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Not just another teen sex romp.
jrs-815 July 2002
The title would indicate otherwise. When it was released in 1982 I avoided it. At that time filmgoers were deluged with nothing but mad slasher films and teen sex comedies. I wanted nothing to do with it. It didn't last in theaters long enough for me to think twice. Today, after almost two years of prodding from a very close friend, I watched "The Last American Virgin." My feelings are extremely mixed but I must admit there are things I haven't been able to stop thinking about. Most notable is the final 40 minutes of the film which is such an abrupt switch from the first hour I almost can't believe the two halves are part of the same film.

The first hour is the story of 3 friends and their repeated attempts to score with the opposite sex. Interestingly, since the title suggests it, the main character is not given any extra attention to lose his virginity then the other two friends who are obviously not virgins. Our main character is a pizza delivery boy who meets a girl and is immediately attracted to her. But as luck would have it she only has eyes for his best friend, the stud of the group.

The first hour is played mostly for laughs as the boys get into scrapes trying to score with the women. A few of the scenes are amusing. They elicit chuckles but no serious laughter. One particular scene where the boys visit an extremely horny woman only to be interrupted by her boyfriend is fun. An earlier scene where the main character's parents arrive home early from a trip is amusing if not overly original.

But then something happens. At about the hour mark the tone of the film changes. An event occurs out of left field that brings our main character and the girl of his dreams together. From then on they share experiences that are very real and anyone could identify with whether they have ever been in the situation or not. Suddenly the attempt at madcap humor is replaced by real events and real emotions and "The Last American Virgin" turns into a very special movie.

Towards the end our main character finally professes his love to the girl in what may be the best scene ever done in this type of movie. It's strong, emotional, and so well acted that everyone out there knows exactly what the characters feel simply by the looks on their faces. It's truly a great scene.

Now let's talk about the ending without giving anything away. In a word it's brilliant. It makes perfect sense. It is totally real. Again it is a scene that anyone that watches it can identify with. When the credits rolled I was stunned. How the director had the guts to end it as he did is a testament to not playing down on his audience. It probably ends the only way it could. Some people will love it and others may hate it. But it's true to life.

I noticed that I used the word 'real' a lot in describing the last half. That's the only way I know how to describe it. The characters come to life in the second half. I am sure many people can identify with these people during the hijinks filled first half as well. But it's that second half when the director really nails his characters. We end up truly caring about some of them and despising others and hoping for a lot of things to happen. But we have feelings for them all. Credit to the writer (also the director). If only he had made a stronger first half with less comedy and more dealings with real life issues and this film would have been a classic.

I haven't yet mentioned the soundtrack. As one might expect it is filled with late 70's and early 80's hits. Journey's "Open Arms" is played to great effect in the scene when the main character finally spills his guts to the woman of his dreams.

I have never seen this film played on cable nor do I recall it being on DVD. I hope the studio has a change of heart one of these days and brings it back into circulation. I think every teenager should see this film. They'll no doubt be highly amused by the silliness of the first half (though the nudity might turn off concerned parents), but then they will experience learned lessons in the second half that, if they have yet to go through, most likely will in one form or another.

So the final verdict is a terrific final 40 minutes is buried in an average at best teen sex film of the first 60 minutes. Oh how I wish the opening had been as wonderful as the closing. There would be no need to hope for this film to be found. It would be as known as "Say Anything" is.

