Ivanhoe (TV Movie 1982) Poster

(1982 TV Movie)

Julian Glover: King Richard



  • Friar Tuck : Make room, make room for your godly father and his prisoner. I am like an eagle, with it's prey in it's clutches. A victim to my sword.

    Isaac of York : For the love of God would someone take me away from this madman.

    Robin Hood : Where did you find him?

    Friar Tuck : I was looking for a draft of noble Norman wine, when down in the cellar I found this infidel. I was going to beat his brains out but I took pity upon his gray hair and converted him then and there.

    Isaac of York : That's a lie, I'm not converted, he lies.

    Friar Tuck : You call me a liar, then I must teach you better manners.

    [about to punch Isaac of York] 

    King Richard : [Stops Friar Tuck]  Hold! Strike me, Friar, if you dare. I'll stand by your blow if you'll stand by mind.

    Friar Tuck : Right. Then down you go.

    [Punches King Richard who barely moves] 

    King Richard : Now, my turn

    [Punches Friar Tuck who falls to the ground] 

    Friar Tuck : I think you broke my jaw.

    King Richard : I think not, you can still speak. Come, let's put an end to this nonsense.

    [Helps Friar Tuck up] 

    Isaac of York : I am Isaac of York. Has anyone seen my daughter Rebecca?

    Robin Hood : We saw her. Carried off by Brian Guilbert when the castle fell.

    Isaac of York : Is done dead. Where was she taken?

    Robin Hood : If I had to guess, I would say north to Templestone where the knights of the Templar gather.

    Isaac of York : I must leave at once, I must pay the ransom. Please, who would guide me, I will pay money to anyone who would guide me.

    Friar Tuck : Oh dear, sweet, gentle Jew... I apologize if we had harsh words before. I would be happy to guide you to Templestone for a small fee. 200 stekas.

    Isaac of York : 200 stekas.

    Friar Tuck : We shall leave in the morning.

    Isaac of York : We shall leave at once.

    Friar Tuck : We leave at once.

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