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Daryl Hannah: Pris



  • Pris : I think, Sebastian, therefore I am.

  • Roy : We've got a lot in common.

    Sebastian : What do you mean?

    Roy : Similar problems.

    Pris : Accelerated decrepitude.

  • Roy : [grabbing Sebastian]  If we don't find help soon, Pris hasn't got long to live. We can't allow that.

    [Roy goes to the chess board, studying the game in progress] 

    Roy : Is he good?

    J.F. Sebastian : Who?

    Roy : Your opponent.

    J.F. Sebastian : Oh, Dr. Tyrell? I've only beaten him once in chess. He's a genius! He designed you.

    Roy : Maybe he could help.

    J.F. Sebastian : I'd be happy to mention it to him.

    Roy : [smiles and puts his hand on Sebastian's shoulder]  Better if I talk to him in person. But I understand he's a sort of hard man to get to.

    [Pris wraps her legs and arms around Sebastian] 

    J.F. Sebastian : Yes.

    Roy : Will you help us?

    J.F. Sebastian : I can't.

    Pris : We need you, Sebastian. You're our best and only friend.

  • Pris : Must get lonely here, J.F.

    J.F. Sebastian : Not really. I MAKE friends. They're toys. My friends are toys. I make them. It's a hobby. I'm a genetic designer.

  • Roy : There's only two of us now.

    Pris : Then we're stupid and we'll die.

  • Pris : We need you, Sebastian. You're our best and only friend.

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