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Alternate Versions

Network TV version includes extra footage, including a scene where budget passengers are tossed out of a moving airplane on tethers. Another showing the President (Reagan impersonator) plus, a few additional gags, here and there.
The original UK cinema version was cut for a PG certificate by the BBFC to remove the shot of Elaine smoking a reefer in the cockpit. The cut was restored in all later 15-rated video releases.
The theme to The Love Boat proved unclearable for the original US and UK home video versions for the scene in which Striker comes across Jack Jones singing it outside the wall of the mental institution. In the US, the scene is completely edited out, though Jack Jones' credit is retained in the end credits. In the UK, the scene is present, but there is no music and Jones' voice cannot be heard, which naturally renders the joke incomprehensible. The soundtrack at this point is comprised solely of chirping crickets and the prison alarm.
In the TV version of 'Airplane II' there were 2 gags involving the Texan played by Hugh Gillin that were not in the theatrical release. One involved him giving a large sum of money to a man representing a heart foundation who then keels over dead when he sees how much money the Texan had given him. The other involves the Texan asking for something to read while on the shuttle flight and Mary the stewardess gives him a huge pile of books. There's also an extra scene in line when Sonny Bono buys the $1 million dollar auto insurance policy. In the theatrical version the first time we see Sonny Bono is when he's buying the bomb in the airport all-purpose shop. None of these scenes are on the DVD as extras.
The original US home video version contains a myriad of music alterations and deletions, so much so that only two of nine pieces of music were retained. All nine have been kept on the DVD. Here's a brief list of the alterations.
  • The "Battlestar Galactica" theme played during opening titles and scroll has been replaced with generic music.
  • The air traffic controller playing DJ gag (at six minutes into the movie) originally featured him announcing "Baby Love" by The Supremes. On the original home video, they looped his voice to announce "Moon River" and generic music is played instead.
  • Different music during end credits.
  • The scrolling end credits were retyped up so as to remove all of the song credits from the music that was edited out or replaced.
The TBS TV version adds a scene with McCroskey in the Ronald Reagan Home For The Mentally Ill. In a variation of the first film's Ethel Merman joke, a nurse explains that McCroskey thinks he's Lloyd Bridges. We then see him sitting in bed with a scuba mask on (referring to his show "Sea Hunt"). When told that they need him to bring the shuttle down, McCroskey sits up and says: "...looks like I picked the wrong week to go senile!"
One television version, released after the announcement that Ronald Reagan had developed Alzheimer's disease, changes the sign used in Ted Striker's escape sequence from "Ronald Reagan Home for the Mentally Ill" to "Donald Dragon Home for the Mentally Ill."
In the original theatrical release and in video release, two business men are seen discussing plans. One man says what should be done, the other says "will do". At the end of the scene they kiss goodbye. This is not in the TV version.

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