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The top 50 80s kids' TV themes

From Bananaman to Grange Hill, join us in a spot of TV nostalgia as we celebrate 50 great 1980s kids' TV theme songs...

There comes a time to turn away from the horrors of the world and retreat underneath the soft, comforting duvet of nostalgia. That time is Friday. That metaphorical duvet is below.

Here are fifty of the best kids’ TV theme songs (spread over two pages and in arbitrary order) of the 1980s. Some, like Alan Hawkshaw’s distinctive Grange Hill intro, are unarguable classics of the era, while others, like Mike Harding's Count Duckula, only started in the late-eighties and spent the rest of their run in the next decade.

Obviously, there being only 50 on this list, we may have missed out your favourite (deliberately or otherwise). Let us know if so, but remember that links may take a while to appear in the comments thread because
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Annecy: 14 Spanish Projects Pitched at Mifa Market

Annecy: 14 Spanish Projects Pitched at Mifa Market
Annecy–Brb ‘s “Bubble Bip,” “Animal Crackers,” “Pumpkin Reports” and “Dino Games” were some of the fourteen Spanish toon projects pitched at Focus on Spain, a standout Territory Focus at this year’s Annecy Mifa market, coinciding with Spain¡s status as the guest country at the French animation fest, the biggest dedicated event if its kind in the world. Focus on Spain showcase Eight features and seven TV skeins, one completed, Sam’s “Possessed,” an Annecy competition contender whose director Sam, who presented the project, is seeks territory or broadcaster sales, and co-production partners and investors at Annecy.

Spain’s animation spread at Focus on Spain served to underscore that, apart from the now occasional big-budget live-action co-production backed by Spanish broadcast networks Mediaset España and Atresmedia, Spain’s animated feature sector now weighs in with both the most consistently higher-budget and international of Spanish features. At least three
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Annecy: Brb, Mili Unsheath ‘Dogtanian’ (Exclusive)

Annecy: Brb, Mili Unsheath ‘Dogtanian’ (Exclusive)
Annecy, France — Brb Internacional, one of Spain’s biggest kids TV producers, is moving into movie production, with a spinoff feature of one of the most successful Spanish TV series ever, “Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds.”

“Dogtanian” is produced by Brb and Screen21 and is co-produced with Chinese animation firm Mili Pictures, producer of Annecy out-of-competition player “Dragon Nest: Warriors’ Dawn.” The Chinese linkup ensures entrance into China’s market and a link to a building producer: Mili Pictures opened a division in Los Angeles last year.

Series and now feature film are based on Alexandre Dumas’ 17th century classic adventure “The Three Musketeers,” but with dogs embodying the swashbucklers. Loyal to the spirit, plot will be significantly different from the book and series in order to increase the surprise factor, said Carlos Biern, CEO of Brb Internacional.

Jose Javier Martinez, a children and young adult literature writer (“The Author
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The shows & films that made Britain fall in love with anime

From Marine Boy and Thundercats to Cities Of Gold and Akira, we look at the TV shows and movies that introduced the UK to Japanese anime

One evening in 1994, the BBC screened a documentary simply called Manga. Presented by Jonathan Ross, it showcased the rising popularity of Japanese animation, largely focusing on the output of Manga Entertainment, whose dubbed VHS releases had made a huge impact on anime fans and caused a certain amount of consternation among the mainstream press.

For British viewers, the anime boom took a long time to arrive. In America, Japanese shows like Kimba The White Lion, Gigantor and Astro Boy were a common sight on television in the 1960s, yet it took until the late 70s and 80s, and a string of European-Japanese co-productions, before anime finally began to find a hold on UK television.

As a youngster at the time, I didn't necessarily know
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Can The Musketeers win the TV duel with Mr Selfridge?

Despite a promising start, ratings for BBC1's The Musketeers are falling and ITV's competitor Mr Selfridge is staying strong. What can be done?

We're now halfway through the first series of The Musketeers, BBC1's jaunty adaptation of Alexandre Dumas's classic tale of sabres and statecraft in 17th-century Paris. It got off to a suitably swaggering start; consolidated viewing figures for the first episode were 9.3m, an impressive total whichever way you slice it, and it has been trumpeted as BBC1's most successful new drama launch since Call the Midwife. A second series was commissioned after three episodes had aired. It even went a bit viral thanks to an infographic that helpfully matched up the unfamiliar new cast with their Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds counterparts (though it somehow mixed up Porthos and Athos).

But this week things have gone a little wonky. The Musketeers originally went
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'He-Man', 'Thundercats' and more: Greatest cartoons of the '80s, '90s

"There's no point in being grown-up if you can't be childish sometimes," Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor once said - and it would appear that the vast majority of you lot agree.