Seek this film out. If you can get passed the nudity issue I think parents and teenagers could watch this together and experience life as it really is. It's not pat and always what we want. Things happen that we can't control and sometimes things work out the way they are supposed to for reasons we can't understand at the time. It's a lesson we all have learned or will learn in life. And when was the last time you could say you learned that from a teen comedy?
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flyawaynow25 April 2006
When I was in 10th grade me and my buddy were up late at his house and were flipping around cable and started watching this movie. We watched it because it looked kind of funny and because it had boobs. But then the ending came and we just sat there completely speechless. I think after a minute of watching the credits roll he just sort of whimpered "Oh dude....." It goes from dumb 80's teen sex comedy to nihilistic realism so quickly that it catches you off guard. I have been trying to rent this movie for years and have not been able to find it - and nobody has ever seen it except for me and my friend - so it seems. But now it is available! I highly suggest renting it and brace yourself.
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The Anguish Of First Love
Chivo19 May 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers in this review! Despite a few highly improbable scenes, including the boys in PE measuring their penises in a contest and the few obligatory teens-trying-to-get-laid vignettes, this movie captures the painful essence of high school in ways that few teen films have ever done. It achieves this by not only showing the trio of friends, Gary, Dave, Rick, as smoking, drinking, ever on the prowl teens, but also dwells on the nature of friendship itself as these three friends have their loyalties tested. This film is a snapshot of the time when childhood ends. For the shy romantic Gary, when he sees the lovely Karen for the first time he falls instantly in love. The awakening emotion in Gary is writ large on the screen, and he proves his love for her by taking her in when she is jilted by her lover. This love for Karen signals the end of Gary's innocence, as the bonds with his two best friends will be tested, and broken, over the course of the story. The confident ladies man, Rick, is the person in high school we all secretly wish we were: handsome, cool, and always has the impossibly beautiful girls in a swoon. Rick turns out to be a cad, but you have to bear in mind that his character is only 17 years old. He panics and makes a bad decision. From Rick's perspective, the story is also about finding the one girl of his dreams, a bad breakup, and then at the end reconciling. The look on Rick's face as Gary walks in and sees Karen kissing Rick, shows that he at last understands that his best friend and he love the same woman. As in real life, you don't bow out because your friend has an unrequited love. This is the tragedy of the film. Rick is no villain, and constantly through the film he reminds Gary and Dave that they're his best friends. The soulful quality of Gary's performance, however, is the heart of the story. Lawrence Monoson is a beautiful loser. He does everything right, his heart's in the right place, and he's consumed by love for Karen. Yet, Karen, in the end, is not moved by Gary's devotion and kindness. Karen represents all the people in the world who take in without giving back, who exist in a vacuum of their own ego and never stop to realize the emotional damage and trauma they inflict on others. This film is brutal in its statements on love and friendship, but that's what makes it unique among teen films. It ceases being a comedy and becomes a hopelessly romantic film, albeit one doomed to a tragic conclusion. Anyone who has ever found the girl of his dreams and did not win her, will understand. The heartrending crushes of high school are every bit as real as the emotional strains of adulthood, and this film will remind you of that in bold strokes. Gary's final reversal, as he drives away with the inscribed locket, is as poignant a moment as any in cinema. One feels, after watching this, that it's really made of two movies. The first part is a silly teen sexploitation film, and once the story begins, it's a strongly affecting drama. A terrific movie. It should also be noted that the soundtrack was prescient in its selection of many rising stars including The Police, The Cars, Devo, Oingo Boingo, The Plimsouls, The Waitresses, Gleaming Spires, and Phil Seymour.
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For what it is, it's exceptional
preppy-312 January 2004
I saw this in a theatre back in 1982. I expected a stupid T&A movie. That's not what I got.

It's basically about three teenage boys trying to have sex. We get the expected sex jokes and scenes--but, for once, they're actually pretty funny!

Yeah, they're stupid but I enjoyed them anyways. Also, there was a surprising amount of male nudity.

Then the movie, about halfway through, takes a sudden dramatic turn as one of the boys (winningly played by Lawrence Monoson) falls in love with a girl. Then the jokes stop and things get very dark. I'm not going to give away what happens but I was very surprised at the sudden turn in events. The movie brings up some very important subjects and treats them realistically and with intelligence. And it has a real heart-breaking ending.

I'm giving this a 10 because this is probably one of the best teen sex comedy/dramas ever made. It mixes fantasy and realism together and works! What more can you ask for? Also it has a GREAT soundtrack.
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Silly teen comedy hits the bullseye
rosscinema21 October 2003
I have always liked this film and I'm glad it's available finally on DVD so more viewers can see what I have been telling them all these years. Story is about a high school virgin named Gary (Lawrence Monoson) who works at a pizza place as a delivery boy and he hangs out with his friends David (Joe Rubbo) and Rick (Steve Antin). Gary notices Karen (Diane Franklin) who is the new girl in school and one morning he gives her a ride and by this time he is totally in love. That night at a party he see's Rick with Karen and now he is jealous of his best friend but doesn't tell anyone of his true feelings.


