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Like an old friend, a reliably warm romance
janeeyrez6 March 2003
This is a movie that I've watched at intervals over the last 20 years, always with a smile. Just today I had three women friends over for coffee and introduced it to them... and all three laughed, smiled and had a good time! What more could you ask of a romantic movie than that?
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Well crafted small movie
Furb22 February 2003
Just caught this on cable 21 years late...

The interplay of the characters and the dialog make a seemingly trite plot more interesting. I'm impressed with the writing, and the placement and interaction of the various zany characters.

Of course, it does rely on the standard "romantic" plot of two people who start out hating each other and wind up in each others arms. Suspending my disbelief on that old saw, I found the way they got there interesting. I stayed with it to the end, and that's saying something for a guy who won't watch if it gets too "soapy."

Donald as in duck, Howard as in duck...
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