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2 Jan. 1985
Whistle, Wyler Works
Ehlich witnesses Shalla's kidney transplant; a Caribbean medical school with questionable credentials that has a "graduate" working at St. Eligius recruits Luther.
9 Jan. 1985
Bye, George
When Morrison loses all hope, Halloran tries to defend him; a tragedy convinces Wyler to leave Boston; Mrs. Hufnagel proposes marriage.
16 Jan. 1985
Saving Face
Caldwell takes on the case of a woman with a disfiguring disease; Craig is visited by his brother at his 30th anniversary celebration; a new doctor takes over the ER.
23 Jan. 1985
Give the Boy a Hand
Dr. Woodley treats a 14-year old pregnant girl whose boyfriend is a drug dealer. Ehrlich decides to make changes to his televised health segments. Westphall's daughter returns from college homesick.
30 Jan. 1985
Any Portrait in a Storm
Dean heads to Florida when Maddy goes into labor; a phone repairman gets shocked in the hospital; Auschlander cancels his own tribute.
13 Feb. 1985
Red, White, Black and Blue
With the First Lady coming to Boston, St Eligius is chosen by the Secret Service to care for her, if needed. As the staff prepare and enter alert mode, Ehrlich reports a case of potential child abuse and Shirley Daniels returns.
20 Feb. 1985
Amazing Face
Westphall puts his house up for sale; a woman operated on for disfigurement has her bandages removed; Daniels returns to the scene of the crime; Mrs. Hufnagel gets plastic surgery.
27 Feb. 1985
Murder, She Rote
Elliot goes on a date; Caldwell tries to persuade his patient to leave her room; Mrs. Hufnagel leaves the hospital; Daniels is declared fit for work.
13 Mar. 1985
Tears of a Clown
Chandler must try convince a clown with MS to quit the circus; Axelrod meets with a lawyer about Mrs. Hufnagel's estate; Morrison hits a low point in both his professional and personal life; Caldwell's facial surgery patient expresses her feelings for him.
20 Mar. 1985
Bang the Eardrum Slowly
Luther is rushed into surgery after losing his hearing in a boiler room explosion; Auschlander gets some very sad news while reading the paper; Axelrod puts Mrs. Hufnagel to rest; Craig gets some surprising news about his son.
27 Mar. 1985
Westphal, Craig and Auschlander go to the bar "where everybody knows your name," manned by a skeleton staff (Carla plus patrons Norm and Cliff). During the meeting at Cheers, Westphal announces he is quitting medicine. Craig later meets an old mentor who is suffering from advanced dementia and doesn't recognize him.
18 Sep. 1985
Remembrance of Things Past
Auschlander and Craig have trouble dealing with the resignation of Westphall; a mentally ill amnesia patient gets mistaken for the chairman of the Residency Review Committee; Chandler and Morrison have a falling out over Vietnam.
25 Sep. 1985
Fathers and Sons
Luther goes out on his first day of paramedic training; Craig is reunited with his estranged son and new wife; Westphall alienates the hospital staff after being back for only one day.
23 Oct. 1985
The Craigs deal with the aftermath of Stephen's death; Caldwell's excursion to a rented cabin on the cape is crashed by Fiscus; Axelrod becomes self-conscious about his weight.
30 Oct. 1985
The Naked and the Dead
The Craigs prepare for Stephen's funeral; Caldwell's sexual indiscretions lead to a practical joke being played on him; Westphall tries to sell the hospital board on increasing funding for malnutrition; Luther agrees to help Axelrod lose weight.
6 Nov. 1985
Slice O'Life
The Craigs meet Yvonne's parents and their relationship gets off to an icy start; Westphall's efforts to start a hunger unit in the hospital takes a toll on his health; Caldwell's sexual escapades take a scary turn; a cancer patient's impotence following an operation causes Fiscus to reflect on his own life.
13 Nov. 1985
Lost and Found in Space
Westphall is visited by his daughter at the hospital; the Residency Review Committee puts pressure on Caldwell and Turner to perform more surgeries; Axelrod's inability to lose weight costs him a relationship; two mentally challenged patients are caught having sexual intercourse; an astronaut is treated for an unknown condition which causes paralysis in his legs.
20 Nov. 1985
Close Encounters
Craig travels to Clinton, NY in hopes of bringing back his granddaughter; Ehrlich clashes with Caldwell over an unnecessary plastic surgery; Morrison goes against the US Military by refusing to discharge an astronaut; John Doe takes the identity of Mary Richards from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show".
27 Nov. 1985
Watch the Skies
Craig gets a surprise visitor with good news; Ehrlich is demoted to gynecology; Westphall treats a patient who is suffering from malnutrition; Morrison takes the Remedial Exam for the third time; the tension between Rosenthal and Papandrao hits a boiling point; Chandler's romance with Turner faces a major hurdle.
4 Dec. 1985
Fiscus is reunited with a homeless man that once helped him move; Ehrlich helps deliver a baby; Westphall's housekeeper is admitted to the hospital with a back injury; Caldwell steps over the line with Papandrao.
11 Dec. 1985
Loss of Power
There is a citywide blackout in Boston and St. Eligius is hit hard. The so-called "back up" generator does not start automatically and this endangers surgery. Therefore, the Drs. Auschlander and Craig decide to turn off power for all "unnecessary" parts of the hospital, including the elevators. However, Dr. Westphall is stuck in the elevator with a character; Dr. Fiscus proposes to his lady love and she accepts.
18 Dec. 1985
Santa Claus Is Dead
Santa Claus comes to the hospital and collapses while meeting the children; the Craig hosts a Christmas party; Ehrlich is upset when no one buys him any gifts; Westphall has Lizzy and her boyfriend over for the holidays.

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