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Season 1

11 Apr. 1980
Maggie Forbes, just promoted to Detective Inspector in the Metropolitan Police, reaches a crossroads in her life. Within hours of her promotion her police constable husband is shot by two brothers. Maggie is ordered to stay at home while her colleagues investigate the killing.
18 Apr. 1980
Tired of sitting at home, Maggie disobeys orders and set out to find her husband's killers. Having received a tip-off from a contact in the criminal world that the gun used in the crime was supplied by illicit arms dealer Jackie Frost, she hands her information to Chief Inspector Russell - tells him she is resigning from the force.
25 Apr. 1980
Having withdrawn her resignation. Maggie tries to sort out the problems facing her friend Susan Scott and her daughter. What she doesn't know is that is trouble is on her own doorstep - her son Steven has taken to drinking.
2 May 1980
When a woman is found dead in a 'love nest', Det. Insp. Maggie Forbes is handed the case. She builds up a strong picture of how the crime was carried out, but further investigations lead to several shocks for the people involved.
9 May 1980
A young man found murdered in the London Underground one morning has been stabbed with a knife. The nature of the crime points to a homosexual encounter - which eventually leads Maggie to a blazing row with her colleague, DI Croft.
16 May 1980
Interviewing an unsuccessful businessman who is suspected of deliberately setting fire his premises for the insurance, Maggie takes offence when the man offers her a bride. But even stranger offers are waiting around the corner - that Maggie can't ignore.
23 May 1980
Maggie investigates the death of Melody, a call-girls can offer any insight into Melody's background, Maggie suspects that their pimp, Miller, has put the 'frighteners' on them.

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