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Release Dates

USA 25 June 1982
Japan 3 July 1982
Argentina 15 July 1982
Spain 21 August 1982
Italy 7 September 1982(Venice Film Festival)
UK 9 September 1982
Sweden 10 September 1982
France 15 September 1982
Denmark 24 September 1982
Belgium 30 September 1982(Gent)
Finland 1 October 1982
Greece 1 October 1982
Ireland 1 October 1982
Italy 14 October 1982
West Germany 14 October 1982
Peru 28 October 1982
Mexico 11 November 1982
Netherlands 11 November 1982
Italy 25 November 1982(Fantafestival)
Australia 16 December 1982
Hong Kong 22 December 1982
Brazil 25 December 1982
Norway 28 January 1983
Portugal February 1983(Fantasporto Film Festival)
Portugal 25 February 1983
Colombia 16 March 1983
Uruguay 16 June 1983
Philippines 26 May 1984(Davao)
Italy 2 April 1985(re-release)
Hungary 23 June 1988
Italy 30 March 1990(re-release)
Canada September 1992(Cinefest Sudbury International Film Festival)
USA 11 September 1992(director's cut)
Japan 10 October 1992(director's cut)
Italy November 1992(director's cut) (Turin Film Festival)
Finland 20 November 1992(director's cut)
UK 22 November 1992(director's cut) (London Film Festival)
UK 27 November 1992(director's cut)
Sweden 4 December 1992(director's cut)
Spain 29 December 1992(director's cut)
Norway 14 January 1993(director's cut)
Slovenia 22 January 1993(director's cut)
Portugal February 1993(director's cut) (Fantasporto Film Festival)
Argentina 18 February 1993(director's cut)
Brazil 19 March 1993(director's cut)
Netherlands 8 April 1993(Amsterdam) (director's cut)
Italy May 1993(director's cut)
Italy 6 May 1993(director's cut)
South Korea 8 May 1993(director's cut)
Turkey 28 May 1993
Australia 22 July 1993(director's cut)
Russia 26 April 2001(DVD premiere)
Italy 1 September 2007(final cut) (Venice Film Festival)
USA 29 September 2007(final cut) (New York Film Festival)
USA 5 October 2007(Los Angeles, California) (final cut)
USA 5 October 2007(New York City, New York) (final cut)
Canada 9 November 2007(Toronto) (final cut)
Australia 11 November 2007(Sydney) (final cut)
Australia 15 November 2007(Melbourne) (final cut)
Spain 16 November 2007(final cut)
Japan 17 November 2007(final cut)
UK 23 November 2007(final cut)
France 5 December 2007(final cut)
Sweden 5 December 2007(final cut) (DVD premiere)
Norway 1 August 2008(final cut)
Ireland 14 December 2014(final cut) (re-release)
Spain 18 March 2015(final cut) (re-release)
Italy 6 May 2015(final cut) (re release)
Denmark 7 May 2015(final cut) (re-release)
Netherlands 18 June 2015(final cut)
France 14 October 2015(final cut) (re-release)
Chile 12 December 2015(re-release)
Australia 29 April 2016(Brisbane) (re-release)
Spain 12 October 2017(final cut) (re-release) (subtitled version)

Also Known As (AKA)

(original title) Blade Runner
Lithuania Begantis ašmenimis
Argentina Blade Runner
Canada (English title) Blade Runner
Canada (French title) Blade Runner
Chile Blade Runner
Czech Republic Blade Runner
Germany Blade Runner
Denmark Blade Runner
Spain Blade Runner
Finland Blade Runner
France Blade Runner
Greece (reissue title) Blade Runner
Iran (Persian title) Blade Runner
Italy Blade Runner
Japan (English title) Blade Runner
Mexico Blade Runner
Slovakia Blade Runner
Uruguay (original subtitled version) Blade Runner
Czechoslovakia (Czech title) Blade Runner
Czechoslovakia (Slovak title) Blade Runner
Yugoslavia (Croatian title) Blade Runner - Istrebljivač
Yugoslavia (Slovenian title) Blade Runner - Iztrebljevalec
Brazil Blade Runner, o Caçador de Andróides
World-wide (English title) (recut version) Blade Runner: Criterion Edition
World-wide (English title) (recut version) Blade Runner: Director's Cut
World-wide (English title) (recut version) Blade Runner: International Cut
Finland (alternative title) Blade Runner: Metropolis 2020
Portugal Blade Runner: Perigo Iminente
Finland (video box title) Blade Runner: The Director's Cut
World-wide (English title) (recut version) Blade Runner: The Final Cut
Greece Blade Runner: Ομάδες εξόντωσης
Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Blade runner - Omades exontoseos
World-wide (English title) (alternative spelling) Bladerunner
Yugoslavia (Serbian title) Blejd Raner - Istrebljivač
Japan Burêdo rannâ
USA (original script title) Dangerous Days
Germany Der Blade Runner
West Germany Der Blade Runner
Venezuela El cazador implacable
Croatia Istrebljivač
Serbia Istrebljivač
Slovenia Iztrebljevalec
Portugal Perigo Iminente
Hungary Szárnyas fejvadász
Romania Vânatorul de recompense
Poland Łowca androidów
Turkey (Turkish title) Ölüm Takibi
Russia Бегущий по лезвию
Soviet Union (Russian title) Бегущий по лезвию
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) Блейд Рънър
Ukraine Той, хто бiжить по лезу

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