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I didn't expect it to be so good
Ivan Ravenous26 August 2000
I bought this because it was cheap and had 'massacre' in the title. What I didn't know is that this is a really tense movie. While not quite scary, it does have very suspenseful scenes, and the killer is classic! It's not filled with nudity like I had expected, and the killings are pretty gruesome. I'd recommend it to any slasher fan.
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don't ya just hate party-crashers.
Nightman8525 July 2005
Totally unpretentious '80's slasher is a cheesy, but fun ride.

Some lovely young ladies decide to throw a get together, only to have some loonie with a drill stop in to kill them all.

Slumber Party Massacre is a slasher fan's guilty pleasure with a pretty silly edge to it! One might just gather that from the DVD cover or poster for this film. It takes the predictable elements of the "splatter" film and with a complete lack of seriousness has a ton of fun with them. It makes sense considering that this film was originally written to be a slasher parody, and frankly still works well as a parody. The acting, directing, and special FX are all B-grade stuff, but overall that helps rather than henders the mood of the film.

At any rate, this film is strictly a good-time party kinda film, certainly nothing to be taken serious, but just enjoyed for it's humor (both intended and unintended) with the horror genre.

*** out of ****
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A true '80s slasher film!
SleepawayCampFan11 March 2005
This is definitely a true '80s slasher film! Since "Slumber Party Massacre" was released in 1982, you can say this may have been one of the films to create the '80s cheesy/slasher films...which is great! It is your basic '80 horror film; slumber party, drinking, comedic moments...and of course, the escaped maniac who is on his way to the party! Keep an eye out for Brinke Stevens as Linda, as this was one of her first roles. This is definitely a popcorn flick; so just sit back, & enjoy yourself. Also, the late Robin Stille was one of the leads in this film. She appeared in a few other '80s horror films, & is truly missed!
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Surprise! It gets better with age.
capkronos21 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I've seen this one three different times - once in childhood, once in my teen years and finally again now as an adult as part of IFC's month-long "80s Slashback" series (August 2005). I watched every single retro slasher film they played and this one was by far one of the most enjoyable. Sure it is just a simple low-budget horror outing rife with chances to criticize it (as Siskel and Ebert, Leonard Maltin and many others did upon release), but what is maybe not-so-simple and not-so-typical in this critically disreputed genre is that it is put together with enthusiasm, a good sense of humor and surprising attention to detail. And while it provides the requisite nude scenes and gory murders, it does not put viewers to sleep in between the exploitation.

In other words, compared to the absolute crap we horror fans are subjected to nowadays, this movie is funny, clever, entertaining and fast-paced. SPM possesses a genuine sense of fun that is just about extinct in today's slasher movies. The principle cast (Michele Michaels, Debra DeLiso, Robin Stille...) is comprised of mostly unknown young actors and actresses, but they are fun, natural and appealing and none of them walk through their roles acting disinterested in the material. Brinke Stevens, one of the most ubiquitous Scream Queens of the past twenty years, has an early role here, as does Aaron Lipstadt, the director of the sci-fi sleeper Android (1982) with Klaus Kinski. Humorously scripted by feminist author Rita Mae Brown (of 'Rubyfruit Jungle' fame).

Score: 7 out of 10
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The title tells it all
matt-2824 February 2001
Warning: Spoilers
A good, better than usual Halloween clone set in a quite Venice suburb of Los Angeles where an 18-year-old girl, Trish, decides to throw a slumber party for her friends, members of her school's girls basketball team. Little do they know that a wild-eyed, middle-aged, maniac named Russ Thorn, who killed five people back in 1969, has escaped from a mental hospital and spots Trish and follows her to and from school to her house and, undercover of darkness, invades their party. Pre-slumber party killings include a telephone repairwoman named Mary, whom Thorn steals her van and drill he needs for the killing, and teammate Linda (played by Brinke Stevens in an early movie role) but they woun't be missed by the others. This one has all the elements of a good 1980's slasher flick, a high body count, a fair amount of splatter, a most phallic weapon, lots of false shocks, some gratuitious female nudity, etc. Given that this was writen and directed by women one would expect anything other than this material would have been given an edge of parody or irony, but it's all played straight. There is no masked killer, no surprise killer, no twist in the end, just straight-forward horror. Despite some cheap qualities it's all not badly done, especially in the last 20 minutes where the driller killer finally breaks into Trish's house and the girls dashing from room to room getting killed one by one, all the while the girl next door, Valerie and her little sister, Courtney, are oblivious to the going-ons. It is notable for Robin Stille as Valerie in the Jamie Lee Curtis heroine role and Andree Honore and the party goer with the largest bust.

