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A true hidden gem
budikavlan12 May 2002
It's unfathomable why this film isn't more widely seen and loved. The tale of a young illiterate rural housewife who ventures to the big city to retrieve her child has so much to offer the average viewer: Melanie learns to read, falls in love, redeems the career of a dissolute singer. All the performances are terrific, especially that of Glynnis O'Connor, always an underappreciated talent. Burton Cummings of the Guess Who also gives a good performance, and throws in a few songs. Paul Sorvino and Don Johnson are also thrown into the mix. I recommend this to my friends and acquaintances every chance I get.
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Sweet movie with great music
farmerstina28 January 2005
This is a sweet little movie. I first saw it on HBO in the eighties and loved it. I subsequently rented it a few times but over the years it got harder and harder to find. I tried to buy it but when I checked it was on a moratorium and not being printed anymore. I finally got a VHS copy for myself thru Ebay. If you get a chance I highly recommend this movie. Glynnis O'Connor plays a young illiterate mother who desperately loves her young son. Don Johnson plays her husband. Paul Sorvino is good in his role, but I loved Burton Cummings. He has a natural screen presence. I am surprised he didn't do more movies. He wrote the songs and played piano.
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Awesome Movie
dowey1231 July 2006
I absolutely love this movie. It is one of the best movies I have seen, Why can't we buy it?

Where can I go to ask someone to put it in publication? It is a must to see. It is a great family movie. I guarantee anyone who see's this movie will love it.

Glynnis O'Conner is awesome in this, so is Burton Cummings.

Great music that Burton sings. Don Johnson is great in this movie.

All the people who are cast in this movie are great.

It's also a great love story. I wish I could find this movie. I will get several copy's for friends and family.
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Sweet, heartwarming, feel good movie
Lea21 February 2009
My husband surprised me recently with the DVD - I had seen a mention of the movie when Burton Cummings had come to town to do a concert but unfortunately it was sold out anyway... I issued a challenge to my hubby to find the DVD and within an hour he had located and ordered it! Don Johnson does a great job as the hard-ass redneck husband who's fed up with his illiterate wife, Glynnis O'Connor, who plays a very strong and determined woman with just the right amount of vulnerability to make Paul Sorvino and Burton Cummings's characters want to protect her and fall in love with her.

Burton's acting was spot on, he's so charming and entertaining and his performance was effortless and natural. His singing is an especially great treat but I must confess that I did have to pause, rewind and re-watch that one particular scene a few times over. Thank goodness the sheet music was big enough!
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This is a wonderful movie not to be missed!
hawk-5824 June 2005
I, too, am surprised this movie isn't more popular. I wouldn't rest until I got a copy on eBay, as it is so hard to find. Although several years had elapsed between viewings, I found it as fresh and meaningful as the first time I viewed it. Glynnis O'Connor (whatever happened to her?) is charming and believable as the illiterate but tough and determined mother who will do anything to get her child back. Don Johnson is chillingly evil - or maybe just plain mean - as the redneck husband and father and his performance is excellent, one of his very best (although brief). Paul Sorvino is low-key and believable as the mentor who teaches Melanie to read and changes her life. And who knew Burton Cummings was a really good actor? All in all, a very heartwarming movie, but not sappy or insulting to the intelligence. I highly recommend it for everyone but young children (the sight of Don smacking Glynnis' character around might be hard to take).
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This was one of the most enjoyable movies I have ever seen.
kryy30 May 1999
"Melanie" is a very sweet love story about a small town girl finding love with a big city guy. The music in the movie as sung by Burton Cummings adds just the right mood to the whole story. It is one of the most enjoyable movies I personally have ever seen.
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Glynnis O'Connor...topless????
waterguy328629 July 2006
The movie storyline was original and the music, thank-you Burton Cummings of The Guess Who, was great! He really surprised me as both a comedic and dramatic actor. The rest of the cast for this low budget film endevor came off as quite good. A sleeper movie during the early 80's, it did quite well on cable. Hard to find on tape or DVD but shouldn't be too hard to find on e-bay. There were many toe-tapping moments during the film, but what really came as a shocker and quite a pleasant surprise was the fact that Miss O'Connor exposed her bare breast for the first time in front of the camera. NICE! This occurred within the first 15-20 minutes of the opening before she left home to move to California with a friend.
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A Heart Warming Movie
KandyKisss4u24 July 2005
Melanie has got to be one of the most Heart Warming stories...Burton Cummings plays the main part and what a Great Job he has done..Burton is one of the most talented singers of all times...The older he gets the more talent comes from his Golden Voice...God Bless You Burton Cummings ....I have seen him in concert over the years and he will always be Number One...I do hope that some of you get to watch the Move Melanie....Or buy it from ebay...Don Johnson, Paul Sorvina and Glynnis O'Conner...This is a poignant and Heart Warming adventure of Love And Courage...This was Burton Cummings only movie that he made and did One Great job as an Actor
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uneven with some great scenes
SnoopyStyle11 April 2015
Melanie Daniel (Glynnis O'Connor) is poor, naive, illiterate and mother to 6 year old son Tyler in rural Jasper, Arkansas. Her husband Carl (Don Johnson) returns after two years away in the Army. She wakes up and Carl is gone with Tyler. He leaves her a note which she can't read. He's taken Tyler to California. She rides the bus to find old friend Ronda who has settled in L.A. Ronda is staying at a luxury house in the Hollywood hills with musician Rick (Burton Cummings). Walter (Paul Sorvino) is Rick's lawyer.

The movie is uneven. Sometimes it is slower than molasses. Then there are moments of emotional intensity. Her bus friend discovering her illiteracy is a wonderful scene. I wish that gal could stay in the movie. Some of it seems to be shot on the real streets and has that immediacy. O'Connor does a very nice performance and holds the screen. Cummings is surprisingly good as an actor. He's doing more than simply singing here. The movie is generally shot poorly but O'Connor is fascinating enough to keep watching. The story doesn't get the flow that well. It's a lot of starting and stopping.
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Love this movie!
dzredhead-363-86112212 August 2013
I have loved this money ever since I saw it for the first time in 1982! initially, it may be the fact it is based on an Arkansas girl.....and I am PROUD to be one myself!

Love to actors and especially LOVE the soundtrack!

I have to say the only part I dislike, and I know it was for special "color" the scene where Glynnis (Melanie) and Carl (Don Johnson) are fighting and Don is wearing an "Arkansas Razorback" shirt! We do NOT support spousal abuse!!

Woooo Pigssss Soooiiieeeee! Go HOGS!!

If you have not seen this movie, find a way to see it!!

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