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Roger Corman’s Sons Sue to Block Sale of Film Library

Roger Corman’s Sons Sue to Block Sale of Film Library
Roger Corman’s sons filed a lawsuit on Tuesday seeking to block the sale of his film library, arguing that the titles actually belong to an irrevocable trust.

The suit is part of an estate fight that has been going on for a decade. On March 15, Shout! Factory and China-based Ace Films announced they had purchased 270 titles from Roger and his wife, Julie Corman, for an undisclosed price.

The titles include “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School,” “Battle Beyond the Stars,” “Piranha,” “Galaxy of Terror,” “Bloodfist,” “Black Scorpion,” “Eat My Dust!,” “Humanoids From the Deep,” “The Slumber Party Massacre,” and “Forbidden World.”

The two Corman sons — Roger M. and Brian — allege that their mother has worked for more than 10 years to undermine their father’s estate plan, which was established to minimize tax liabilities. They contend that Roger, who is 91, and Julie have ignored their obligations to the trust set up for the children’s benefit.
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Listen to the Corpse Club Discuss Pet Sematary and The Slumber Party Massacre on a New Episode of Daily Dead’s Podcast

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"Sometimes, dead is better..." On a new episode of Daily Dead's official podcast, the Corpse Club co-hosts celebrate Women in Horror Month by looking back on two of the most beloved ’80s horror movies directed by women.

In episode 37 of Daily Dead's podcast, co-hosts Heather Wixson, Patrick Bromley, and Scott Drebit kick off their Women in Horror Month celebration by discussing Mary Lambert’s Pet Sematary, Amy Holden JonesThe Slumber Party Massacre, and several other ’80s horror movies directed by women. In addition to ’80s female directors, the co-hosts discuss influential actresses from the ’80s and what made their performances so iconic in movies such as Aliens and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

You can listen to the 37th episode of Corpse Club right now on iTunes, Google Play, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, Stitcher, and TuneIn, and look for our next episode to be summoned soon!

As a special treat for Daily Dead readers,
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Halloween 2017: 31 Horror Films You Can Stream on Amazon Prime This October

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Since I showed some love to Netflix yesterday, I thought it was only proper today to put the spotlight on Amazon Prime and their vast streaming library that features hundreds of genre titles.

There’s no denying that it can be an overwhelming experience to try and navigate your way through over 200 different pages of movies, so I went ahead and put together a list of 31 different films that should help you get into the Halloween spirit throughout the month of October. And since variety is the spice of life, I tried to give you guys an assortment of different sub-genres, so that you should be able to find something to fit any horror-loving mood! Happy October and happy viewing, everyone!


At a summer camp for youths, a cocky pre-teen calls out the name of mass serial killer "Madman Marz". Suddenly, counselors are being maimed and slaughtered in various
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Horror Highlights: The Terminator Board Game, Camera Obscura Vinyl Soundtrack Contest, Scream Factory’s 5th Anniversary, Rift

He promised that he'd be back, and Space Goat Productions is making good on the T-800's promise with their official board game based on James Cameron's The Terminator, which is now available to pre-order. In today's Horror Highlights, we're also giving Daily Dead readers the chance to win a Camera Obscura soundtrack on vinyl, and we have details on Breaking Glass Pictures acquiring North American rights to Rift and information on how Scream Factory will be celebrating their fifth anniversary.

The Terminator: The Official Board Game: Press Release: "(June 14th, 2017 - Bellingham, Wa) - Space Goat Productions has launched pre-orders for The Terminator™: The Official Board Game, based off of the iconic 1984 film directed by James Cameron and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Pre-orders will be available via Backerkit and will give consumers access to exclusive discounts for 30 days.

The original Terminator Kickstarter made almost 200% of its goal,
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Blu-ray Review: Slumber Party Massacre II and III Double Feature

Nearly three years after releasing the original Slumber Party Massacre as a special edition Blu-ray, Scream Factory has finally put a double feature disc of its two sequels: 1987’s Slumber Party Massacre II and 1990’s Slumber Party Massacre III. It’s something of a good news/bad news situation.

The good news is that Slumber Party Massacre II is really crazy and really fun. The bad news is that part 3 is not. Picking up the subversive campiness of where Amy Holden Jones’ original left off, Slumber Party Massacre II writer/director Deborah Brock dials up the weirdness and adds an abstract, hallucinatory bent to the first sequel. It’s bigger and stranger, more colorful and experimental; I’m reminded of the leap from Prom Night to Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II, except that the original Slumber Party Massacre is a better movie than Prom Night.