Online media outlet LoveFilm has just reported a massive surge in popularity for classic animated series - we're talking '80s and '90s vintage here - on its online streaming service - the likes of The Real Ghostbusters (1986-1991), X-Men (1992-1997) and He-Man: Masters of the Universe (1983-1988) have all leapt up the charts.

> Super Mario, X-Men lead '80s, '90s animated revival on LoveFilm

This week's Week in Geek is all about paying tribute to those classic kids' cartoons of yesteryear - the kind of animated gems you just don't get on telly anymore. So pop on your rose-tinted spectacles and prepare to take a warm dip in a bath full of nostalgia juice...

> Week in Geek - Hulk,
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Take five: box sets for primary school-age kids

From Danger Mouse to Horrible Histories, we offer a few suggestions to keep the little rotters entertained

Remember when you were a kid and school summer holidays seemed to go on forever? Well, if you're a parent, they still do – but not in a good way. Keeping the little rotters entertained can be teeth-gnashingly tricky – especially when it's raining outside and you ran out of ideas sometime in late July. So arm yourself with these DVD box sets, both old and new. They'll give you a chance for a sit down – and some might transport you back to your own childhood too…

Danger Mouse

The greatest secret agent in the world! The one-eyed white wonder! Speaks 34 languages and lives in a postbox! Practitioner of the ancient martial art of Kung Moggy! Cosgrove Hall's animated 80s spy parody is still a delight, as the rodent and his bumbling sidekick Penfold battle
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Exclusive Interview – Luke Evans, Matthew Macfadyen & Ray Stevenson Talk The Three Musketeers

  • HeyUGuys
All this week we’ve been putting up interviews with the cast and filmmakers from the latest version of the classic Alexandre Dumas novel, The Three Musketeers. The movie has been remade numerous times with the Oliver Reed​ version probably the most famous. This new version brings together a great group of actors which I had the privileged of chatting with last week before the World Premiere.

In today’s interview, we get to chat with The Three Musketeers themselves, Luke Evans (Aramis), Matthew Macfadyen (Athos) & Ray Stevenson (Porthos). In the interview, we talk about what it was like learning to fight with real swords, what it was like working with James Corden who plays Planchet and of course I manage to get in the question about Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds!

The Three Musketeers is out in UK cinemas now. Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for our final interview with Director,
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Exclusive Interview – Orlando Bloom Talks The Three Musketeers & Sings Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds

  • HeyUGuys
All this week we’ve been putting up interviews with the cast and filmmakers from the latest version of the classic Alexandre Dumas novel, The Three Musketeers. The movie has been remade numerous times with the Oliver Reed version probably the most famous. This new version brings together a great group of actors which I had the privileged of chatting with last week before the World Premiere.

I enjoyed all of the interviews but my favourite by far was with Orlando Bloom. He’s been in so many movies and is a legend in my eyes. Often it’s difficult meeting actors as you see them on screen and can make the mistake of going in and being a bit too silly or a bit too serious and finding the balance is very hard in the 3-5 minutes that you have with them. In the case of Orlando, it was
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Exclusive Interview – Logan Lerman, Freddie Fox & Garbriella Wilde Talk The Three Musketeers

  • HeyUGuys
Last week, I got to chat with many of the cast from brand new movie, The Three Musketeers which hits UK cinemas this tomorrow, 12th October. Yesterday, we put up the interview with Milla Jovavich and today all those fans of Logan Lerman get a treat as we speak to him and two of his co-stars about the movie.

Joining Logan who plays D’Argtagnan in the movie were Gabriella Wilde who plays Constance and Freddie Fox who plays King Louis. In the interview, we spoke about the amazing costume design, the sword fighting sequences and the similarities that there were for Logan in filming The Three Musketeers and Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. I’d met Logan at the junket for that movie and chatting with him is always a treat as he’s such a nice guy.

I also ask the trio if any of them watched
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Cannon Balls and Cleavage Push The Three Musketeers Over the Edge of Sanity in new TV spot and Poster

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Every time we post something on Paul W.S. Anderson’s 3D reinvention of Alexandre Dumas’ classic swords and moustaches masterpiece The Three Musketeers there is a small pang of sadness that Hollywood hasn’t yet seized on the obvious big screen adaptaion of Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds, if only for the Moby reworking of the theme song.

Yet this serving of Resident Evil in Corsets is almost upon us and there’s a new TV spot and poster out which emboldeneds the view that Anderson and Co. are hoping for a Sherlock Holmes style reinvention of a literary classic.

Anderson’s trump card may lay in his cast, with Christoph Waltz looking likely to walk all over the rest of the mob* yet there’s one too many lingering shots of Milla Jovovich leaping through the air, engaging in some crazy swordplay for my liking.

