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Michael Parks, Beloved Character Actor and Quentin Tarantino and Kevin Smith Regular, Passes Away at 77

Michael Parks, Beloved Character Actor and Quentin Tarantino and Kevin Smith Regular, Passes Away at 77
Michael Parks, longtime Hollywood mainstay and beloved character actor and singer, has passed away at the age of 77. The news was announced by filmmaker Kevin Smith, who took to his Instagram to share that “the best actor I’ve ever known” and his “cinematic muse,” had died. No cause of death was named.

Smith directed Parks in both his “Tusk” and “Red State,” having relished the longtime actor’s career since first seeing him in Robert Rodriguez’s “From Dusk Till Dawn.” Though Parks’ career stretched back to 1960, when he made his screen debut on TV’s “Zane Grey Theater,” in recent years, the supporting standout had enjoyed a revival at the hands of both Quentin Tarantino (who Smith deemed Parks’ “biggest fan”) and Smith, who continued to craft roles for the singular actor.

I hate to report that my cinematic muse #michaelparks has passed away. Michael was, and will likely forever remain,
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Girl Scout Cookies Cereal Is Coming in 2017

Girl Scout Cookies are a time honored tradition, and more popular than ever before. Good news for those who just can't get enough of the delicious treat. General Mills is releasing not one, but two, different breakfast cereal flavors based on the long-standing snacks. And you won't have to wait for your local Girl Scout troupe to show up at the supermarket to get them.

A vast majority of Americans love to get their hands on boxes of Girl Scout Cookies when that time of season rolls around. But now, those same snack food fans will be able to tear into either a box of Thin Mints cereal or Caramel Crunch. These two different breakfast cereals will be in stores starting January 2017. Confirms Mike Siemienas, Manager of Brand Media Relations for General Mills.

"The Girl Scouts Cookie cereals will be available nationwide in January!"

At this time, General Mills is
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Aaron Rodgers Clears Up the Great Oscars Girl Scout Cookie Controversy

Sunday night's Oscars telecast left us with several unanswered questions – like "Who is the guy who won Best Supporting Actor?" or "How is this show four hours long?" – but thankfully, we can now close the book on one great mystery: "Why did Aaron Rodgers buy Savannah Smiles?"

For those who may have dozed off, during the show, Oscars host Chris Rock implored audience to "reach into your millionaire pockets" and buy some Girl Scout Cookies from his daughters' troop. And reach they did – buying more than $65,000 of the treats.

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Aaron Rodgers -- I Don't Actually Like Savannah Smiles ... Tagalongs Are My Jam

  • TMZ
Aaron Rodgers is taking a strong stand against the crappy yellow Girl Scout cookies he got at the Oscars -- insisting he did not seek them out ... it's what he was stuck with.  As we previously reported, Rodgers and his Gf Olivia Munn sprung for the cookies at the Oscars last night ... and for some reason, Aaron got a box of Savannah Smiles ... the lowest cookie on the Girl Scout totem pole.  We asked why
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Aaron Rodgers -- Buys Worst Girl Scout Cookies at Oscars

  • TMZ
First off ... props to Aaron Rodgers and his girlfriend Olivia Munn for reaching into their pockets and shelling out some cash to help the Girl Scouts at the Oscars Sunday night.  That being said ... Who The Hell Buys Savannah Smiles?! (Fyi, Savannah Smiles are  zesty, lemon-flavored cookies dusted with powdered sugar ... which sound fine, but they're no Thin Mints).  The good news ... Munn got a full box of Thin Mints, because she clearly has taste.
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Meme: Chris Kluwe Insists Sochi Athletes Use Their Platform, “AI”‘s Keith London Explains His Song Choice, Patrick and Kevin Discuss Chaps On “Looking”

Allison Scagliotti fights abstinence and evil in Chastity Bites, Submissions Only teases return, Duck Dynasty takes over Nascar

Chris Kluwe has written an opinion piece for The Guardian saying that athletes at Sochi have a moral responsibility to use their platform to speak out on Russian atrocities. “I know that it could cost them their livelihoods, their careers, everything they’ve worked towards. I know that it can lead to recriminations, harsh words from a public who just wants their entertainment, no matter how much blood it’s packaged in. I know that it’s one of the hardest steps a person can take, and that there is no guarantee of a reward at the end, other than knowing you did the right thing at the right time with nothing to show for it but angry tweets and emails tempered by the messages of support and affection from those in
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Girl Scout Cookies: A brief history

  • Pop2it
We know what you're thinking about right this very moment. Girl Scout Cookies. Come on. Fess up. We're thinking about them too. Thin Mints, Samoas ... we're having trouble keeping ourselves from running right out to buy some. But how much do you actually know about these little cakes of happiness that have been around since 1917? Here is a brief history of the Girl Scout Cookie.