Contents: 11 killings, good graphic gore (including a head lost and a hand getting chopped off), female nudity galore, lots of screams, a more stylish-than-usual, energetic flick.
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As bare-bones as any slasher can get, and still it delivers...
Vomitron_G20 September 2009
Without further ado, this simply is an early 80's slasher that's worth seeing (at least once). If not for any other reason, then watch it for the fact that this was written and directed by two women. I still can't believe it! All women in this film are portrait as helpless victims (except for two or so). Most of the killings are bloody and gory. And after only 8 minutes in the movie, the whole teenage female basketball-team goes fully nude and hits the showers(!). The camera gratuitously focuses on boobs and buttocks. Who said women can't make a decent horror movie? Haha! So boobs galore, spiced up with some good-looking gore. Unfortunately there's no story (the movie's title actually is the story). And we know who the killer is right from the start of the movie (we see his face all the time). It's just a crazy man escaped from the loony-bin. I was at least expecting some kind of twist, but about halfway through the movie I gave up this wishful thinking and just enjoyed the rest of it, being as there weren't going to be any surprises anyway. But still, this is a must-see for everyone who calls himself an 80's slasher-fan.
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Surely They weren't Serious....
neutrodyne7 February 2000
And stop calling them Shirley. Come on, The killer has got a double handled electric drill that would dim the lights in the Astrodome, hundreds of feet from the nearest outlet! What does it run on, his imagination? If this was intended as anything but a spoof, we have the 80's incarnation of Ed Wood in charge here....

It's uneven, certainly not a laugh a minute, but no way is it on the level. It has just enough fake gore and mild sex to make it a bit stressful (the way they like it) for the 5TH grade set, yet it won't give them as many nightmares as "Halloween" or something built with a bit more care (and talent).
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Pizza time!
Boggman10 June 2005
I've always had a soft spot in my heart for "Slumber Party Massacre" ever since I first saw it at the ripe old age of 11. Sure it's not the bloodiest, scariest, well acted or written horror movie that wonderful 80's produced- but it does have something that makes it special and a standout on its own.

Trish (Michelle Michaels) is a popular basketball player whose parents have gone away for the weekend. Just so happens that the night before, convicted killer and mental patient Russ Thorn (wonderfully played by Michael Villella) has escaped from confinement. Awww...timing is everything! Val (Robin Stille) is the new girl in school as well as on the basketball team, who also happens to live right next door to Trish. Of course, Trish decides to gather her girls for a night of fun at her empty house. She suggests they invite Val, and is of course is rejected by her snobby & trampy friend Diane (Gina Mari).

Cut to the chase...the girls have there slumber party. Of course Russ has been following them around all day and is just waiting for his moment to strike. Val on the other hand is alone too next door, with the exception of her boy crazy 13 year old sister Courtney (Jennifer Meyers). When the pizza delivery boy shows up dead on Trish's doorstep- mayhem ensues. The girls (along with some boys who have crashed the Slumber Party) are scared to death. They are afraid to leave the house - so the boys volunteer to make a run for it.

One by one our teenagers get hacked away. Eventually Val and Courtney get involved in the goings on and before you know it our girls are in some serious trouble.