Rick asks Gary if he can borrow his Grandmothers vacant home but Gary makes up an excuse so that Rick can't get Karen alone. But one night Rick brags to Gary that he nailed her at the football field and Gary becomes enraged. A few days later in the school library Gary see's Rick and Karen arguing and he asks Karen what is wrong. She tells him that she's pregnant and that Rick has dumped her. Gary helps her by taking her to his Grandmothers home and paying for her abortion. Finally, Gary tells Karen how he really feels about her and she seems receptive to his feelings but later at her birthday party he walks in on Karen and Rick together again. Gary drives off without the girl! This film ends with a much more realistic version of how life really is. No matter how nice you are you don't necessarily get the girl.

This film was directed by Boaz Davidson who would go on to be a pretty competent action film director and he did two things right with this movie. First, he made sure that there was plenty of gratuitous nudity so that this was marketable to the young males that usually go to these films. Secondly, he had the film end with young Gary without Karen and I think the males in the audience can relate to being screwed over no matter how hard you try and win a girls heart. Yes, this film is silly and exploitive but it is funny and sexy. Actress Louisa Moritz almost steals the film as the sexy Carmela. Moritz was always a popular "B" level actress and you might remember her in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest". Like "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" this has a very good soundtrack and the songs being played reflect what is going on in the story. But at the heart of this film is two very good performances by Monoson and Franklin. There is nudity required by Franklin but she still conveys the sorrow of a young girl who gets dumped at a crucial time. She's always been a good actress and her natural charm is very evident in this film. But this is still Monoson's story and you can't help but feel for this guy. When the film ends it's his performance that stays with you. It's a solid job of acting that makes this more than just a teen sex comedy. Even with the silly scenarios of teens trying to have sex this film still manages to achieve what it wants. Underrated comedy hits the bullseye.
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Captures the painful woes of high school better then any other film.
triple816 August 2003
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the best and most under rated teen movies ever made.

I saw this growing up and it was, and is one of my favorites, maybe not as popular as "Fast times" but just as great.

There is a serious side to this movie, as mentioned by other reviewers it starts as a comedy and morphs into a drama about halfway through. That's the beauty of it though and what sets it apart. You get it all. Humor(not unlike that of "Fast times" ), Drama, and a GREAT GREAT soundtrack.

I personally think every kid about to enter high school should see this, it would give an idea about the journey their about to embark on. Cmon-what kid watching this, wouldn't be able to relate to SOMEONE in the movie? The fact that it becomes so serious halfway though is also cool and just superbly well done.You don't even see it coming. Definitely a lot of surprises.


Great, knee slappping humor.(who could forget the scene between Gary and Camilla?). I can still hear it:"Oh my big strong burrito!!" Priceless!!

Some of the scenes between Gary and Karin are hard to watch(particularly the final scene of coarse). There are SO SO MANY women like Karen out there who would have made the exact same choice she did. Think about it-how many women reject men with hearts of gold(like Gary) for jerks? I know I've done it-and so have many females I know. This movie will inspire discussion and, despite the countless times I've seen it, still leaves me filled with admiration for the film makers and performers. Everyone will find someone to relate to in this movie or what's more likely more then one person.

Lastly, the music used is just great(a lot of Cars, u2,lots of obscure(now) songs from the 80's.-an 80's purist's dream.)

But make no mistake, it is not the music that makes this movie unique, it is the story itself, plain and simple. One of the best of it's kind and a teen movie classic.
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One Of The Better 80s Teen Films
bob wolf27 July 1999
What looks like a ho-hum Porky's rip-off turns out to be quite a touching film about being young and in love.

The story concerns three friends, Gary, Ricky and David, who spend their after school hours looking for sex. When a new girl arrives in town Gary falls head over heels in love with her.