Girl Scout Cookies began their delicious journey almost a century ago. The sale of cookies as a way to finance troop activities began as early as 1917, five years after Juliette Gordon Low started Girl Scouting in the United States, according to the official Girl Scout website.They started in the kitchens of the scouts with mothers helping with recipes. The earliest mention of a cookie sale was that of the Mistletoe Troop in Muskogee, Oklahoma, which baked cookies and sold them in its high school
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Morning Meme: Michael Shanks Headed Back To Television, Ricky Martin Crashes "Glee"'s Choir Room, and Emmy Rossum Sings For Her Supper

As American networks look north for inexpensive series for summer fair, NBC has set its sights on sexy Canadian medical series Saving Hope. I wouldn't find it remarkable, but it stars Stargate's Michael Shanks, and he always gave me a nerd boner.

Production on Akira has stopped, but depending on who you read, it's either dead, or just being retooled and rebudgeted.

When I saw a headline that a Dukes of Hazard alumn was joining The Young & The Restless, I assumed it was Tom Wopat or John Schneider. So it was a complete shock to find that Daisy Duke was headed to Genoa City.

Daniel Radcliff tells Parade that "I'm not an easy person to love." I'm willing to give it a try if he is.

Did you hear Tennessee was crafting a bullying bill that says bullying is bad unless you're doing it for deep-seated convictions? So if your
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New Girl Scouts cookie described as 'cool and crisp lemon wedge cookie.' I do not know what that means.

New Girl Scouts cookie described as 'cool and crisp lemon wedge cookie.' I do not know what that means.
The holiday season has passed and we’ve all successfully stuffed our faces, but this is America, so we need more! More! So what a relief that we now have Girl Scout Cookie season to help lure us out of the winter (trying desperately to fit back into my) blues (jeans). And, this year, we can not only expect to shamefully hide our Thin Mints and Peanut Butter Patties from our young relatives, but also a new flavor celebrating the organization’s 100th anniversary: Savannah Smiles.

What is a Savannah Smile? According to the Girl Scouts, it’s named for
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New Girl Scout cookie 'Savannah Smiles': 'Cool and crisp lemon wedge cookie'

  • Pop2it
It's just about that time of year - Girl Scout cookie time. And while we're sure you will be buying boxes of Thin Mints and Caramel Delights, don't forget to leave room for the newest Girl Scout Cookie - Savannah Smiles. A new cookie is being introduced in honor of it being the 100th anniversary of Girl Scout cookies.

The Girl Scouts blog says of the cookie, "This year's new cookie, "Savannah Smiles," is a cool and crisp lemon wedge cookie. It's name reflects the home of Girl Scout Founder Juliette Gordon Low."

Low, born Juliette Magill Kinzie Gordon before she became Juliette Gordon Low upon marrying William Low in 1886, was born in Savannah, Georgia in 1860. She founded the "Girl Guides" in 1912, which were then changed to the familiar "Girl Scouts" we know today. Low died of cancer in 1923 and was buried in Savannah in her Girl Scout uniform.

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David Gordon Green on why "The Sitter" is a family movie, and the absurd genius of Sam Rockwell

  • IFC
David Gordon Green on why
"The Sitter" hits theaters today, featuring Jonah Hill as an inept, aimless slacker who agrees to babysit a neighbor's kids only to end up having a wild night involving high-speed car chases, an insane drug dealer, and more explosions than a Michael Bay film.

"Pineapple Express" and "Your Highness" director David Gordon Green was the man behind the camera for "The Sitter," and he recently explained to IFC why the film is yet another ode to '80s cinema, and why he considers it a "family movie" despite its "R" rating.

IFC: When we were talking about the trailer for "The Sitter," you mentioned that it was the product of your love for 1980s comedies. What was it about those films that you tried to capture with "The Sitter"?

David Gordon Green: I like movies about guys who have poor decision-making skills. Movies like that provide a lot of comic opportunity.
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