's the only way to help Tron!

    Yori : Don't! You'll be de-rezzed!

    Kevin Flynn : Don't worry.

  • Kevin Flynn : Clu, we don't have much time to find that file. This is top priority.

    Clu : Yes, sir. I know, sir,

    Kevin Flynn : This just isn't correcting my bank statement or phone bill problem, okay - this is a must.

    Clu : I understand, sir.

  • Kevin Flynn : Come on, you scuzzy data, be in there. Come on.

  • [repeated line] 

    Kevin Flynn : Greetings, programs.

  • [last lines] 

    Alan Bradley : [to Lora]  Try to look official. Here comes the boss.

    [helicopter lands] 

    Kevin Flynn : [to helicopter pilot]  Pick me up in an hour. Thanks.

    Kevin Flynn : [to Alan and Lora]  Greetings, programs.

    [hugs them] 

  • Kevin Flynn : It's time I leveled with you. I'm what you guys call a User.

    Yori : You're a User?

    Kevin Flynn : I took a wrong turn somewhere.

    Tron : If you are a User, then everything you've done has been according to a plan.

    Kevin Flynn : Ha! You wish! Well, you know what it was like. You just keep doin' what it looks like what you're supposed to be doin', no matter how crazy it seems.

    Tron : Well, that's the way it is for programs, yes.

    Kevin Flynn : I hate to disappoint you, pal, but most of the time, that's the way it is for Users too.

    Tron : Stranger and stranger.

  • Kevin Flynn : You were never much for small talk, were you?

    [to Alan] 

    Kevin Flynn : She still leave her clothes all over the floor?

    Lora : Flynn!

    Alan Bradley : No!

    Lora : Alan!

    Alan Bradley : I mean, not that often.

    Lora : Now you can see why all his friends are 14 years old!

    Kevin Flynn : Touche, touche.

  • Kevin Flynn : [Zooms past a plethora of tanks on his lightcycle]  I shouldn't have written all of those tank programs.

  • Man At Flynn's : Hey Flynn, how'd you do it?

    Kevin Flynn : It's all in the wrists.

  • Blue Leader : This is Blue Leader to Blue Bikes. Run these guys into your jet walls.

    Blue Bike #1 : Copy Blue Leader.

    Blue Bike #2 : Copy Blue Leader.

    Tron : This is Gold-1 to Gold-2 and 3. Split up. Take them one-on-one.

    Blue Leader : Watch it! Watch it!

    Blue Bike #1 : [Tron corners him between a light wall and his own trail]  Aah!

    Blue Leader : Taking him into the maze.

    Kevin Flynn : This is it. Come on. Gold-3 to Gold-2 and 1. I'm getting out of here right now, and you guys are invited.

    Ram : Got it.

    Tron : Ready?

    Ram : Ready!

    Tron : So long, suckers!

    Kevin Flynn : Greetings, programs!

    Announcer : Video game warriors escaping game grid. This is an illegal exit. You must return to game grid. Repeat! This is an illegal exit. You must return to the grid.

    Ram : Gold-3 to Gold-2. Those demons are coming down.

    Sark : Get them! Send out every game tank in the grid!

    [knocks his lieutenant down] 

    Sark : Get them!

  • Kevin Flynn : Now for some real User power.

  • [an exhausted Flynn slumps towards the energy beam guiding the Solar Sailor; Tron rushes forward and prevents Flynn from falling into the beam] 

    Kevin Flynn : [groggily]  Did we make it?

    Tron : [nods]  Yeah.

    Kevin Flynn : [still groggy]  Hooray for our side.

  • Alan Bradley : Flynn, are you embezzling?

    Kevin Flynn : "Embezzling" is such an ugly word, Mr. Bradley.

  • Kevin Flynn : Like the man says, there's no problems, only solutions.

  • Kevin Flynn : Look... just so I can tell my friends what this dream is about, okay? Where am I?

    Ram : You're a... guest of the Master Control Program.

    Kevin Flynn : Oh, great.

    Ram : They're going to make you play video games.

    Kevin Flynn : No sweat. I play video games better than anybody.

  • Kevin Flynn : [Lora is going to leave Flynn alone in the laser lab]  You are going to stick with me, right?

    Lora : What for? You're the one who never needed help, remember?

    Kevin Flynn : Come on, I'm - I'm scared of the dark. All this technology scares me.

  • Kevin Flynn : [frustrated]  Damn recognizer. Just go straight! I gotta get to that I/O tower.

  • Kevin Flynn : Hey Ram, what were you, you know, before?

    Ram : I was an actuarial program. Worked for a big insurance company. It really gives you a great feeling helping folks plan for their future needs. Of course, if you take the payments as an annuity over the years, the cost is really quite minimal.

  • Kevin Flynn : Okay, Clu, tonight we check everything in ENCOM.

    [cut to digital maze] 

    Kevin Flynn : Come on, come on. Where are you?

    [a tank appears] 

    Kevin Flynn : There you are. Clu?

    CLU : Yes, sir?

    Kevin Flynn : Clu, we don't have much time left to find that file. This is top priority.

    CLU : Yes, sir. I know, sir.

    Kevin Flynn : This isn't just correcting my bank statement or phone bill problem again. This is a must.

    CLU : I understand, sir.

    Kevin Flynn : Now, I wrote you.

    CLU : Yes, sir.

    Kevin Flynn : I taught you everything I know about the system.

    CLU : Thank you sir, but I'm not sure...

    Kevin Flynn : No buts, Clu. That's for Users. Now, you're the best Program that's ever been written. You're dogged and relentless, remember?

    CLU : Let me at 'em!

    Kevin Flynn : That's the spirit. Now keep that tank rolling, and I'll try and cover you from this end. Go.

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