The film goes from being a sleazy sex film to an examination of teenage insecurities. It is funny and sad at the same time. It never completely gives into that love story formula that seems prominent in every movie made. You know the guy meets girl, guy loses girl, guy gets girl back in the final frame formula. That formula is tossed aside after guy meets girl. Maybe that is why I liked the film so much.

The soundtrack is especially good and the ending is a definite tear jerker. It also might be one of the most realistic endings I've ever seen in a love story.
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An 80's comedy at it's best
Dan Grant24 June 1999
Perhaps this movie was meant to be nothing but funny. Maybe it was meant to get teenage boys excited at all the nudity in it. But what I got out of it was actually something that many people believe in. And that is, " Nice guys finish last ".

There is a line in Angel Heart from Lisa Bonet's character that says " It takes a bad ass to make a girls heart beat faster. " True. Most likely. Women always say that they want the flowers and the candy and politeness and whatever. But ( at least at an early age ) they end up going for the good looking, slimy, disrespectful, untamed guy. The one they know they can't conform to their beliefs. And that is part of the attraction. After all, what is exciting about a guy that is already the way you want him to be? I believe this may have happened to Boaz Davidson. And what he has to say in this film that is disguised with sex and nudity and parties and everything else that teens can relate to, is that you will get your heart broken. It happens to everyone and it will happen to you. And that is a strong final statement in the film. But having said all that, the movie is fun. It is funny and it shows the antics of highschoolers quite well.

This is a rare film that is sleezy enough to please the teenage crowd it caters to but also intelligent and poignant enough to show what it;s like to get your heart broken. No highschool film has ever done this better. Like I said, I think the writers must have experienced a situation like this first hand. Maybe we all have.

This is an old film, but if you ever come across it gathering dust on a shelf in your local video store one night, pick it up, you may be surprised. It is a hell of a lot better than Never Been Kissed.
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A Movie To Make One Think
Trevor Barnhill23 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I remember first seeing the film 20 years ago in the Summer of 1991, a month before I entered High School for the first time. I knew this would be a film with lots of tits and ass, and the first half of the movie, it was just that. A typical teenage comedy with three best pals trying desperately to get laid (Which all but one of them succeeded, the film's main character, Gary) The scenes with two of the guys having sex with the latina woman, with Gary not getting his opportunity as her lover comes home sooner than expected, was funny. The scene where they all catch crabs from a prostitute is hilarious and classic. But that was just the first half of the film. However, the storyline in the second half of the film, changes, and goes from very funny to very dark.

In the second part of the movie, Gary falls for pretty popular girl, Karen, who has eyes for Gary's best pal, Rick. Rick is a popular, charismatic jock who happens to have a way with the ladies, while Gary is just a typical, shy, gawky teen. Rick and Karen become a couple, and after having sex, Karen becomes pregnant with Rick's child. Rick dumps her, and Gary comes to her defense. This love triangle puts a huge strain between the best friends, eventually ending the friendship.

While Rick starts dating another girl, and heads off on a ski trip with her and several friends, Gary pawns off most of his things, borrows money from his boss at the Pizza Parlor where he works, and comes up with the money needed for Karen to have an abortion. Gary and Karen spend the weekend at his grandmother's house while she is out of town, helping her to recuperate. While there, Gary finally professes his love to Karen, who seems to share the the attraction as the two share a passionate kiss together, and she invites him to her birthday party. Gary uses the cash he has left to buy Karen a locket as a birthday present. However, at the party, Gary receives a huge surprise as Karen and Rick reconcile, and he catches the two making out. Crushed, Gary abruptly leaves her party, and drives home in tears, as the credits play to a song by James Ingram.

I have to admit, although the ending was sad, it was real. How many of us had that popular girl in high school we all coveted, only to have our hearts broken? I've been there. Towards the end, it looked like that, as many viewers expected and wanted, myself included, that Gary would finally win the affections of his dream girl. But the way the movie ended, the makers of the film were very effective at fooling the audience when Karen tragically breaks Gary's heart at the end.

Of course, most, if not all, thought of Gary as the hero of the film, with Rick being the villain, and Karen as the damsel in distress whom the hero comes to her rescue. But in that scene where Gary catches Rick and Karen making out and are caught, Rick, although happy to get Karen back, has a look of regret on his face, as he knows his former best friend also loved her. A look of "Hey man, I know you love her, but I also love her." Rick is also just a typical high school jock that panicked when he made a mistake that he knew would change his life forever.

