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Season 1

27 Sep. 1982
Sarah Jessica Parker and Amy Linker star as best friends and new high school students in this series premiere. The two best friends are anxious to fit in at Weemawee High and become popular.
4 Oct. 1982
A Cafeteria Line
Vinnie and Jennifer, Weemawee's "killer couple", are suddenly on the outs when Vinnie is cast as the male lead in the school musical and starts making eyes at his female co-star, Patty.
11 Oct. 1982
Pac Man Fever
The class clown, Marshall, becomes addicted to the new arcade game that has arrived on campus. His friend Johnny is concerned, and looks to Father Guido Sarducci (played by Don Novello) for help.
18 Oct. 1982
Square Pigskins
High School sports takes a step backwards when Lauren encourages a skeptical Patty to join her on the Weemawee girls' football team. Lauren is convinced it's the perfect way to meet boys.
1 Nov. 1982
Halloween XII
Patty and Lauren are exuberant over being invited to a Halloween party with the "popular kids." But the festivities turn spooky with the overwhelming sense that they're being watched.
8 Nov. 1982
A Simple Attachment
Marshall hopes his science project, a "love detector," will convince Lauren that she's in love with him. Instead, the "gadget" goes haywire, turning Weemawee High's social circle into a social mess.
15 Nov. 1982
"Ace" reporters Lauren and Patty investigate Weemawee High's scandal-ridden campaign for a new school mascot. Class clown Marshall's latest stunt makes him a prime suspect.
22 Nov. 1982
Open 24 Hours
The music industry might never be the same when Weemawee High's Career Week influences Johnny to start his own rock band, with best friend Marshall acting as the manager.
29 Nov. 1982
Muffy's Bat Mitzvah
Lauren, Patty, Johnny and Marshall are left off the guest list for the coolest party of the year, Muffy's "new wave" Bat Mitzvah. DEVO makes their primetime TV debut with the single, "That's' Good."
13 Dec. 1982
Hardly Working
A need for money forces the supercool Jennifer into donning a uniform and taking an unlikely, and "uncool" job after school.
20 Dec. 1982
Child's Christmas in Weemawee: Part 1
During the holidays, Patty's estranged father (played by Tony Dow of "Leave It to Beaver" fame) decides they need to spend more time together. This may ruin the girls' holiday party plans.
20 Dec. 1982
Child's Christmas in Weemawee: Part 2
Patty and Lauren face the prospect of a bleak holiday season, and no New Year's Eve party at Vinnie's, unless Patty can resolve her relationship with her estranged father (played by Tony Dow).
27 Dec. 1982
It's All How You See Things
Patty "blindly" ventures out to prove her theory that glasses decrease popularity at Weemawee, but her visionary experiment could jeopardize her longtime relationship with best friend Lauren.
10 Jan. 1983
Merry Pranksters
In an effort to increase their popularity, Lauren and Patty orchestrate a series of outrageous practical jokes at Weemawee High. The plan backfires when a well known prankster gets all the credit.
24 Jan. 1983
It's Academical
Patty is chosen to represent Weemawee High on a TV quiz show. Muffy is also on the panel, along with a handsome senior, and both girls are determined to make him their top prize.
31 Jan. 1983
The Stepanowicz Papers
Lauren is head over heels in love, but the unlikely object of her teenage infatuation could innocently be setting her up for a crushing romantic fall.
7 Feb. 1983
To Serve Weemawee All My Days
Lauren and Patty are pitted against Muffy when they go to bat for their favorite teacher. His radical lifestyle and unconventional teaching methods threaten to get him fired from Weemawee.
14 Feb. 1983
No Substitutions
Bill Murray guest stars as Mr. McNulty, a free-wheeling Weemawee High substitute teacher, who creates some unexpected repercussions for the freshman class.
21 Feb. 1983
No Joy in Weemawee
Patty and Lauren's pal, Johnny Slash, might help bring them popularity. His home run hitting streak attracts the 1982 N.L. Rookie of the Year Steve Sax, and other Dodger teammates.
7 Mar. 1983
The Arrangement
Lauren's convinced that she and Patty have finally cracked the Weemawee High popularity barrier, but Patty knows the real reason behind their instant popularity, and can't reveal it.

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