Anyhoo, this may very
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New Cartoon Network ThunderCats Footage and Images

Ressurecting the ThunderCats series from its 80s heyday may seem like an odd move for Warner Bros and the Cartoon Network, but we’re only a month away from the hour long premiere of the new animated series.

We’ve seen a trailer which catered broadly to entice those not old enough to remember the twenty five year old incarnation while doing enough to elicit nostalgia-tinged sighs from those who did, and the animation and character designs do look pretty good. Now we have the chance to see more of Studio 4°C’s work in a nine minute clip of the show and a selection of promo images.

The 80s cartoon was a little silly and I hated that Snarf thing, but as a series and as a property it has endured and looks like being a fine update. All they need to do now is re-do Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds.
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The Apprentice episode four - live blog

Join me from 8.30pm as the candidates compete against each other with beauty treatment businesses in Birmingham. Who will need a soothing massage the most after a bruising boardroom encounter?

Episode three live blog

Good evening, and welcome to The Apprentice Episode 4 liveblog! Isn't this series just flying by? A few weeks ago we had never even Heard of these wizards of entrepreneurial excellence, and yet already we know that Jim can charm the soup from the trees, Vincent has never been to a butcher (apart from the one who does his hair), and Melody can't be fired because she has a signed note from Nelson Mandela. How much more excitement can we take?

Well, brace yourselves, my friends, because tonight our tycoons have to run a beauty salon, no doubt taking the "treat" out of treatment with all manner of ineptitude and buffoonery. We can only hope that Vincent
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Engarde! The Three Musketeers trailer is here

We all had our childhood favorites growing up. Superman. Spider-Man, Batman - all likely contenders for our youthful admiration, despite lacking the accessibility - and believability - that favorites such as Fireman Sam and Postman Pat possessed. On hindsight, my childhood didn't fare too badly, but with role models that included a fireman and a postman, a career fighting crime seemed unlikely.

However, there was always one group of well-documented, cultured individuals that fared well through the ages - The Three Musketeers. Even as dogs (please see Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds), the concept and idea behind this sword-swindling trio was a tempting one, and their iconic status was well-deserved. Fighting for justice, the three possessed a number of impressive qualities that have stood up well through many film representations, remakes and re-interpretations. The core story, of a group of swashbuckling defenders of the Queen, embodied friendship, justice, and most of all,
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The Man in the Iron Mask: uncovered

Randall Wallace netted a stellar cast for this exercise in making free, which locks French history screaming in a dungeon

Director: Randall Wallace

Entertainment grade: B-

History grade: Fail

During the reign of Louis Xiv, a mysterious masked man was kept prisoner for 34 years in the Bastille and other jails. His identity has never been established.


The film opens in a dungeon. "Are you dead yet?" grunts a jailer through a hatch, and then we see him: the man in the iron mask. The writer Voltaire claimed that the prisoner's mask was iron, but it seems he made it up. The only piece of first-hand evidence available reports that the mask was of black velvet. Identities suggested for the prisoner have included Richard Cromwell, the Duke of Beaufort, and an Italian diplomat. While he was busy making things up, Voltaire said that it might have been the king's secret brother.
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The Three Musketeers Are Back Back Back!

We could’ve seen this one coming: with Sherlock Holmes performing well at the box office, it was only natural that Warners would go hunting around for other literary characters to tinker with and slap back on the screen to appeal to The Kids Today. Next up? The Three Musketeers.Holmes producer Lionel Wigram is the man leading the charge for an updated take on the veteran sword-swingers, having hired writer Peter Straughan (The Men Who Stare At Goats) to take a crack at rejuvenating Alexandre Dumas’ work. Does this mean they’ll all come equipped with ninja skills now? At the very least, according to Variety, the film will play up the sexy, action-packed aspects.Dumas’ classic tale, of course saw the impetuous D’Artagnan join forces with the Musketeers to thwart the dastardly plans of Cardinal Richelieu. It’s one of those archetypes – like Robin Hood and Sherlock
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Spain's BRB to handle Cartoon Network licensing

Spain's BRB to handle Cartoon Network licensing
MADRID -- Spanish animation company BRB is to be the new licensing agent in Spain and Portugal for Turner Broadcasting's Cartoon Network, the two companies announced Thursday. The move comes as part of a restructuring of Cartoon Network Enterprises -- the global consumer products arm of Cartoon Network -- following the separation of Cartoon Network's licensing responsibilities from Warner Bros. Consumer Products. Mar Romera, who has managed Cartoon Network Enterprises' growing licensing and merchandising businesses in Spain and Portugal for the past two years, will continue to head the licensing business. Among the Cartoon Network productions that BRB will manage in terms of licensing are: The Powerpuff Girls, Codename: Kids Next Door, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, Dexter's Laboratory, Ed, Edd 'n Eddy, Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds, Around the World with Willy Fog and Mort and Phil.

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