The movie works due to some genuinely funny comedic dialogue- and Michael Villella's great portrayal of the Driller Killer. When he says "I love you" in his sick and twisted way- you genuinely feel creeped out! The music is also quite good as well. With a 77 minute run time- Slumber Party Massacre doesn't drag and keeps pace quite nicely. If you collect horror and are a big fan of the classic cheesy horror movies from the beloved 80's, Slumber Party Massacre is worth an entry into your DVD collection.
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Thinly veiled Womens Lib masquerading as Horror
rlcsljo26 March 2000
Many critics of the time, Siskel and Ebert as I recall, and others considered the "slasher" films of the time to be misogynistic. I presume mostly because many women/girls died deaths as grizzly as those suffered by the males. One thing they missed, and apparently not lost on Rita Mae Brown, was that it was almost always a female that "dispatched" the killer at the end, sometimes with the help of a male lead. On the one sheet for this movie we see the killer with a drill hanging between his legs like an oversized penis and the message is clear--fight back women and you wont get "drilled". But dont get me wrong guys, on the way to her womens lib message, the director provides more than her share of titilation for your average slobbering teenage(or older) boy. Brinke Stevens also does one of her famous butt shots in this one. Read the message, ignore the nudity, or enjoy the nudity and ignore the message: This movie works both ways.
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California Girls & a Psycho Meet
BaronBl00d6 February 2005
One gets exactly what one is promised in this somewhat low-budget slasher film that would go on to spawn at least a couple sequels. The film's premise is about a group of girls & company(voyeuristic boys, a neighbor, a basketball coach, etc...)spending an evening together for a slumber party only to have things go awry when an escaped serial killer with a penchant for drilling people to death comes onto the scene. This film has two points to make primarily: one, kill as many people as possible in the most unnatural ways possible and two, mix as much senseless nudity, sexual innuendo, and sophomoric humour into the film without turning it to a comedy rather than a slasher flick. Well, Slumber Party Massacre is fairly successful on both counts. There are a lot of murders, particularly with characters that are not characters(pizza guy?). The film is fairly gory but not hyperbolic by any means. I was more disturbed by the screenwriter's lack of humanity and the director's lack of good taste and sense more than what I saw on screen. One can make a film like this and create characters we care about and place some value on life. When one character dies after another in some weird way, the audience becomes removed from what is going on in the film and what is going on in the film becomes something distant. OK, enough of my sermonizing on the need of directors, writers, and audiences putting a little more value into human existence. As for the film, it is not a good one ,but it is not real bad either. I have seen far worse. The actors and actresses, despite the ridiculous lines that must utter, are efficient. The girls too are lovely to look at. The killer is, well, a type that has been unfortunately seen in far too many films despite his lack of dimension and purpose.
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An 80's slasher at it's best
KFear20 August 2005
i love the 80's well...almost at it's best. I've seen more gore in other 80's horror flicks. but if you want nudity and lots and lots of screaming girls getting knocked off one by one by a mad man with a power's a real safe rent. the scares will not make you jump out of your seat...but's just a movie meant for you to sit back and laugh at. For slasher's a must see. hold on it breaking a slasher movie rule to have the killer talk to his victims??? i was wondering that when it happened. still though it doesn't take away from the overall experience. oh yeah. just watch this one...don't bother with the others. they are not at all worth it.
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Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad
ODDBear25 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
To my utter amazement most of the comments concerning this film are somewhat positive. Now I really love decent slasher films, and the year 1982 is certainly vintage for those types but this stinker is just plain bad.

Now I don't know about most slasher lovers but I'll name a few who set the bar:

Halloween: I don't think there are many people who dispute the fact that Halloween is a real horror classic. It's got many of the slasher film elements but it's also a really good demonstration of how to make a great horror film with little more than enthusiasm and skill.

Friday the 13th: A really great slasher film. Nowhere near Halloween in terms of atmosphere, suspense and overall craftsmanship but the "woods scenario" was pretty much perfected here, the kills are great and the "wooden disposable teenagers" are presented here basically for the first time.

Black Christmas: A moody, atmospheric sorority slasher that is a bona fide horror classic. Here lighting, music, grueling set pieces, good acting and an OK sense of humor ensured that Christmas was always going to have a dark side. Made before Halloween so in some ways this film could be considered the granddaddy of all slashers.

Now these are three excellent films and belong as top referrers to any horror lover. Then there are those copycats and while some are really good (some Friday sequels, some Halloween sequels, The Burning, My Bloody Valentine for instance) many are not at all good. Many films fall somewhere in between, displaying some features that are to be admired. Films like "The Prowler", "Happy Birthday To Me", "Prom Night", "Dead and Buried", "Maniac" and "The House on Sorority Row" have some features working for them, be it atmosphere, gore, solid display of originality or good craftsmanship - something ensures they have good entertainment value.

