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An brief emotional journey for the soft heart
usafbriansmith1 March 2005
This is a personal vote because I am somehow able to watch this movie and become emotional every time. I was emotional before my own grandmother died and now that she is gone this movie will remain in my heart forever. Plus I love the lullaby that is sung during the movie. When I read the book I really didn't know what to expect and what I got was identical to the movie except for the music. That made it even better. Plus Agatha is such a doll. This movie is so old and I'm wondering if anyone will even read this because who in the world is going to look for a review about the electric grandmother? Who's going to be crazy enough to write one? And why am I writing all this nonsense? Well the rules say it has to be 10 lines at least and when I was done it was only like three so there. I read through the credits again and Evan Morris and John Morris are credited with the orchestrations. I don't know if that includes the lullaby or not. If anyone knows let me know. I'd be grateful. I only hope some day I can write a story that pulls at the heart strings as much as this one does for me.
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Cute movie
boatierra3 December 2002
I remember seeing this movie when I was in grade school (eons ago). It was always shown to us during the holiday season. I remember not liking the little girl, for not liking the 'new' grandmother.

This is a cute family movie, that demonstrates aptly the range of emotions some children go through after the loss of a loved one.

Maureen Stapleton does a great job portraying the 'Electric Grandmother.'
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A fantastic TV movie; maybe the most underappreciated family film of all-time
Scottfeinberg9 December 2002
Defined by its wonderful score and its touching tale that is certain to touch your emotions, I can't believe that nobody else has commented on one of the most impressive TV movies of all-time. Consult your local video store for a hard version of it. You won't be sorry.
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A childhood movie found!
snice2110 February 2007
I'm giving this movie a 7 for the lasting memories it produced. I have no idea how awful it may really be. I have had distant memories of this movie for a while and have spent the last couple of years asking people "do you remember the movie with the electric grandma?" I got a resounding "no" on this movie and few others, including The Peanut Butter Solution, some movie with very little dialog about two girls who go into some fur store and dress up in muffs and hats all day, and some foreign film (German perhaps?) dubbed over in English about a little boy going to wizard school and screwing up a lot until he finds his talents (I'd really like to find this one.) Maybe someone else watched the same odd films as I as a child. I'd love to find these! On the Electric Grandmother: I remember really enjoying something about the part where they all go in to the "shop" and a trait is taken from each to create the grandma (their eye colors and voices are blended into one.) This scene appealed to something in my creative nature and I was fascinated by the idea. I do remember how one little girl was freaked out by the grandmother and wanted her sent back. She went to the basement and unplugged her one night. There was all this drama and the grandma's eyes just opened blankly and it was totally freaky to my young disposition. My favorite part was how she could shoot chocolate milk or orange juice from her fingers. I daydreamed about that a lot at breakfasts throughout my young years. I hope I'm able to find and rent this movie in the near future for the flood of memories and perhaps I'll check out the short story. Contact me if you have heard of the films I mentioned above., subject, childhood films.
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Creepy, but I want to see it again
OmegaWolf74719 June 2005
I remember seeing this movie back in the 80s when they showed it to us in grade school. I remember it being rather creepy, like when the grandmother plugged herself into the wall and rocked back and forth. It made this loud noise that bugged the hell out of me.

However with the passing of time and me being an adult now, I'd like to give this movie a second look and see how I'd like it now. I hated some movies as a little kid that I think I might like now and loved some as a kid that I don't like anymore. Strange how time does that. I'm pretty sure I'd like this movie a lot now because I dig sci-fi. The movie did have some very touching moments in it.
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One of the best made-for-television movies ever!
cmperkin22 March 2001
The Electric Grandmother is one of the best made-for-televsion movies ever. I have been searching for a copy of this film ever since I got children of my own. This is a wonderful family film that stresses that love goes on forever, no matter who, or what you really are. Someone should make this film available for purchase or at least run it on The Family Channel or as an after school
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A Truly Beautiful Film
ladymidath25 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I have to admit to being a fan of Ray Bradbury. I read I Sing The Body Electric many years ago and I thought that it was a sweet and touching story.

