Beyond the Door (1982) - News Poster


Cannes S.V.P.


The plane lands in Nice, the closest large airport, a mere thirty minute drive from Cannes. The picturesque landing introduces a geography mirrored at the festival a few hills away—the plane skirts the coast and lands on a strip placed right along that shore that could be a double for the Croisette, the main beachside boulevard in Cannes. The Croisette traces a line past the Palais—housing the festival’s two largest theaters, a massive conference space and numerous offices, floors and the usual labyrinths of convention halls—and is drawn out towards luxury hotels, drawing a dividing line between a narrow beach front and touristy haute couture shops, a façade of luxury vacationing behind which are movie theaters. A quick shuttle goes from landing strip to the Côte d'Azur boulevard, and stepping out in the Cannes harbor, the first thing on my mind, tellingly, is not the
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