Then there are those that have none of that, just copy from better movies and do it in a cheap, unimaginative and talentless fashion. Now seriously, those who won't find this little outburst of mine helpful will agree to the fact this this film has any of the features that make a solid horror movie.

It's horribly acted with one badly staged set piece swiftly followed by another. The set ups here are painfully bad (that pizza delivery boy who's just had his eyes drilled out was a particular fav). Honestly, I wish there was a comment section here so I could have admirers of the film point out to me what they liked and why.

Now, maybe I was just in a really foul mood when I watched this and I certainly don't want to imply that those who like it are any certain type of individuals, hell, I like some movies that get horrible beatings here. But, in my humble opinion, it's movies like "Slumber Party Massacre" that gave slashers a bad name and I'm just amazed to see that many horror lovers seem to think highly of it.
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Uninspired Garbage
currax2 September 2000
This movie seems to have some fans; I am not one of them. Okay, this is a slasher movie, so I wasn't expecting a great movie, but The Slumber Party Massacre is just uninspired garbage. The killings are boring (no pun intended). There really isn't any decent gore, just some bloody t-shirts. There is no atmosphere; the film just feels bland. The music is unexceptional. Everything is just so mediocre, and that really hurts this movie. Slasher movies usually at least have one interesting element. This doesn't even have an interesting killer. It's just some 40-something guy in ordinary clothes. I never thought I'd say this, but The Slumber Party Massacre makes me appreciate all the interesting elements in a movie like Class Reunion Massacre. I really don't see how so many people rated this a 10! It's not even bad enough to like it on a cheesy level. This movie is just bland.
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"Wait! I think I hear someone! I better go play the piano…"
Anonymous_Maxine18 December 2003
Warning: Spoilers
The above is not a direct quote, but a quote of the action. At one point, one of the girls is home alone, talking on the phone, and tells the person on the phone that she has to go because she thinks she hears someone. She hangs up the phone and walks immediately over to the piano and starts playing. Now, I normally reserve my votes of one out of ten for movies that are absolutely incomprehensible on any level. Slumber Party Massacre has a definitely decipherable plot, but the plot is nothing but a flimsy clothesline along which are staged a lot of cheap thrills and boring murder scenes.

And, ironically enough, even in the case of a movie that is obviously driven by nudity (of which the film features remarkably little), I don't mean cheap thrills as far as shower scenes or lingerie scenes or any weak trash like that. You have the screeching cat scare, half a dozen or so friends sneaking up on people and viciously grabbing their shoulder from behind or something, only to throw up their hands like, What? What? I scared you? Each successive one making this movie more and more of an endurance test than the weak horror, awful acting, or abysmal script-writing could ever do.

And who's the killer? No one. Some tool in cowboy boots and a lot of denim. Evidently he's an escaped mass murderer who went on a killing spree in the late 60s, which I guess would explain why he appears to be nothing but a middle-aged man with graying hair and a three foot drill. It's like they picked some jerk off the street and said Hey, hold this drill and let us film you running around this locker room for a little while. That should be good enough for this movie.

I love all of the attempts to impose some deep women's lib meaning into this movie by commenting on the obviously phallic drill that this jean-jacket-clad maniac chases these women around with. Not that there's anything wrong with the women's liberation movement or implying that a film like this has any meaning in regards to the plight of women, I just think it's really funny to inject meaning into a film as meaningless as this one.

(spoilers) There's one scene at the end of the film where there is a weak attempt to suggest the insanity of the killer as he mumbles his total of I think 21 spoken words (not including the gibberish he screams after he gets his hand cut off), the first few of which are, "You're all so pretty," and, shockingly enough, "I love you." Very cute, it's too bad this sudden moment of character depth comes so far out of left field that it is memorable simply because of its separation with the rest of the film than any meaning it might carry.