I managed to find a copy of The Electric Grandmother on VHS and I still have it in my collection. The Electric Grandmother is one of the saddest sweetest films I have ever seen, I still cannot watch it with being brought to tears. The acting is superb and Maureen Stapleton is perfectly cast as the android grandmother.

The music is lovely and again perfect for the mood and theme of the film. It is a timeless classic and sadly I have never seen it on DVD.

The Electric Grandmother is up there with The Peanut Butter Solution and Paper House, a must for anyone who loves quality family movies.
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Great family movie from the early 80's
hardluv1 June 2012
I loved this movie when I was a kid. This movie has always stuck in my memories. I have looked for a copy of this everywhere but with no luck. Mareen Stapleton (Cocoon 1 and 2) plays the Grandmother perfectly. The kid who plays Tom is also the guy who played the older brother Mike in E.T. It is a great family movie. No blazing special effects or major Stars but just great story telling. I would say that Robin Williams' Bicentenial Man took a page from this story. I saw this movie when I was 8 years old, and only 2 times since and that was in the early 80's, but I remember it perfectly. In a nutshell if you want a feel good simple good family movie, find this and watch it.
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I always wished she was my grandmother.
nurse_kiddy27 October 2007
I would love to be able to find this movie again. I had it when I was little. It was my favorite movie from age 3 until about age 7 when the tape finally gave out that my mom used to tape it off the TV. Growing up without a grandmother I would always pretend, while, watching the movie that I was part of that family. It saddens me to see poor reviews of this movie, because even as an adult I feel as if she was my grandma. I would love to find this movie for my children as both of their grandmothers life over 3000 miles away, they could put in this movie and have a grandmother anytime they want. I have to say this is one of those movies that can impact you and stay with you for the rest of your life.
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A Memorable, If Eerie Kid's Movie
loudprincess11 April 2007
Like most Ray Bradbury adaptations (Something Wicked This Way Comes), this story isn't perfectly wrapped up in a bow, but it is memorable and the performances are worth watching.

I have always been fascinated with this film, mainly because of the visuals and the tender performances by Maureen Stapleton and Edward Herrmann.

Sure it's flawed, and some folks may be creeped out by the subject matter, but I guess I just didn't see it that way. Sometimes children get tired of the same, fluffy, perfect kiddie fare, and this one fits the bill, for a story with a few dark tinges around the edge.
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Great film
serodores14 March 2006
Like many others, I first saw this in grade school, in the 5th grade or so. Despite being male, and this being an emotional drama, I loved the flick, and it was even one of the reasons I went on to learn the violin.

After only learning a few little songs (like "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"), I went on to figure out one of the songs in this movie, because I liked it so much. I even played the song for my grandmothers, who I believe enjoyed it.

To this very day, more than 20 years later, I can still remember and play that song, "Grandmother", even though I have never set my eyes on the score.
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Maureen Stapleton
carson-3914 March 2006
Today the world has lost a marvelous actress. What enormous talent!

As I looked at the newspaper this morning, I saw this face I loved as a child smiling back at me. I concentrated hard to sift through the shadows and clouds of my childhood memories mixed with dreams to figure out who this face belonged to.

It was Maureen Stapleton, our Electric Grandmother. The Electric Grandmother had such a wonderful, intense effect on me as a child, she must have stayed with me all this time.

