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A Different Film for John Woo, a strong Female Lead!
Captain_Couth8 October 2003
Plain Jane To the Rescue (1982) is the Big Screen adaptation of Josephine Siao's TV character Jane. She plays a free spirited tomboy who's always running from one bad job into another. Ricky Hui co-stars as her childhood sweetheart. He doesn't know how to convey his affections for her. Jane works for the CEO (Charlie Cho) of Z-Corp., a ruthless company with a worldwide domination aspirations. Her job is to teach the Owner some manners because he feels that his father is an embarrassment to him and the company. She also uncovers his plans of trying to take over Hong Kong. When his plans endanger the life of her client, Jane and Ricky team up together to stop this mad Industrialist.

Fun movie, Josephine Siao is a great comedian. Like I said earlier, this is not your typical John Woo film due to the presence of a strong female character. Woo's only film to date to feature such a role.


John Woo makes a cameo appearance as John Woo "unemployed Director". The film features a funny reference to Princess Chang Peng (cantonese opera in an employment office).
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A Little Hyperactive, But Not Bad
crossbow010627 January 2009
This movie stars Josephine Siao as Jenny, who in the first twenty minutes of the film works at a succession of jobs where little things happen to cause her to have to look for other work. Those first twenty minutes are funny, you just love Jenny as she tries to make her way in the world. She eventually takes a job as a manners coach for the father of a mogul who seems to be buying up all of Hong Kong and displacing people. The film doesn't lose its way, but Jenny's character is less endearing. If you've ever seen Josephine Siao you know one thing: She is not plain. Even with coke bottle glasses and a bowl haircut, she still looks cute. That is immaterial here, and Ms. Siao, who is also a producer of the film, does a fine job. American audiences know John Woo as a director of mostly dramatic films so check this out to see how he does slapstick comedy. Its a bit dizzying but its fun. Check it out, especially for Josephine Siao.
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Crackers comedy from a top director
Leofwine_draca27 April 2020
Warning: Spoilers
PLAIN JANE TO THE RESCUE is a fun, anything-goes style slapstick comedy from Hong Kong. To describe it on the page would be to do it a disservice, because it really does need to be seen to be believed. John Woo - better known for his later work as action director - brings his trademark energy to the production, with lots of bizarre sketches and the like throughout, and he even has an endearing cameo as himself! Josephine Siao joins the pantheon of Hong Kong actresses willing to play plain and goofy for laughs (think Carol Do Do Cheng in HER FATAL WAYS) and she's ably supported by the likes of Ricky Hui as her love interest and Charlie Cho as a calculating business boss.
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