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Season 2

26 Oct. 1983
Ties That Bind
Craig clashes with the new city budget advisor over funds to perform a heart transplant. Morrison has to deal with the rude husband of a stroke victim. Ehrlich meets a new girl at the laundromat. Luther gets attacked at the medicine cabinet. Fiscus continues to see both Martin and Daniels.
2 Nov. 1983
Lust Et Veritas
With the heart transplant operation approaching, Craig becomes more tense and takes thing out on Ehrlich, who desperately wants to be a part of it. Caldwell, the new plastic surgeon, is anything but a stranger to Halloran. A former intern comes back to persuade Cavanero to change an unfavorable evaluation on him. The husband of a stroke victim struggles to help her rehabilitate.
9 Nov. 1983
Halloran tries to get Westphall to agree to a nuclear contingency plan. Morrison receives some shocking news. Craig anxiously awaits the call to find a donor for his heart transplant patient. As Kochar's big day approaches, he is given an early wedding present by Cathy Martin.
16 Nov. 1983
Qui Transtulit Sustinet
Members of the press gather at the hospital to report on the progress of the heart transplant. Morrison begins to blame himself for Nina's death. Luther asks Fiscus to invest in a stock with him. Rosenthal has trouble consoling a breast cancer patient.
23 Nov. 1983
A Wing and a Prayer
The staff members decide to have a Thanksgiving feast with Ehrlich and Craig competing for best turkey. Auschlander considers giving up the fight against cancer. An 11-year old boy is brought in to the hospital with leukemia-like symptoms.
30 Nov. 1983
Under Pressure
Northern Ireland's "troubles" reach St Eligius. New psychiatrist joins the hospital. Dr. Craig finds he has a secret admirer. Elevator entertainer keeps the hospital staff amused. Eva learns the identity of her heart donor. Dr. Westphall is in an ornery mood.
7 Dec. 1983
White is under investigation by the medical board for giving out pills without a prescription. An all-out war erupts between the Irish and Protestants. Cathy Martin becomes infatuated with Dr. Craig and begins sending him anonymous gifts.
14 Dec. 1983
All About Eve
Westphall must find someone to care for his autistic son after his housekeeper quits. The new nurse's aide is a woman who Ehrlich had a sexual encounter with. Caldwell gets attacked at Halloran's home.
21 Dec. 1983
AIDS & Comfort
Everyone in the hospital grows fearful when a patient is diagnosed with AIDS. Ehrlich and Daniels are chosen to coordinate a blood drive.
11 Jan. 1984
A Pig Too Far
Ehrlich considers proposing to Roberta. A risky transfer of a very sick patient from a private hospital draws the ire of Cavanero. A computer nerd who is a patient at the hospital develops a program to diagnose patients and is able to hack into the medical files. Morrison and Ridley treat a patient with severe mood swings.
18 Jan. 1984
A blizzard cripples the city causing Craig to be MIA. Ehrlich seeks counseling on his relationship with Roberta. A computer hacker breaks into the system causing problems with patient diagnoses. The roof caves in on Cavanero.
1 Feb. 1984
White finally goes before the Medical Board for inappropriately dispensing medicine. Daniels fears that White will implicate her for giving him the keys. Auschlander asks Fiscus to score him pot to counter the effects of his chemotherapy. Ehrlich is nervous about meeting Roberta's parents. A supervisor gets impatient with a deaf employee.
8 Feb. 1984
In Sickness and in Health
Dr. Chandler runs the Boston Marathon alone in February. The Halloran family experiences tragedy. Dr. Ehrlich has an unforgettable wedding at Dr. Craig's house.
15 Feb. 1984
Drama Center
A woman is raped outside the hospital. White has trouble adjusting to his new role at the hospital. Cavanero lets her job get in the way of a relationship. After another housekeeper quits, Westphall has trouble finding proper care for Tommy. Craig agrees to be filmed for a documentary.
22 Feb. 1984
Ehrlich returns from his honeymoon and has his marital problems broadcast over the hospital PA system. Auschlander finds out that one of his patients is a former lover. The hospital staff is on alert after the rapist strikes again wearing a ski mask. Morrison treats a construction worker who is not completely upfront about his medical problems for fear that he will lose his job.
29 Feb. 1984
After Dark
Ehrlich considers ending his marriage while Caldwell entertains the thought of getting married. Craig has his Doctor of the Year speech prepared. Morrison gets upset after a fellow doctor insensitively tells his patient that he must quit his job. After being raped, Cathy Martin turns up missing.
7 Mar. 1984
Dr. Cathy Martin returns to work in a bad state. Nurse Rosenthal has reconstructive surgery. The documentary on Dr. Craig airs, much to his dismay. Dr. Morrison's patient, Keuhnilian, is treated successfully.
14 Mar. 1984
Members of the staff are upset about White being able to return to work after getting a reduced charge of assault. Cavanero must tell a college student that he has testicular cancer. Axelrod loses Fiscus' lucky hat. Chandler gets upset when his girlfriend pays more attention to Luther.
28 Mar. 1984
The Women
Four women share the same room: a gravely ill woman; an elderly woman who may lose her independence; a middle-aged woman with a history of erratic behavior; and a younger woman who is getting a nose job.
2 May 1984
Victor's spacey aunt comes to visit and has her eyes set on Dr. Westphall. White goes on trial for rape. Armstrong makes a fatal misdiagnosis. Everyone prepares for the National Boards.
9 May 1984
Rough Cut
Westphall, Auschlander, and Craig must decide on which residents to cut. Fiscus agrees to pose for a newspaper feature only to realize the pictures are provocative. Caldwell and Halloran's trip to Paris is canceled "on the fly". A depressed Armstrong is found to be bulimic.
16 May 1984
Hello, Goodbye
Craig's formerly drug-addicted son comes back home to try and reconcile with him. Due to the need for repairs, the first floor ER is temporarily shut down. Luther goes out of his way to find a cat for a sick little girl. A very nervous Axelrod interviews for a residency position. Auschlander collapses in a broken elevator. Morrison goes out on his first date since the death of his wife.

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