Crystal Bernard (TV’s Wings) plays Courtney,
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Contest: Win Slumber Party Massacre II and III Double Feature on Blu-ray

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Scream Factory invites horror fans to ominous overnights with their new double feature Blu-ray release of Slumber Party Massacre II and Slumber Party Massacre III, and we've been provided with three Blu-ray copies to give away to lucky Daily Dead readers.


Prize Details: (3) Winners will receive (1) Blu-ray copy of the Slumber Party Massacre II / Slumber Party Massacre III double feature.

How to Enter: For a chance to win, email with the subject “Slumber Party Massacre Double Feature Contest”. Be sure to include your name and mailing address.

Entry Details: The contest will end at 12:01am Est on January 23rd. This contest is only open to those who are eighteen years of age or older that live in the United States. Only one entry per household will be accepted.


Slumber Party Massacre II and Slumber Party Massacre III Double Feature Blu-ray: "Get ready for a killer,
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January 17th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Ouija: Origin Of Evil, Roger Corman’S Death Race 2050

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Horror and sci-fi home entertainment titles are really picking up this week, as we have almost 20 different Blu-rays and DVDs coming home this Tuesday. Universal is keeping themselves busy with several notable releases including Death Race 2050, Ouija: Origin of Evil, 12 Monkeys: Season Two, and a Ouija double feature.

Scream Factory is dusting off two cult classics, Slumber Party Massacre II and III for a special Blu-ray featuring the slasher sequels, and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is getting you guys pumped for the upcoming release of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter with several new Blu-ray releases for the franchise's first four films.

Other notable releases for January 17th include Revenge of the Blood Beast, 24 Hours to Die, Wolf House, Mountain Devil, and Space Clown.

Ouija: Origin of Evil (Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Blu / DVD / Digital HD & DVD)

It was never just a game. Inviting audiences again into the lore of the spirit board,
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Slumber Party Massacre II and III Double Feature Blu-ray Clips & Trailers

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Heat up a bowl of popcorn, fluff up some pillows, and grab a comfy seat for clips and trailers from Scream Factory's double feature Blu-ray of the Slumber Party sequels, drilling into shelves on January 17th.

Slumber Party Massacre II and Slumber Party Massacre III Double Feature Blu-ray: "Get ready for a killer, driller double thriller!

Slumber Party Massacre II

The only sane survivor of Slumber Party Massacre, Courtney (Crystal Bernard) dreams of the drill murderer returning. She can't shake the horrible feeling that she and her friends will be viciously tormented and brutally butchered. Again and again the nightmare returns. Dazed, Courtney loses control. And her nightmare crosses into reality. No one believes her, until it's too late. The driller killer returns, reincarnated as an evil rocker. He methodically stalks them; then violently gores them to by one.

Slumber Party Massacre III

Seven California co-eds are dresses to kill.
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Scream Factory Enjoys a Slumber Party Massacre in the Dead of Winter

Even more nifty news heading our way from (who else?) Scream Factory as they’ve announced several new titles via their official Facebook page. Read on for details! Fans of our upcoming January release of Arthur Penn’s underrated 1987 chiller Dead… Continue Reading →

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A Halloween Electric Dreamhouse

Yesterday, amid a crush of sweaty people desperate for last-minute props, I visited a local Halloween superstore with my daughter, looking for a Pikachu mask. Well, there wasn’t much to choose from in the Cute Kid Division. But this particular hall of Halloween hell definitely had the adult sensibility covered. Of course there were the usual skimpy or otherwise outrageous costumes for purchase —ladies, you can dress up like a sexy Kim Kardashian-esque vampire out for a night of Hollywood clubbing, and gents, how about impressing all the sexy Kim Kardashian vampires at your party by dressing up like a walking, talking matched set of cock and balls! It’s been a while since I’ve shopped for fake tools of terror, but it seems there’s been a real advance in sophistication in the market for “Leatherface-approved” (I swear) chainsaws with moving parts and authentic revving noises,
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Watch This: The Slumber Party Massacre offered a (somewhat) feminist spin on the slasher

Every day, Watch This offers staff recommendations inspired by a new movie coming out that week. Because it’s Horror Week here at The A.V. Club, we’re highlighting some of the best unsung slasher movies.

