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7 Jan. 1984
An undercover narcotics officer becomes a student at the school to the dislikes of Miss Grant and others.
14 Jan. 1984
Holly becomes interested in a voice coach who is in a wheelchair.
28 Jan. 1984
Fame Looks at Music '83
Contains excerpts from a 1983 concert featuring "The Kids from Fame" paying tribute to the music of 1983.
4 Feb. 1984
Holly and Christopher are cast as lovers in a play, while Danny helps a girl trying to avoid returning to the Soviet Union by becoming a dance student.
11 Feb. 1984
Bottle of Blues
Doris tries to get everyone to help her cure her old boyfriend of his alcoholism.
18 Feb. 1984
Lisa's Song
Doris is contacted by a ghost during rehearsals of a play. The ghost needs Doris' help to finish her role, so she can rest in peace.
26 Feb. 1984
A Way of Winning
Morloch learns about Leroy's high school success in track and tries to get him to go for a college scholarship, despite Lydia's objections.
4 Mar. 1984
Holly's mother moves in with her, but it soon proves to be a mistake when she starts to get in the way of things.
18 Mar. 1984
Sheer Will
The kids discover Danny has leukemia, and they try to help him make the decision to fight it.
25 Mar. 1984
Catch a Falling Star
Leroy and Reardon team up to try to rehabilitate a wine derelict who was once a top night club performer with Leroy's late uncle.
1 Apr. 1984
A Friend in Need
Blind substitute teacher Jim Hamilton returns to the School of the Arts, and finds himself falling for Lydia.
29 Apr. 1984
The Deal
Bruno is caught in the middle when Caruso's landlord threatens to close the coffee house, unless his friend is accepted into the School Of The Arts.
6 May 1984
Home Again
A new substitute teacher has a secret. She used to be this famous singer, and only Dwight remembers her past.
13 May 1984
Chris temporarily goes deaf and learns how to ask for help at his new school. While Doris works with some deaf children.
20 May 1984
Lydia teaches a dance class to a basketball team, while Shorofsky asks Doris to perform for a Holocaust Survivors reunion.
27 May 1984
The Home Front
Chris's schoolwork suffers when his father becomes unemployed. Doris has a hard time accepting Alicia into the school until she sees how Alicia comes to Chris' rescue.
29 Sep. 1984
Indian Summer
Doris and Danny console each other over sour flings; Love holds surprise for both Sherwood and Leroy; Holly sets her sights on an older man.
6 Oct. 1984
Christopher falls hard for a visiting Czech student; Leroy tries to avoid a new admirer; Doris runs for student-body president.
13 Oct. 1984
Spontaneous Combustion
Leroy makes the biggest sacrifice of those protesting a directive prohibiting dancing and singing in the halls.
20 Oct. 1984
I Never Danced for My Father
Leroy won't let his estranged father back into his life. Meanwhile, Danny can't get his father to support his career choice.
26 Oct. 1984
The Heart of Rock 'N' Roll
Comprised of excerpts from the second U.S. concert by "The Kids from Fame" paying tribute to the history of Rock 'N' Roll.
3 Nov. 1984
A broken furnace and a prowler are two of the problems facing those stranded at the school by a blizzard.
10 Nov. 1984
The Monster That Devoured Las Vegas
An opening-night hex threatens Cassidy's directorial debut when Morloch inadvertently breaks a show-business dictum.
17 Nov. 1984
The Return of Doctor Scorpio
A school alumnus and Shakespearean actor volunteers to be in the school's anniversary show in hopes of revitalizing his career.
24 Nov. 1984
The Ballad of Ray Claxton
A feature on the school brings Nicole to the attention of a prisoner, who brings his talents to the attention of the school.
1 Nov. 1984
Nothing Personal
Christopher writes a less-than-rave review of Cleo's debut as a lead dancer; Nicole and Jesse look for romance in the personal ads.
15 Dec. 1984
The Rivalry
Lydia has a dancing showdown with Holly's mother, who thinks Lydia and Holly lack the drive to succeed in show business.

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