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Season 3

21 Sep. 1984
Wanted Man
Houston is still on the run and is trying to find the one responsible but has no leads. But when he meets a gifted child who tells him to seek out the help of his family. But Houston says he has no family except for his Uncle Roy who is a former member of the CIA. That's when Houston realizes that the man he is looking is probably a former CIA man too. So he goes to his uncle and the man he is looking tracks him there and tries to kill him but he and his uncle escape. Roy takes him to someone who can help him find the man and when he learns who he is and where he is, ...
28 Sep. 1984
When three children are abducted and one of them is Hoyt's, he and Houston do whatever they have to find her. Eventually they find the man who got them but he claims they're dead. And since Houston and Hoyt didn't exactly go by the book, the man's released. And Hoyt sets out to get him.
12 Oct. 1984
Accused of being jealous, Matt is reluctantly faced with proving that C.J.'s newscaster boyfriend is a murderer.
19 Oct. 1984
Apostle of Death
Houston is hired to rescue a girl from a cult. It seems that anyone who joins has to turn everything they have. And she's about to inherit a fortune. And it also seems that anyone who after turning over a fortune, dies shortly after.
26 Oct. 1984
Matt sets out to rescue C.J. who has been mistaken for a prostitute and imprisoned after suffering amnesia in a freak car accident.
2 Nov. 1984
Return to Nam: Part 1
Houston and Roy get information that Roy's son who is an MIA in Vietnam is alive. They go to the government who tell them that they can't do anything. So Houston decides to go and find him himself; Too Mean accompanies him. They meet a mercenary who tells them that the man who has the one they are looking for is a warlord. So they go to try and rescue him.
9 Nov. 1984
Escape from Nam: Part 2
After getting captured by the warlord holding his cousin, Houston tries to find a way out. The warlord demands a ransom which C.J. is about deliver but a government agent stops her. Roy decides to ask someone from his days as a spy to help him.
16 Nov. 1984
The High Fashion Murders
Two models have been murdered, and Matt can't accept the alibi of the most likely suspect.
23 Nov. 1984
Death Stalk
An old enemy of Houston's, Andre 'Allen' Garvey - AKA the 'Wolf-Witch' - is released from prison after bribing a corrupt judge, Malcolm Granger. The fiend begins taunting & stalking Houston on a single-minded mission of revenge.
30 Nov. 1984
Blood Money
An old high school friend of Matt's is unaware she is being used as a decoy when she asks for his help to find her boyfriend.
7 Dec. 1984
Deadly Games
The most dangerous game is revisited when a sporting goods mogul hunts athletes.
21 Dec. 1984
Matt stumbles upon an illegal adoption ring when a woman hires him to find her kidnapped son.
4 Jan. 1985
The Nightmare Man
After getting a lead on the man who kidnapped him when he was a little boy, Matt sets out to find him and bring him to justice.
11 Jan. 1985
A birthday party for Cousin Will turns sour when Matt is informed that he's parked on a roof, ready to jump.
18 Jan. 1985
Death Trap
Matt must rescue C.J. and Roy from small town oil embezzlers.
25 Jan. 1985
The Honeymoon Murders
An old college friend asks for Matt's help in solving the murder of his wife, killed hours after their wedding.
1 Feb. 1985
The Beach Club Murders
Matt meets his female counterpart while investigating the murder of two guests at a resort.
8 Feb. 1985
New Orleans Nightmare
A stewardess accidentally happens upon and photographs a murder and asks Matt to protect her.
15 Feb. 1985
Company Secrets
One of Roy's former intelligence associates tells him that a Russian agent whom they took down years ago and who swore vengeance is back. It's not long after that that the man is killed. So Roy tries to find the agents who helped him before the man gets them all.
22 Feb. 1985
Killing Time
After suffering his umpteenth concussion, Matt falls head over heals in love with an Irish heiress who is being brainwashed by her Irish-terrorist brother.
15 Mar. 1985
Death Watch
Matt Houston and his company investigate a drug ring.
29 Mar. 1985
Final Vows
Elizabeth, the object of Matt's affections, returns, and Matt decides to marry her.

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