The Slumber Party Massacre (1982)

Filmmakers like Martin Scorsese and Peter Bogdanovich, who got their start working for B-movie impresario Roger Corman, often talk about the creative freedom afforded by Corman’s commercial formula. So long as they stuck to the budget and delivered enough action, violence, and sex to satisfy the audience—or at least enough to cut into an exciting trailer—they could play around some with style and content. That’s how Joe Dante was able to turn the shameless Jaws rip-off Piranha into a sly parody, and how Jonathan Demme could make Caged Heat into a women’s prison picture that didn’t feel like sleazy exploitation. And that ...
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Release Date & Cover Art for Slumber Party Massacre II and III Double Feature Blu-ray

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In case you missed it, Scream Factory recently revealed a January release date and cover art for their double feature Blu-ray of the Slumber Party Massacre sequels.

From Scream Factory: "Attention all Slumber Party Massacre fans! We are now taking pre-orders for our upcoming blu-ray double-feature of Slumber Party Massacre II and III (both of which have been highly-requested from you over the years). Release date is January 17th.

More details and specs will be announced sometime in November. Pre-order now @

Slumber Party Massacre II - The only sane survivor of Slumber Party Massacre, Courtney (Crystal Bernard) dreams of the drill murderer returning. She can't shake the horrible feeling that she and her friends will be viciously tormented and brutally butchered. Again and again the nightmare returns. Dazed, Courtney loses control. And her nightmare crosses into reality. No one believes her, until it's too late.
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Comic-Con 2016: Scream Factory Announces 13 New Titles, Including Black Christmas, Willard, Bubba Ho-tep

Shout! Factory’s “Inside Look” panel took place tonight at Comic-Con, and Scream Factory revealed thirteen upcoming Blu-ray releases for horror fans to look forward to, including Collector’s Edition Blu-rays for Black Christmas (1974), Bubba Ho-Tep, and Rabid, as well as a Slumber Party Massacre double feature Blu-ray and more.

From Scream Factory: “We just revealed the following upcoming Scream Factory blu-ray releases at our Comic Con panel this evening. Here’s the exciting line-up:

1. Bubba Ho-tep (2002) (Collector’s Edition) – Stars Bruce Campbell and directed by Don Coscarelli.

2 Willard (1971) – The rare 70s rat-revenge film is (finally) coming to DVD & Blu-ray!

3. Ben (1972) – The sequel to Willard.

4. Black Christmas (1974) (Collector’s Edition) – The original slasher classic!

5. Poltergeist II (1986) (Collector’s Edition)– “They’re Back!”

6. Poltergeist III (1988) (Collector’s Edition) – “They’ve Found Her!”

7. Dreamscape (1984) (Collector’s Edition) – The fantasy cult classic starring Dennis Quaid and Kate Capshaw.

8. Rabid (1977) (Collector’s Edition) – The early Cronenberg classic!
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Best Movies For A Friday Night

How many times have you come out of a theater after seeing a great movie and said,”oh I want to see that again!?” We all have our favorites that we return to time and time again. Friday night always seems the perfect time too. You’re relaxing after a week of school, activities and work and you unwind with a comfortable favorite film.

Wamg has our own personal favs. You’ll find blockbusters on our list…just because it invokes the fun memories of seeing it for the first time in the theater…with friends/family…then non-stop gabbing about wanting to see it again.

Looking for the perfect movie for a Friday Night? Check out our list below!

Meatballs Four words – “It Just Doesn’t Matter!”

The Burbs Hilarious cast made up suburbanites Tom Hanks, Rick Ducummon, Bruce Dern and Carrie Fisher, Joe Dante’s comedy about the unusual neighbors next door (Yes,
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17 Best Party Movies of All Time

17 Best Party Movies of All Time
The word "party," by it's very nature, implies that you're gonna have a good time. Just think about how we use that word. "Lets partttttyyyyy!!!" In fact, "party" is more of a term than it is a word. How many times have we heard someone say, "We're gonna party"? Now, if you take that term and pair it with a movie, you have something special indeed.

If you can take a movie and convey the frenzied energy of a party, you have that rare mix of comedy gold and spontaneity that can't be contained. In fact, the right party movie, whether it takes place all in one night or over a few days, can be watched multiple times. In fact, the best of these movies elicit a certain warmth that not even the most milquetoast of offerings can dredge up.

