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(I) (1982– )

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Season 1

23 Mar. 1982
Target: London
A wealthy, if abrasive, Harvard professor quits in the middle of a lecture and moves to London where he uses his scientific background to investigate a missing person from a yacht off the British Coast.
30 Mar. 1982
The Great Motor Race
Deverill is alerted to a cross country automobile race for which he lends his talents to one of the entrants. Kilkiss also assists one of the foreign entrants.
6 Apr. 1982
Infernal Device
Deverill is contracted to develop a safer detonation mechanism for mining. Meanwhile Jenny and Phipps are kidnapped at a soup kitchen as a way to pressure Deverill into using his invention for political purposes.
13 Apr. 1982
4:10 to Zurich
After discovering a potent nerve agent, an associate of someone with whom Deverill has been working is shot on Deverill's doorstep. With his dying breath, the man gives Deverill a clue about a train to Zurich.
20 Apr. 1982
To Catch a Ghost
Jenny leaves for a week to visit her sick aunt, where she learns of a potential ghost haunting the residence. She then enlists Deverill to come investigate.
27 Apr. 1982
The Limehouse Connection
A series of unexplained deaths among the Chinese workers in London leads Charlie and Deverill to investigate. The investigation gets complicated when British and US officials get involved.

 Season 1 

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