Now, I am excited to share her with my own children. Maureen Stapleton will be missed but she will also live on. We don't see many actresses like this anymore.
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Nice movie
tricam13 March 2006
I remember viewing this movie in school (High School). I thought it was a really neat movie. The concept was innovative at the time, and I thought it was neat. I would highly recommend watching it. I thought the characters presented some real people. Of course the children were brats, but what kids aren't? I thought it helped to see the side of our families when we have lost a member. It's funny, I hadn't thought about this movie until I heard that Maureen Stapleton had passed away. In fact it was her picture on the news that reminded me of her portrayal. I don't recall the other members of the cast, but the acting was reasonably fair and certainly good enough to not make me dislike the film.
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Sweet childhood movie
shellijo13 March 2006
I remember this movie as well. When I saw that Ms. Stapleton had died, her face triggered the memory of this movie. Of all the movies she has been in - this is the one I remember. Probably because I was always at my grandmothers watching it.

The movie deals with family loss in an interesting way. Wouldn't it be nice to create an instant family that was responsible and safe. In any case I never got tired of watching this bittersweet TV movie as a kid.

Maybe they should re-air it. Time to bring back the "after-school" specials don't you think? Lord knows we need more family friendly movies like this for kids.
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Great movie!
realmanncolorado13 March 2006
The director hit the spot with alternative ways to dealing with loss. Life doesn't end when we lose someone, as long as we learn how to remember them in a healthy way! Maureen plays a grandmother "created" from the hearts of children dealing with loss. The movie shows how, by dealing with the loss of someone, you can move forward, while still remembering your loved one. I saw this movie shortly after losing a family member, and though I was young, the message of the movie truly got through to me. And although it deals with losses, there is still a wonderful and light-hearted feel to it. The creation of grandma Maureen is spectacular and whimsical. Made me want to go out and create my own!
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Best Kid Movie Ever Made!!
jimmypowell2 June 2005
Three kids, their father and their grandmother! The grandmother dies, and the kids are devastated! They go to a special store where they are able to order a new grandmother! One exactly the why their departed grandmother was. She arrives and to their amazement, she looks, acts, feels, and even talks just like their real grandmother! However there is a twist, Shes electric! But the new one can do some cool things, like pour milk out of her finger and mix pancakes with a mixer attached to her hand. She is electric so therefore she dose not require sleep, however she dose need to be plugged in at night. So each night she sits in her rocking chair, plugs herself in, and shes good to go for the next day! I watched this movie when I was a little boy. I am 31 years old now and still have great memories about the film. I found this rating site because I am looking to buy it for my son. I have had no luck as of yet on buying it, but hope to. If you get the chance to buy this film, you will be very happy. Not only is it for kids but also for the young at heart. Just an awesome movie! I cant say enough about it. I sure hope I can find a copy of it for my own collection. My grandmother passed away when I was 12 years old, I sure wish I could just go to the local store and buy another one just like her.
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The Most Underrated Film of All Time
Swakinact221 March 2005
Have you ever watched a movie and left breathless? Sat through 60 minutes of utterly heart-warming bliss? Experienced what some might call stability of the soul? Then you have also seen the Electric Grandmother. If not for rickety VHS tapes, I may never have experienced the glory of family films. This film has it all,comedy, drama,family values, sibling rivalry, and most of all: a robotic caretaker. Which leads to the greater theme of loving relationships between humans and androids. Does the grandmother really care about the kids? or is she just programmed to act that way? Is she satisfying the family's need for a mother or is she perpetuating their sadness because she too will not be around forever... Seriously, you guys, this is so not to be missed! More people need to watch this film so that less people will say I am crazy for knowing of its existence. Amazing cinema people.
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Classic theme and great performance!
Taf Greenstreet26 November 2004
Anyone who enjoys the Asimov "I, Robot"-type of stories would love this movie! It's everything that The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone, have tried to explore again and again. First thing to do, though, is put Spielburg's "A.I." out of your mind, because violence is not what the spirit of personal interaction is about. What is more classic than the idea of choosing to add a personality to a family? Even when it doesn't involve robots, finding where you belong and where the new personality belongs is difficult. This movie should definitely still be a part of the Holiday movie season, and I would love to find it on DVD! My ultimate combination of movies would be Stapleton's "Electric Grandmother" and Williams's "Bicentennial Man."
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A work of art!
This movie was one of my all-time favorites...I loved it so much in my childhood that my mom actually bought it for me on video when I hit my early 20s. I think I cried a few times during the movie; that's how deeply it affected me. And JUST RECENTLY...I mean days ago...I saw an old episode of "Twilight Zone" that obviously preceded the movie. It was the same plot, only there were three children instead of two, and the Grandmother went off to be dismantled after the kids went off to college. The description she gave of what was going to happen to her was reminiscent of dying and reincarnating, even though she promised the kids she would never die! Oh well...I still love the film and would recommend it to anyone with a heart! :-)
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Great Memories
double50929 January 2003
`The Electric Grandmother' is a movie I remember seeing over 15 years ago! My sister and loved Maureen Stapleton as 'Grandmother' in this classic tale of a magical, ageless grandmother whose warmth transforms a skeptical little girl and brings love into a motherless home.