Joseph Ulibas (my neighbor right over in Sacramento) makes an interesting comment that Freud would have loved to psychoanalyze the killer in this movie. Sure, this last scene definitely implies some serious sexual anxiety, as this is apparently a man who gets his thrills by killing pretty women that he loves, but to be perfectly honest, I think Freud would have more of a field day analyzing the writers and, at least as much, whoever it was that read the script and decided that this would be a good movie.
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That's a BIG tool you have there, Mr. Killer...
Coventry16 June 2006
This is a movie from the early 80's and it contains the word "massacre" in the title, so you know the…um…DRILL! Standard, by-the-numbers slasher except that this is supposed to be a feminist slasher! In all honesty, I don't really get it. Portraying dumb but hot-looking girls stalked & killed by a homicidal maniac is a sexist crime, but if this exact same formula is presented by a FEMALE director and a FEMALE scriptwriter, it all of a sudden becomes a parody and/or a feminist statement? The male characters in this movie may be a bit dumber than usual but the teenage beauties are all still defenseless little lambs to the slaughter, so where exactly lays the girl-power element? Oh well, since I absolutely don't wish to receive negative feedback from female readers, I'll just restrict myself to reviewing the actual movie and leave the speculations of possible deeper meanings behind. Talking purely in terms of 80's horror, "The Slumber Party Massacre" is a pretty good effort with likable characters, a fair amount of suspense and a handful of excellent gory killings. With her parents away on holiday, a schoolgirl invites her friends for a sleepover party with the usual pizzas, beer and soft drugs. Unfortunately for them, an escaped lunatic with a gigantic power tool still terrorizes the area and he shows up as the party-pooper, drilling holes in everyone whose path he's crossing. The only hope for rescue in the new girl who lives across the street but – oh no – she wasn't invited to the party! The identity and motivations of serial killers are usually kept secret in 80's slashers until the ending (as they're frequently acquaintances of the victims), but you don't have to worry about that in this case. Right from the opening minute, newspapers and radio bulletins loudly announce that a psychopath escaped from the local asylum and he doesn't even bother to wear a silly mask, as he's already carrying the drilling device – which symbolizes a male penis – instead. There's little else you need to know, except that nearly all the girls willingly take their clothes off and that the obligatory after gym-class shower sequence comes early in the movie. Hooray for feminism!
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77 Minutes In Hell
Gregory_Livingstone30 July 2007
Wow...I don't even know what to say...TERRIBLE MOVIE...I suppose they inserted topless teenage girl scenes to regain any audience interest, but I hate to say it...Even that wasn't enough to make me enjoy this film. the sound is terrible, the killer's character is not established at all, that is to say he has absolutely no motive whatsoever. the effects are terrible... and what really gets me is how they turned this into a series. I'd much rather stick to my Jason, Freddy and Michael...hell i would even take Chucky over this garbage heap. the one good thing i can say about this movie is that it wraps up rather quickly i believe the DVD reads 77 minutes. The people i feel bad for are the one's renting/buying this film expecting a cheesy slasher flick and ending up with something much much worse. the true horror in this film lies in it's production..not it's content.
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ok movie that lacked in the gore catagory
lthseldy110 June 2003
I watched this movie once a long time ago and dicided to go ahead and rent it again just to jog up my memory sense I've heard so much about it over the years as being a "cult classic". Well, I had expected more from this movie as far as the blood and guts were concerned because it seemed that just when the killer would get ready to kill the victim, the scene switched and you never got to see what happened, you just saw the victim lying in a pool of blood after the killing and that really annoyed me to no end. It had that 80's type of suspense that I do always love, it was a bit slow at parts and it could have picked up the pace a bit but overall, it was an interesting 80's flick that brought back memories.
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Slahser film that offers nothing new, just had things borrowed and left me blue
gregsrants2 March 2008
My two favorite things in the world are slumber parties and massacres so having both represented in a horror film title was titillating to say the least. Slumber Party Massacre boasting a movie poster that had four scantly clad women viewed from between the legs of the killer was something of teenage pin up fantasy. The phallic killing weapon of choice is a portable drill with a bit the size of John Holmes. The victims are a bunch of high school girls that look as old as College sophomores but thanks to the tight form fitting fashions of the time (the film was shot in 1982) they are every bit as sexually stimulating as they were intended.

