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MPAA Rated NC-17 for substantial graphic horror violence and gore

Sex & Nudity

  • There is a scene in which demonically-possessed tree limbs are shown going up a woman's dress. Rape is implied.
  • A man and a woman kiss for a period of time,
  • One very brief scene of woman taking off top in non-sexual context; breasts visible for a few seconds.
  • A possessed body seems to enjoy lying on a man (this is meant to be comical, but it's extremely dark).

Violence & Gore

  • Lots of blood, gore, pus, and viscera.
  • NC-17
  • This movie is considered to be one of the goriest movies ever made.
  • Strong, over the top violence and gore throughout; demons attacking people, people "killing" demons through full body dismemberment, which is the only way to kill them.
  • There are several instances of possessed being picking up and throwing other characters at objects or otherwise hitting them and abusing them.
  • A man forces a woman into a cellar and hits her in the face with the handle of an axe.
  • A possessed woman scratches the side of a man's face with her fingernail, blood pours out of the wound.
  • A possessed woman falls into a lit fireplace and her face is smoldering and bleeding when she gets out.
  • A woman bites off her own hand, you see blood gush while she is chewing and you hear crunching of the bone while a man watches in horror. When she is finished she screams in pain and blood squirts and spews from the bloody stump.
  • A possessed woman slashes a man with a voodoo knife and licks the blood off of it.
  • In more than one instance, a man stabs a woman in the back with a voodoo knife, we see blood pour out the head of the knife. The woman then falls onto her back, driving the knife in further. When the woman is stabbed she spits our blood and a white substance. The same liquids pour out of all of her wounds.
  • A possessed woman is shot in the head with a shotgun. Blood splurts out of the wound.
  • A man hits a possessed woman in the head and face multiple times as she mocks him.
  • A woman grabs a man's leg and scratches it untill we see bone, blood is pouring out of the wound while she does it.
  • As a man is trapped in a cellar, the walls start oozing blood; a water pipe breaks and starts spewing blood all over the man. A light-bulb fills with blood pouring from the socket, turning the room red.
  • It is implied that a man was attacked by the woods, we see his face badly cut and skin peeled off of it. If you look closely you see that there is a compound fracture on his arm (meaning the bone breaks through the skin). He is covered with blood, and is still bleeding. Blood pours out of his mouth.
  • A man shoots a woman in the head and neck, we see blood spurt from the wounds.
  • A man grabs another man's leg and begins to bite into it, we see blood start to trickle out of the wound.
  • A woman hits a man in the back with the blunt side of a fire poker.
  • A mans head explodes. Blood sprays another man like a fire hose and brain matter flies all over the place.
  • The main character pushes his thumbs into the eyes of a possessed man and a large amount of very thick blood oozes out. He then pulls a piece of wood out and a large stream of blood shoots out like a fountain.
  • Several characters (noteably the protagonist) become absolutely covered in blood from head to toe.
  • The Evil Dead also has many funny scenes, but are really graphic and disgusting.


  • Some uses of "Shit"
  • One partially muted half enunciated use of "Fuck" but it is extremely hard to hear.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some characters smoke and drink wine.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The Evil Dead can be hilarious at times, but the comedy's extremely dark.
  • Very over-the-top movie. This guide may make it sound very disturbing, but the blood and gore all seems very cheesy and the movie tends to have a darkly comedic feel to it. Compared to films these days, The Evil Dead isn't too bad, and would probably warrant an R rating under current MPAA standards.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman is raped by demonic tree branches, the branches tear open her shirt revealing her left breast. Then they spread her legs and another branch is thrust into the crotch area. Although this sounds shocking and disturbing, it doesn't last long and the camera cuts away as soon as the branch thrusts.

Violence & Gore

  • A possessed woman stabs another woman in the ankle with a pencil, and thick blood oozes out of the wound as she screams in pain.
  • A man chops up a woman with an axe, you see blood splash off the axe each time he draws back and the axe making contact with and chopping off the woman's hand and foot. You then see the woman's bloody, severed body parts twitching on the ground.
  • A woman jumps into the air and a man whacks her head off with a shovel. You see the body on top of the man still grabbing at him and blood spews and sprays in his face while the blood- splattered head comes alive.
  • In a famous stop-motion sequence, the zombies begin to decompose and you see lots of blood and gore and their bodies disintegrate. Their hair falls out, their flesh turns to goo, and blood pours everywhere. One of the zombies falls on the ground face first, and the head explodes covering a man completely in blood and chunks of brain.
  • Giant hands rip apart two people, throwing their insides everywhere. Blood explodes onto another man 18+

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