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Stark Raving Mad was actually filmed in 1973
RickJohnsonMedia2 January 2009
The first reviewer noted a similarity to the 1973 film, Badlands. Well, here's why. Interestingly enough, as Terrence Malick was making Badlands, first-time feature director George Hood was shooting "Rockaday Richie And The Queen Of The Hop" (the film's original title) in Portland, Oregon.

I was the production sound mixer and sound editor for the film. We were all taken by surprise when we found out that both Badlands and our low budget indie were based on the same story of Charles Starkweather's murder spree.

Tiger and Bobby Warren were the executive producers and scraped together the budget while the crew put heart and soul into the film.

In the end, Badlands was released first, as I recall, and had studio backing. It was a while before "Richie" was renamed "Stark Raving Mad" and found limited theatrical release and, eventually, video.
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Badlands revisited.
Millpool872 September 2004
After watching this film i was taken back on how much it bothered me. Although it is an almost direct copy of the 1973 classic "Badlands" staring Martin Sheen, I found "Stark Raving Mad" had the more effective ending, leaving the viewer hanging- questions going unanswered. Where "Badlands" had the budget and the actors backing it, "Stark Raving Mad" truly excels due it's ultra low budget and non-actors- giving it an almost ultra realism quality. There's one great scene involving the killer after he's been caught and a reporter, I feel it basically sums up the numb, unapologetic feeling the movie leaves long after you've watched it.

the Killer: I wanna go back

Reporter: You wanna go back where?

the Killer: Go back to Nebraska

Reporter: And why is that, Killer?

the Killer: Cause they hang you in Wyoming...and...hahaha...I don't like ropes.

I must say i really enjoyed this movie and it was all by accident. I went to my local video store and went to the horror section, i saw the cover of this film and thought i looked interesting, so i rented it. If you ever have a chance to view this film i suggest you take a look, especially for the brilliant last two minutes, it sent chills down my spine.

P.S.- This message is for the cast and crew of this film. If anyone from this film ever happens to read this i just want to let you know that you did a great job, even if you borrowed a lot off of "Badlands" I think the last few minutes of this film are brilliant. Well Done.
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A Missed Opportunity..
Falconeer16 February 2017
Wow, this film could really have been something special, if it wasn't for the unfortunate, fatal error in casting the lead. The story of a 19 year old sociopath who takes his 15 year-old girlfriend on a wild killing spree circa 1950's, complete with vintage cars and 50's fashions; it could be a cult film today. Why they cast this actor, Russ Fast, to play the lead, is a complete mystery. The actor is easily in his 30's, and his attempts at acting like a teenager come across as clumsy and silly. He's not particularly good looking, and has zero charisma. How is an audience supposed to believe that this beautiful and smart young girl would be swept away by this loser? It wouldn't be a problem if he wasn't the MAIN character, who is in EVERY frame of the movie. It's a real missed opportunity, because most everything else in this film works really well.
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Depressing, but maybe that's good...
MastahMatt25 June 2001
This movie is depressing in the sense that it's like watching two people flushing their lives down the toilet. It's supposedly about a real life 19 year old serial killer and his 14 year old girlfriend who go on a killing spree for several days and are eventually caught. One does get the feeling however that this movie tries to capitalize on the Bonnie and Clyde phenomenon, but I'd have to say the two movies are very much different.
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