So with the setting established – a slumber party at the home of one of the girls homes, the characters all exposed as expendable and the killer on the loose after having escaped authorities, we were set for some bloodletting.

There is nothing new about Slumber Party Massacre. Even in 1982, the film was a rip of just about every other horror film that was hitting the theatres in rapid releases. Even the film's score was an organ key shade away from John Carpenter's classic Halloween winning number.

Surprisingly directed by Amy Holden Jones (women directing horror films were not of the norm), the film does at least try to use the horror playbook to ensure that all the plays are executed. We have a shower scene that is definitely a press pause and zoom experience. There are countless individuals that are lined up as plausible victims. And there is a killer that has a kill toy of choice even if he doesn't have any kind of personality present within the film's frames.

Slumber Party Massacre was originally written with the intention of being a slasher movie spoof. It was reconstructed into the straight horror that it ends up becoming, but the resonating humor is still present throughout the film.

One of the worst things that can happen after viewing a horror film is having the details of the film forgotten. This is exactly Slumber Party Massacre's problem. I remember the shower scene, but just two days since my revisit to the experience, I can't remember anything notable about the films plot, it's characters and most importantly, it's killing.
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Good Film On A Low Budget
sevenup@neo.rr.com11 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
It's been several years ago since I last saw this film and it really is an amazing movie to see.From the very beginning it's very obvious that it was made on a low budget,however it's still an amazing film to see!Halloween was made on the slimmest of budgets as well and Slumber Party Massacre proves like Halloween that an excellent film can be made on a tiny budget.From the very beginning,it's score promises a chiller with creepiness oozing out of it's pores!I admire these filmmakers for what they accomplished. It's a spooky movie with a sense of humor,but often the parts which are meant to be frightening are very effectively handled such as the girl who's pulled into her truck to be murdered and also the student who's trapped in her school's locker room while she desperately tries to escape from the killer who's stalking her.....both scenes are great and handled with good direction,good acting,good camera work,a great score and a real understanding of how to make a chiller that will grip an audience.This describes the entire film which it's main part takes place in an old house populated by teenage girls who are falling prey to an escaped murderer who repeats some philosophy used by real life killer Charles Manson.Yes, this film has it's faults...the actress who plays the younger sister named Courtney is too old for her part and she's also just not very good in playing her part.Also the male neighbor who's supposed to keep an eye on the girls is miscast in the role because he's too young.However,these are extremely minor things when you look at this picture in it's entirety which is a real accomplishment that can entertain a true lover of good chillers. Every time that I watch it I can't help but be amazed at how good this film is even though it's made on the smallest of budgets.It's proof you don't need a million dollars and well known actors to make a good movie.
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in it's own way a classic
dx4lifexpac14 January 2001
The Slumber Party Massacre is loved by some and hated by others, i thought it was good for the most part. there is a big deal since it's written and directed by women, not to be sexist but most horror films i have seen by women suck, only Debra Hill can do horror, when it comes to acting then i would rather see women, director Holden Jones does a halfway decent job, this is one of the few horror films by women i do like. the story is simple some guy named Russ Thorn killed 5 people in 1969, he is in a mental hospital and one day he breaks out, thats all we find out about him, then we have Trish she is left home alone so she invites a few friends over for a slumber party, Trish wants to invite the nice shy girl Valerie over but her friends don't want her to. well as the movie goes on the driller killer shows up and starts to take out the girls, Valerie who is watching her younger sister Courtney end up getting stalked by driller killer. may not sound to great but if you like 80's horror you should like this one. i have the dvd version the good thing is it's in wide screen the bad thing at times when the characters talk you can not make out what they are saying. oh yeah and some women complain about the nudity in horror films well they can't say anything anymore since there is tons of nudity in this and The Slumber Party Massacre is done by women, i give The Slumber Party Massacre 7/10 worth a check if you like 80's horror like i said in it's own way a classic.