The humor and futuristic touches make this movie a must have for families. This is a quality movie for any child, young or old, that presents a heartwarming tale of love, friendship, and hope.
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Great Christmas Movie
8ntnomo25 December 2002
I have only seen this movie a couple of times. I really enjoyed it. It is a great Christmas movie with a heart warming story. I wish the networks would air this movie again during the holiday season. It seems to have been placed in the "forget the oldies and run only the new" bin.
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Love this sweet film
sandnstarlight22 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this as a kid who came from a single parent home, and I wished with all my heart that I could have an electric grandmother! I really love the end, where they are old and she comes back again to help. As my Moms care is continuing, I find myself still wishing for the electric grandmother all over again! How nice it is to know that my own real grandmother treasured what we told her and always had time for us. And maybe the point is that as we age, we do see our grandparents again, so maybe they really do come back and look out for us! I love that thought and can only imagine that Ms Maureen was fantastic to work with - and probably a hoot too. She didn't look very led to me in the film when I watched it again. Love this little film!
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If taken for the fantasy story it is meant to be, and for the time period in which it was made, it's a good movie with a great memorable lullaby worth stealing.
jbl21113 April 2011
For the time in which it was written, it was a decent fantasy storyline by Ray Bradbury. Most called him a science fiction writer but he described himself, and rightly so, as more a fantasy writer than science fiction writer. Science fiction has stories that often hold possible future realities, fantasy story lines are supposed to be great imaginative admittedly unrealistic or impossible stories we can escape into.The movie was decent as well for 1982. I remember it mostly for the great song the grandmother sang to the kids in the movie. At the time my kids were 1 & 3 yrs old. I'm a male in my 50's & confess without shame that I stole that great song from this flick. It's one of the best lullaby tunes I've ever heard. I always sang it to my kids when I put them to sleep at night using their names and changing the word "grandmothers" to either "fathers" or daddies" in the one line when I sang it to them. It's short & it's memorable and there really aren't too many lullabies around to choose from. It served its purpose perfectly for me & my kids and for that I will always remember The Electric Grandmother movie fondly. If I am ever lucky enough to, I will surely sing it to my grandkids as well. If nothing else, the song left an impact and the nightly memories of bedtime with my kids. It has had a more lifelong real personal family effect for me than any other movie I've ever seen. A very strange thing to say about such a flick I know, but true.
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Creepy, yes. Especially to impressionable children.
Jamie Lynn Riley29 March 2006
I can't give this movie a horrible rating, since there's so much to it that I can't recall. I can't give it a fantastic rating for the same reason. However, it has stuck with me since I saw it (at a very young age). The most enduring part of the movie is the image of the Grandmother, plugged into the wall, rocking in her chair. I remember having nightmares that I would find out my Gramma wasn't real, just because of this movie. Twenty plus years later, I stumbled upon the short story by Ray Bradbury. A few paragraphs in, I began to feel an eerie sense of deja vu. Here again was that image I'd been trying to block from my mind for years. The short story carries the sense of menace much better than the movie. There, it seemed incongruous.
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