Karen, however, had a smirk on her face, as she never intended to be with Gary, but was using him. She knew how Gary felt about her, and when he offered to help her, she was only too happy to take advantage of the situation. That moment, she, in my eyes, goes from being the damsel in distress to the real villain in the film.

Although the film provided lots of T and A and a lot of laughs as advertised, the film also provided a look at what many people in high school goes through. And the ending, although sad, was very real. The Last American Virgin is a film that is a classic, and deserving of being called just that. Besides it being a typical Tits and Ass comedy, it is also a film that really makes you think. It is a film that is so real, containing situations that many in high school can relate to. It is a film I highly recommend seeing if you have not done so.
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Don't Throw It in the '80's Sex Comedy Genre So Quickly
mswatsoninc12 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Ahhh...the '80's. 1982 makes me think back to the really crazy time we were facing in America. Fresh off the "Do What Feels Good" '70's, "The Last American Virgin" comes as a wolf in sheep's clothing as yet another 'teenage sex comedy' from the glory days. Oh sure, there's sex, but, I can't think of another movie--OK, this and "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"--that really wasn't killing time between topless teenage scenes--there was some pretty good stuff here amongst the cleavage.

The movie follows three hormonal friends. Gary (wanting to lose his virginity), Rick (stud incarnate), and David (overweight, but, not inexperienced) as they try desperately hard to make sure Gary joins the world of manhood. But, a funny thing happens on the way to the kegger--Gary falls for Karen (pretty brunette who loves the bad boys), and can't seem to follow through with any sexual conquest that David and Rick can facilitate. Only trouble is, Rick and Karen get hot and heavy and Karen skips a period. It's Gary who is by her side as she goes to get her abortion, and it's Gary who truly cares. But, who is Karen dancing with by film end...Rick. Subtract the "R" and add a "D" where necessary.

What separates this film from others from the '80's we think about is that, by god, they attempt some real drama here, and not of the "my parents just pulled in the driveway variety." And, you know what? I bought it.

It wasn't sloppy. It wasn't far-fetched. And, when Gary sees Rick dancing with Karen at the house party at the end of the film, I actually felt sorry for the guy. Our teenage Romeo actually believed in unrequited love--and when his heart was broken at the end, it all sort of touched me.

So, all the T&A aside, there's an actually pretty believable and engaging story here. Oscar worthy? Not by a mile, but, I don't know that I'd lump it into the "let's get laid" category, either. Like "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," they actually were trying to do a true film here, letting the hi-jinx in between fall where it may.
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Fantastic, dark, bleak exploration of adolescence gone wrong
cgregory31 August 2000
It plays like your usual teenage-audience T&A movie, but the sentiment is incredibly bleak. If it was made today, it'd be considered an art house movie. It goes through the usual routine of a guy trying to get laid, but the results of his efforts are harsh and cruel and unsatisfying.

The whole teen flick formula is adhered to, but nothing turns out the way you'd expect. Imagine a director's cut of 'It's a Wonderful Life' where, at the end, James Stewart wasn't allowed to return to the real world. An incredible film that subverts all of the expectations of the genre. It makes you feel dirty afterwards: there is no redemption for the characters. I'm amazed it ever got made. The eighties version of Detective Story.
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Underrated teen flick
clarajones130 August 2003
I am so glad to see this come out on DVD. I have thought for many years that this is truly an underrated film. It goes beyond the typical teen chasing sex flick and packs an emotional punch. The emotions of the actors seem real and raw and each time I see it, I am transported back 20 years in time to the memories of what the teen years can be like.
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A couple of thoughtful scenes make the movie
rainlav14 July 2006
I really like this movie. I like it not just because it's a great early 80s movie with a GREAT soundtrack but I found that it has some thought-provoking moments. They are just moments; not the entire film. It's definitely not like "Less than Zero".