At their best, party movies are a true window into our souls.
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Frightfest 2015: ‘Worry Dolls’ Review

Stars: Christopher Wiehl, Kym Jackson, Tina Lifford, Samantha Smith, Yohance Myles, Kennedy Brice, Brea Grant, R. Brandon Johnson | Written by Danny Kolker, Christopher Wiehl | Directed by Padraig Reynolds

It’s been quite some time since I saw Padraig Reynolds’ debut feature Rites of Spring back at Glasgow Frightfest 2012 and since then Reynolds has been pretty silent on the directing front. However, being a huge fan of that film there was no way I was passing up the chance to see yet another slice of Reynolds’ particular style of Southern Gothic.

Much like Rites of Spring mixed genres, taking in crime drama and traditional stalk and slash horror, by way of Southern horror like Jeepers Creepers; Worry Dolls mixes old-school voodoo with the tropes of classic 80s slashers (yes, this is yet Another Frightfest movie to utilise the sterotypes of the slasher genre) in a tale that – like Last Girl Standing
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Meyer, Feminists and Monstrous Feminines: Fifty years of ‘Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!’

Although this article doesn’t explicitly contain any significant spoilers, it is always advisable to watch a film before reading about it too deeply.

In his own words, the intended audience for Russ Meyer’s films was “some guy…in the theatre with semen seeping out of his dick.” His work in the sexploitation subgenre is credited with bringing nudity and sleaze into the American cinematic mainstream and his gravestone declares him ‘King of the Nudies.’ And yet his magnum opus has been reclaimed as a work of female empowerment, a subversive text that has inspired music videos by the Spice Girls and Janet Jackson, lent its name to a New York women’s bar and even been referenced in Xena and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Despite dismissing it after a first viewing in the mid-1970s as “retrograde male-objectification of women’s bodies and desires further embellished by a
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Sleepaway Camp II & III – Now Available On Blu-ray From Scream Factory

Of all of the Eighties slasher films released to Blu-ray within the past several years, it surprises me that Sleepaway Camp II and III hold up better than most of them. I never really considered myself to be a fan of this series when I was a kid. I had seen them a few times each, but it was never something I’d develop an itch to revisit. In the not-too-distant past, Dead Air Podcast did a full Sleepaway Camp retrospective series. I’m certain I appeared on at least one of the episodes, because I vividly recall digging my Survival Kit box set off of the shelves upstairs, and watching the three films for the occasion. It surprised me then, and it surprised me again now, that I enjoy these sequels far more than even I was prepared for. In all honestly, I think I prefer the second and
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The Slumber Party Massacre (1987) review

Reviewed By Chris Wright

The Slumber Party Massacre

Directed By: Amy Jones

Written By: Rita Mae Brown

Starring: Michele Michaels (Trish), Robin Stille (Valerie), Michael Villella (Russ), Debra De Liso (Kim), Andree Honore (Jackie), Gina Smika Hunter (Diana), Jennifer Meyers (Courtney), Joseph Alan Johnson (Neil), David Millbern (Jeff), Jim Boyce (John), Pamela Roylance (Coach Jana)

I sometimes get in the mood for fun summer B horror movies and this is certainly one of them type of flicks. I have seen this movie a few times in the past. It’s always a pleasant surprise on an overly tired genre by this point. Slasher films had peaked in the mid 80s and fizzled by the time this film made its debut.

A group of high school girls have a slumber party at a house while the parents are out. Unfortunately for them, an obsessed killer with power tools is
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The Best B-Movies of the 21st Century

The constant big-budget movie releases with their A-list stars, state of the art technology, and expensive advertising campaigns can make it easy to forget that most of the movie industry just doesn’t have that kind of money. Most filmmakers are working with limited resources, yet producing films that are in many cases better than those big money movies. Other filmmakers work with even less, producing films that, in the end, are often relegated to the more obscure cable channels and the bargain bin at Amazon. B-movies have been called Hollywood’s stepchild, but what they really are is its life blood.

Only a few of these films make money, but they have a greater value than simply being good for business: they are good for filmmaking. With little money, no stars, scripts that are disjointed, and often featuring poor production values, the B-movie is the primordial ooze from which new talent and ideas crawl.
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