R.I.P Robin Stille who played Valerie sadly she killed herself a few years back
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Better than any Hollywood "Neo-Slasher" film...
unakaczynski14 December 2005
Slumber Party Massacre, Quickie Review:

Oh classic slashers! Where would we be without them? And hey, it don't get more classy than this! If you read the title, you know what you're getting with this. Sexy women being butchered by a madman. With a great big drill. Hey, for what it's worth, it's not that bad. I've also seen Slumber Party Massacre III, and let me tell yah, that is some purile sh*t right there. This one, on the other hand, at least has being the first movie in that series on it's side. So it feels at least a little refreshing. It has decent atmosphere and story--from the early to mid 80's when slashers were in their prime of course. But we're really watching this for nudity and slayings. Which we get, the film's not too shy. The nudity and gore are pretty average and nothing all too special. The driller killer? Just an escaped lunatic with a big-assed drill. He doesn't wear a mask, just a grimace. Some decent tension and a pretty good climax (ha ha) prevent the film from failing--though, the story and setting are really damn average. Worth a gander for horror and especially, slasher fans. 5/10

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Awful from beginning to end
Maciste_Brother14 April 2004
Bad acting, bad script, bad camerawork, bad music, bad, bad, bad.

I fail to see why this movie is actually admired by some fans of the Horror genre. It just fails miserably on all counts. There are some funny moments in it (like when killer counts the number of bodies in the trunk) but there is almost nothing memorable about SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE except for the nudity at the beginning of the film. And the fact that every actress playing the teenage girls looked like they were actually 29 years old. The killer is lame and the uninspired cinematography is so dark that I had a hard time seeing what was going on at times.

Not funny enough to be considered a successful parody of slashers. Not gory enough for gorehounds. Not scary enough for those looking for thrills. But boring and unmemorable enough to be forgotten. For horror films completists only.
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Just so terrible, its enjoyable
culmo8015 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I love 80's horror movies. They are so cheesy now, but having grown up in the 80's, it is fun to watch them and be taken back to my parents basement when we would watch these "really scary" movies as kids!

Anyway, Slumber Party Massacre is not original. If you have seen Halloween, Friday the 13th, or any of the dozens of slasher-horror movies, then you know what happens here.

So the plot is that a mass-murderer escaped from prison recently and he begins killing high schoolers almost immediately. You know the rest, some kids have a slumber party where the murderer descends and gore and blood ensue.

This movie has all the typical 80's horror movie elements: gratuitous nudity, lots of blood and gory death scenes, mediocre acting, and ever- present "boo" scary music.


Now, like I said, pretty much all the slasher movies are the same, other than the killer and his weapon of choice. In this movie, the killer picks a power drill (or whatever it is called) as his weapon of choice. That would not have been my pick if I were a mass-murderer. I mean, sure it can be efficient, but it sure is bulky, and very noisy. You better hope that there are a lot of coincidental cover noises around when you are dispatching another hapless teen. Luckily for this killer, there are plenty of blenders and other noises to allow him to kill around a dozen people before people suspect something!

I laughed out loud at some of the scenes...especially the par where the killer is running from the school, where he recently killed a girl, in broad daylight with his bloody drill and he's looking around to see if anyone sees him...hahaha, I mean, subtlety is not this guy's motif!

And of course there is plenty of nudity. Lot's breasts in this movie and an prolonged shower scene where the camera actually does a slow pan down a girl's back to see her butt. I'm not complaining but at least in other movies, the nudity isn't this blatant.

The acting is about what you expect from a movie like this...below average.

Now I will say, I did enjoy this movie, but its not going to be considered a true classic.
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just one of those movies.
twisted-526 December 1998
Every once and a while I rent a movie and at the end of it i just have to say what the hell was that? this is possibly the worst horror film of all time, the acting was just poison. The characters were dumb as anything in one seen they are all bunched together and discover a body so they all split up and of course are butchered. The cover of the movie looked pretty cool but the reality is that it wasn't.
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Short, jake and helped me pass the time.
jaxenross4 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I remember seeing this movie years ago and I've still been hooked on it, since my rediscovery. Full of erotic girls, a** and t*ts, blood and enjoyment. Thought it helped me pass the time. The sequels suck, but has their fan base. They should almost make a prequel to this movie regarding the news report in the prologue revealing that Thorn killed five people back in 1969.
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