The scenes deal with typical peer pressure and also with more difficult problems, like the betrayal of trust. These problems are not easily resolved or forgotten by the characters. Certain scenes will stand out and invite reflection on one's own teenage experiences and how those experiences may have affected one's character and outlook as an adult.

You can watch this movie and think about the problems young adults must face, and about your own experiences. Or you can just pay attention to the boys' quest to de-virginize themselves! :) Either way it's a good movie.
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NinjaRyu26 April 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers: This movie has it's problems, but in the end it gets the message across. I liked it because it ends the way things really do. The nice guy tries and tries, gets his heart broken several times, but in the end there is no typical hollywood ending. It ends the way such things always end, or at least always have in my own and friends' experiences. Anyone who thinks that the ending to this isn't how it really happens, as the first comment seemed to, believing that the girl would come around, realize she's dating an asshole who treats her bad because he doesn't care about her at all is either naive or lives in a more perfect world than I. I give it 7/10, extra points simply because it wasn't afraid to end on a down note, give no real resolution, just the main character left heartbroken, confused and alone as so many men of countless generations have been before.
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Unusual - and worthwhile - teen sex comedy
Wizard-82 July 2001
This is a very unusual teen sex comedy. One part of of it is the expected T & A laff riot, but the other half is a surprising sensitive and dead-on portrayal of teenage life. The movie keeps switching from one of these viewpoints to the other throughout the movie. In another movie, it would end up making the movie to be quite a mess. Yet somehow it works.

True, some of the comedy scenes go to the lowest denominator, but there are some wittier scenes here and there. Take the first scene, when the boys invite the girls over to Gary's house. The nervousness and awkwardness between Gary and the fat girl has me in stiches each time - because it's not only funny, but true. Though all the cast members are first-rate, it's Monoson who really steals the movie. As a shy teen looking for true love, his anguish will really break your heart.

I can't leave out the soundtrack. The songs picked for the soundtrack are excellent in so many ways. They are timeless, so they are very listenable even two decades later. Plus, they actually manage to comment on the action going onscreen at the time. I will never forget when the Commodores' "Oh No" plays during that certain sequence.

And I can't leave out the ending - when I first saw the movie, I was simply stunned at what happened at the end. I couldn't believe it at first, then I realized that hey, this kind of thing does happen.

With all the fans this movie has, I am very surprised it has not been re-released on video or DVD. MGM, you now have the rights - what are you waiting for? Though since they are rereleasing a lot of older movies on video and DVD now, maybe - just maybe - we'll be able to get a new copy in each of our hands.
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A movie for its time
pacmann20 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I don't think I will include any spoilers but If I do, I can cover my butt. "The Last American Virgin" came in a time were such teenage coming of age/high school sex romps were the rave. Films such as "Prepies" (1984), "Hot Times" (1974) and the popular "Porky's " (1981) were making mucho money. Yet it is the "Last American Virgin" the one that actually has a more serious plot story amidst the nudity and sexual situations. It is the often told tale of three high school buddies who want to lose their virginity. The go to the wrong places (prostitutes), the dangerous ones (older woman with jealous boyfriend) and the convenient ones (luring their high school female counterparts). The movie has a lot of funny moments, and although the cast did not produce a single major movie star, it is worth remembering for a fantastic 80's soundtrack that includes: Devo, The Cars, Journey and others. By today standards is raunchy and might have grabbed a NC-17 rating, but is a well told story of how sometimes personal fixation can only bring pain,while love might be right in front of us. It is a little piece of 80s Americana and worth having in your movie collection.
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right up there with all the 80's greats
caustin919 October 2005
I first saw this movie when I was about 12 years old. It has been one of my favorites since... It's so perfect in all it's glory complete with awesome soundtrack, cheesy dialog, and it was both hilarious and terribly sad. The first movie I really just had a fit about at the end... I won't ruin it for you guys but boy is it a tear jerker... I just remember feeling SO sad for Gary! What a bunch of cool characters in this movie it's genius!!! They are all so great even the nerdy girl Gary doesn't like...(she had a nice little body though). I can't believe all the girls go for Rick he is such a sleaze ball with his handkerchief tied around his neck!!! ha ha ha... When watching this movie be prepared for lots of sex jokes complete with sexually transmitted diseases(almost). But a love story at heart with real problems, dealing from insecurity to life altering decisions that make you think and feel genuine sorrow for the cast. I love this movie !!! If you like Valley Girl another all time classic you will too!
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Bold, uncompromising slice of eighties teenage life
John Bethea6 July 2003
"The Last American Virgin", along with "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" is one the last great teen films ever made. It is tender tale of envy and unrequited love set in the early eighties. Much-maligned by critics that it was a sophomoric, banal attempt to recreate the magic of "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", these same critics fail to recognize that the two films were actually filmed concurrently during late 1981, and released at only slight intervals from one another. Either way, the studios would never allow such a bold and uncompromising portrayal of the issues many male teenagers are confronted with as they reach their sexual maturity. Especially considering the heart-wrenching discovery the protagonist, Gary is confronted with in the end. American Pie this is not. The story revolves around a trio of male teenagers, and their mostly unsuccessful sexual pursuits. Gary is the least successful of the group, hence the tagline LAST AMERICAN VIRGIN. Secretly, Gary lusts after Karen, who is involved with Rick, his best friend. Rick and Karen begin having sex, and Karen gets pregnant, only to be dumped by Rick, who is not interested in the obvious responsibility which lies before him. Gary glides into help Karen, which leads to the aforementioned, unexpected conclusion. Overall as a film, I find it was very successful as a comedy, as a commentary on the sexual dilemmas of young men, and a remarkable coming of age tale dealing with issues such as envy, unrequited love and abortion, which are just as pertinent today as they were over twenty years ago. Also, it has one of the rockingest soundtracks ever made!!!
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Underrated teen flick
rhkiii10 December 2004
Yes it's a Fast Times wannabe, but it's still decent entertainment.

