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Season 1

3 Oct. 1982
Phineas Bogg is a Voyager who travels through time keeping it on the right track. After he lands in Jeffrey Jones' bedroom and loses his guide to history, the two of them travel through time together fixing things that go wrong.
10 Oct. 1982
Created Equal
Arriving in ancient Rome, Phineas and Jeffrey must save the slave Spartacus so that he can lead the revolt in Capra. They also meet a young Sam Clemens and help Harriet Tubman escape.
24 Oct. 1982
Bully and Billy
Correcting history, Phineas and Jeffrey have to save a young Teddy Roosevelt from being killed by Billy the Kid and they assist Benjamin Franklin with his kite experiment.
31 Oct. 1982
Agents of Satan
In colonial Massachusetts, Phineas and Jeffrey must save themselves and Benjamin Franklin's mother from charges of witchcraft.
7 Nov. 1982
Worlds Apart
When separated, Phineas is arrested with Lawrence of Arabia and Jeffrey helps Thomas Edison invent the electric light.
14 Nov. 1982
Cleo and the Babe
Cleopatra inadvertently travels to New York City in 1927 and helps out Lucky Luciano kidnap Babe Ruth. In 1919, Jeff and Phineas convince Babe Ruth to give up pitching and become the home run hitting champion he is more famous for.
21 Nov. 1982
The Day the Rebs Took Lincoln
After finding the South winning the Civil War, Phineas and Jeffrey must prevent the kidnapping of Abraham Lincoln. They also encounter a young Charles Dickens who has trouble with the real Fagin and Artful Dodger when the Omni is stolen.
28 Nov. 1982
Old Hickory and the Pirate
Pirates are everywhere as Phineas and Jeffrey must save Jean Lafitte from a piracy charge and help General Andrew Jackson win the Battle of New Orleans.
3 Dec. 1982
The Travels of Marco... and Friends
Phineas and Jeffrey come across a legendary Voyager who wants to finish his retirement on a Pacific Island. After they help Marco Polo, they must save the elderly Voyager for he is on Bikini Atoll just before a nuclear test.
12 Dec. 1982
An Arrow Pointing East
Phineas and Jeffrey save both Robin and Maid Marian in England in 1194 and help Lindbergh get ready for his flight to Paris in 1927.
19 Dec. 1982
Merry Christmas, Bogg
Phineas and Jeffrey convince George Washington not the join the British during the American Revolution and steal back his plans from a British officer for attacking Trenton in 1776. While helping out American labor leader Samuel Gompers, they meet an ancestor of Jeffery with whom Phineas wants him to live.
9 Jan. 1983
Buffalo Bill and Annie Play the Palace
Jeffrey and Phineas must save Annie Oakley who was performing in the Wild West Show in England, avert a Russian plot and prevent Queen Victoria's daughter from marrying a Russian nobleman.
16 Jan. 1983
The Trial of Phineas Bogg
Phineas Bogg is put on trial by other Voyagers for endangering Jeffrey's life and violating the Voyager code.
20 Feb. 1983
Sneak Attack
Phineas and Jeff save General MacArthur's life during the attack on Pearl Harbor and help Buffalo Bill Cody make his Pony Express run. They must also deal with an Army intelligence officer who travels in time with them.
27 Feb. 1983
Voyagers of the Titanic
The Voyagers must rescue the Mona Lisa before the Titanic sinks and restore the faith of a fellow Voyager.
6 Mar. 1983
After finding no Cape Kennedy in 1969 and no United States either, Phineas and Jeffrey return to the end of World War II to make sure that German rocket scientist Werner von Braun doesn't fall into Soviet hands.
13 Mar. 1983
Destiny's Choice
After finding Franklin D. Roosevelt directing films in Hollywood in 1928, the Voyagers visit him just after he contracted polio to convince him to not give up and continue his career in politics.
27 Mar. 1983
All Fall Down
In 1938, Jeffrey and Phineas must convince Joe Louis not to quit his rematch with Max Schmeling. They also save a doomed 747 aircraft that had future President Jimmy Carter on board in 1970.
12 Jun. 1983
Barriers of Sound
In 1890, Jeffrey can't call for a doctor when Dwight D. Eisenhower's mother goes into labor because telephones don't exist. They travel to 1875 to make sure that Alexander Graham Bell has his financing to continue his telephone experiments.
10 Jul. 1983
Jack's Back
Through the efforts of the evil Voyager Drake, Phineas is accused of being Jack the Ripper in 1888. To save him, Jeffrey recruits the help of reporter Nellie Bly and author Arthur Conan Doyle.

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