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Season 2

2 Oct. 1983
Goliath: Part 1
Wilton Knight's estranged son Garthe has returned from Africa where he had been sentenced to three lifetime imprisonments. Together with his mother Elizabeth (Wilton's fourth wife) he manages to steal the formula to Kitt's Molecular Bonded Shell and applies it to a monster truck he calls Goliath. Garthe then sets out to destroy Michael Knight, the man he feels his father gave everything to that was rightfully his.
2 Oct. 1983
Goliath: Part 2
When his car is badly damaged in a collision with Goliath, Michael must repair it before being overcome by the heat of the desert.
9 Oct. 1983
Brother's Keeper
Michael Knight helps to break a criminal out of jail against his wishes in order to halt the detonation of a Minotaur bomb. When the escapee refuses to cooperate, Knight and Kitt become fugitives of the law themselves.
16 Oct. 1983
Merchants of Death
Amelia Clermont, a former lover of Devon Miles, stumbles upon some stolen Sledgehammer missile that can only be fired from the SX4-11 helicopter and promptly disappears. Her daughter Camela turns the Foundation and Devon, who puts Michael and Kitt on the case.
23 Oct. 1983
Blind Spot
The Foundation is tipped to investigate the exploitation of illegal aliens at a scrapyard. When a man suspected to be the informant gets shot, the only witness turns out to be a blind woman called Julie Robinson.
30 Oct. 1983
Return to Cadiz
About to embark on a test to see if Kitt can float on water, Michael finds Bobby Shell, a diver, unconscious on the beach grasping a coin of Aztec gold. He and Bobby's sister Jennifer soon embark on quest to find the rest of the gold before the men who tried to kill Bobby do.
6 Nov. 1983
K.I.T.T. the Cat
An infamous cat burglar has begun robbing jewelry again. The problem is that the man who was always the main suspect has recently passed on. therefore suspicion soon falls on his daughter, Grace Fallon.
13 Nov. 1983
Custom K.I.T.T.
Devon loses Colonel Smythe's Pennington Ascot Regency to highway thieves. Michael's investigation leads him to a custom car show that is in the vicinity whenever there is a custom car theft.
27 Nov. 1983
Soul Survivor
A self taught computer whiz kid named Randy manages to cracks and steals K.I.T.T. for his older lover Adrianne. All Michael is left with is K.I.T.T.'s intelligence boxed in a portable TV set.
4 Dec. 1983
Ring of Fire
When a convicted murderer escapes from prison, his young wife sends a distress call to the Foundation. Michael and Kitt head to the Louisiana bayou where the murderer is being protected by his father, the judge.
11 Dec. 1983
Michael & Kitt are looking for a stolen substance called Alidium. After tracking a suspect to the Bedford dam, Michael is caught in an explosion and loses part of his memory. He wakes up thinking he's still police officer Michael Long.
18 Dec. 1983
Silent Knight
On their way to pick up a tux for the annual Foundation Christmas banquet, Michael and Kitt run into a gypsy kid named Tino who has just stolen a gold watch from a trio of bank robbers. Michael promises Tino's sister Marta to bring the boy to their uncle Stephano, self proclaimed king of the gypsies. But they are unaware the bank robbers, afraid of being identified by the boy, are on their trail.
8 Jan. 1984
A Knight in Shining Armor
Renowned adventurer Charlie Granger is murdered within the compounds of the Foundation. Michael and Kitt are send to protect Granger's estranged daughter Katherine who's locket hold the key to finding his hidden treasure.
15 Jan. 1984
Diamonds Aren't a Girl's Best Friend
A model named Rachel is killed. Michael is send to investigate and pretends to be her friend Lauren's boyfriend. He soon uncovers a diamond smuggling ring headed by the model's agent, Bernie Mitchell.
29 Jan. 1984
White-Line Warriors
Michael investigates a series of robberies in the small town of Vista Beach where an old acquaintance of Devon's runs an Art & Framing shop. The main suspects are a gang of drag racers because the thefts always happen during their weekend escapades.
5 Feb. 1984
Race for Life
April's adopted niece Becky needs a bone marrow transplant within 72 hours to stay alive. Michael tracks down the only available donor, Julio Rodriguez, a gang-member who is wanted for the murder of a gang leader.
12 Feb. 1984
Speed Demons
Michael is sent to investigate the death of a motorcycle racer in last year's Oakside charity race, which happens to be sponsored by the Foundation.
19 Feb. 1984
Goliath Returns
Adrienne St. Clair has rebuilt Goliath and springs Garthe Knight out of prison. Next they kidnap Devon and April from Foundation HQ in order to lure Michael and Kitt into a trap. Adrienne wants to install Kitt's CPU into Goliath, but Garthe is only interested in getting revenge on Michael.
4 Mar. 1984
A Good Knight's Work
Cameron Zachary, the man who ordered the death of Michael Long three years earlier, finds out Long is now going by the name of Michael Knight and sets out to destroy him once and for all, as well as get his hands on the Knight Industries Two Thousand. Meanwhile, an unsuspecting Michael is investigating the theft of a talking teddy bear toy design.
8 Apr. 1984
Mouth of the Snake
Michael and Kitt join forces with an agile freelance agent called David Dalton to investigate the death of a government agent near the Mexican border. Dalton leads the investigation and stays close to Joanna St. John in order to protect her.
13 May 1984
Let It Be Me
Michael investigates the death of Greg Noble, lead singer of the rock and roll band 'Class Action' only to discover the lead singer is his lost love Stevie March. He takes Noble's place in the band to protect Stevie and find the murderer.
27 May 1984
Big Iron
Michael and Kitt investigate the theft of tractors and similar 'big iron' construction equipment.

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