Some of the comedy parts are really funny. The scene when the three guys visit the Spanish lady is hilarious, with a little flamenco music in the background. The reaction when her sailor husband comes home is a riot. The guys' exploits in dealing with crabs are funny as well when they try to "drown them" and when they visit the pharmacist.

The abortion scene is a Fast Times ripoff too, but it does do a good job of capturing the terror of the situation. You really feel for what Karen is going through, and for Gary in his mad scramble for cash to pay for the abortion and accommodating her recovery.

The ending is painful to watch, but refreshingly realistic. First-time viewers will not be prepared for it and it will be a shock.

There is a decent eye-candy for guys with young girls and the milf Spanish lady, but heterosexual guys will probably want to skip the penis-measuring competition.

Underrated soundtrack too. Check out early, early U2(!), The Cars in their prime and an appropriate tearjerker song by James Ingram for the surprise ending.

Some people will hate it and it is somewhat dated, but those who like teen flicks or grew up in the early 80s should like it.
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Rip-off or original?
chadstep21 March 2006
Reality before reality TV? Copy of "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"? A precursor to "Say Anything" that's grittier? I can't decide, but the soundtrack *is* the 80's--Blondie, Journey, REO Speedwagon, Devo, Lionel Richie, AND U2--I can't believe this, they would never throw all those genres together in a teen movie of today.

I remembered this like a teenager--mainly the sex parts and not a hint of the altruism. Why? I was a horny teenager in the 80's. Watching it again, I just can't describe how much I love that Rose, play by Kimberly Richardson, turns out to be the voice of "Pepper Ann" in the 90's, and she was almost 30 when she was in Last American Virgin, playing alongside 16 year-olds--fantastic! Complete cheese, reality, fantasy, and comedy--with a sincere cherry on top.
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oops! did we just make a realistic teen movie?
Mikko_Elo_19 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
i see there are great reviews of this film already, i've got a few points to comment on, reasons i thought there was something special about this film...

first and foremost, the film is realistic. it may not seem realistic to an adult who has forgotten what it was like being a teenager, but that's really the kind of superdrama that goes on amongst teens all the time. second, the good guy, the guy who treats women with respect, doesn't get the girls. that's the way it is, in real life just the same! he's too nice for his own good. people are just selfish. third, it was nice to see a fat guy who had some self-confidence. i mean, that role already takes confidence from the actor, i'm not just talking about the character. overall i thought the film was a positive surprise that secretly hides amongst wacky, partyin' teen sex comedies at the rental shelf. don't get me wrong, it's not all sad, it's a good laugh as well.
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A teen romp with some taste. (spoilers)
Pepper Anne6 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Other commentators have compared The Last American Virgin to other, more popular 80s teen films like The Breakfast Club, but this particular movie is not quite along the same lines of the more sophisticated variety (and larger budget) teen films from say, the John Hughes catalog. Not even comparable to films like early John Cusak or brat pack movies, either. It falls into the common late 70s/early 80s genre of teen sex romps, those which often contain tons of gratuitous nudity and usually centered on the desperate teen male virgin. And among that category of films, which for me, includes titles like 'Private Resort,' 'Private School,' 'Lauderdale,' 'Porkys' and others, this is one of the better ones because it actually has an endearing story to level out a lot of nonsense.

It is the amusing comedy of three high school friends who go to great lengths and endure various little misadventures to get laid (I particularly like the opening scenes where Gary tries to fool around with Millie while she's busy munching on chips and staring at the ceiling). The awkward naivety of the three friends makes for some hilarious situations. But, the movie develops a more serious and somewhat romantic tone as Gary falls in love with Karen, who sadly falls for his brash friend, Rick. And Rick is really only interested in getting laid.

I consider this one of the better teen romp movies because it does well with showing the terrible awkwardness and amusing naivety of the age, that the film has a more honest and sincere side that is introduced when Gary becomes interested in Karen, and that it doesn't acquiesce to the audience's usual expectations for an easy resolution. Actually, Karen, to me, becomes the least sympathetic in the end (we already know that Rick is a jerk).

Definitely recommended for fans of the teen romp genre because this one is done with some taste.
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A fun, honest, and memorable film...
MonteCarloMan3 August 2005
Many teenage sex comedy movies come and go without much fanfare, however, every so often a movie might come along thats honest, funny, entertaining AND memorable. The Last American Virgin is a special movie that has found its place and has stood the test of time blending all four ingredients. This film follows three friends (Gary, Rick and David "The Big Apple") misadventures into the world of first-time sex and true love. Along the way they learn hard lessons and the value of true friendship. We follow hopeless romantic Gary (The main character) on his quest to win over the girl of his dreams which leads him down an uncertain road with a surprise twist at it's ending. If you haven't been lucky enough to see this movie yet, by all means take a look...sprinkled with many memorable 80s songs throughout to keep things moving at an even pace. L.A.V. truly is an original film, a rarity among films of it's genre.
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"A great American Teenage Comedy with an ending more shocking than the Sixth Sense.
technocrat200524 May 2002
There's a lot of teenage comedies which we all remember: Breakfast Club, Porky's, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, etc. However, this classic film, The Last American Virgin, was lost in the thousands of Porky's wanna-bes. And that's a shame. While the first two acts of the film are mediocre at best. The set up between Gary and his love interest is bitterly real. Gary, the nice guy, displays everything 80's films told us works to win the girl. However, the ending of TLAV gives us a shocking ending the breaks the conventions of the teenage comedy genre. When the credits roll, a lump will swell in your throat. The conclusion is one of those heartaches that happens to all of us some time in our life. I highly recommend this film.
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Lawrence Monoson is riveting!
John Seger3 December 2001
Lawrence Monoson is fabulous as Gary, a teenager who finds himself in love with a girl(Diane franklin) who is dating one of his best friends. This films ranks with the "best" teen movies, including "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", and "American Pie." It is an honest portrayal of the struggles and awkwardness of being a teenager, and taps into some very serious, tender emotions. The film is often very hilarious, yet it balances the comedy with some very serious issues with style. Boasting a fantastic 80's soundtrack, and a fine young cast, this film is a genuine cult classic. It is a shame mainstream stardom hasn't happened for this film's star,Lawrence Monoson. His acting is incredibly touching, and Lawrence gives a totally riveting performance.. As cousin of James Dean and owner of Sal Mineo's official website I give this film my highest recommendation! Don't miss the chance to see it!
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