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Season 2

25 Oct. 1982
Witness to an Incident
Cagney and Lacey come into conflict when they remember the events of the shooting of a civilian differently.
1 Nov. 1982
One of Our Own
A cop accidentally gets in the line of fire of a hit man's bullet and everyone at the 14th comes together to bring him in.
8 Nov. 1982
Beauty Burglars
Cagney and Lacey head a task force to track down a pair of burglars posing as police officers.
15 Nov. 1982
High Steel
Lacey's husband assists the pair in cracking down on a crooked construction firm that is responsible for the death of a worker.
22 Nov. 1982
Hot Line
Cagney and Lacey try to uncover the connection between 3 strangled women and an adult telephone line.
29 Nov. 1982
Internal Affairs
As Cagney contends with her estranged father, she and Lacey are recruited by Internal Affairs to spy on their fellow police officers.
6 Dec. 1982
Mr. Lonelyhearts
An elderly man asks the pair to find his young wife who has disappeared mysteriously, but when Cagney and Lacey start digging they find the wife is not who she said she was.
13 Dec. 1982
Conduct Unbecoming
As the 14th Precinct eagerly awaits the results of their shared lottery ticket, Cagney and Lacey risk their careers by helping a suspended officer crack an illegal gun ring.
20 Dec. 1982
I'll Be Home for Christmas
Christmas Eve at the 14th finds everyone eager to get home for the holidays until an escaped criminal dressed as Santa complicates matters.
27 Dec. 1982
Recreational Use
Cagney becomes involved with a fellow detective who uses cocaine and must make a difficult decision whether to let it go or turn him in.
10 Jan. 1983
Hopes and Dreams
The detectives do their best to recover a stolen bike stolen from a handicapped girl, meanwhile Harvey hires a cleaning lady for Lacey.
17 Jan. 1983
The Grandest Jewel Thief of Them All
Cagney becomes obsessed with busting a gentlemanly and famous jewel thief from years back.
24 Jan. 1983
Affirmative Action
When the 14th precinct is assigned another female detective, Mary Beth and Chris don't agree on whether she's qualified to be there or not.
31 Jan. 1983
Open and Shut Case
Mary Beth is the star witness in a trial that turns out not to be the slam dunk the prosecutors thought it was. Meanwhile, Chris and Mary Beth try to convince a rape witness to not back out of testifying.
14 Feb. 1983
Jane Doe #37
When a Jane Doe homeless lady is murdered, Chris vows to find out who she is. Meanwhile, Chris and Mary Beth shoot a recruiting commercial for the NYPD while Mary Beth is fighting a nasty cold.
21 Feb. 1983
Date Rape
A date rape investigation divides Chris, who feels the victim brought it on herself, and Mary Beth, who doesn't believe that philosophy. Chris feels honored for the girls to be let in on the male officers' practical jokes.
7 Mar. 1983
Burn Out
Chris poses as a nun as part of an investigation into missing drugs from a hospital. Meanwhile, Mary Beth vanishes after a last-minute vacation cancellation.
14 Mar. 1983
Chop Shop
Isbecki becomes a hostage after Cagney and Lacey fail to back him up properly. Meanwhile, when Petrie accidentally shoots a black child, the department thinks the uproar will go away if the public sees Petrie is black, too.
21 Mar. 1983
Let Them Eat Pretzels
Cagney and Lacey try to find a way to arrest the son of a immunized diplomat who's using his nation's embassy to avoid justice after hitting a poor man with his car.
28 Mar. 1983
The Gang's All Here
The gang from the 14th precinct are robbed at a celebration for Petrie's promotion, and set out to bring the perpetrators to justice before they become the laughingstock of the NYPD.
2 May 1983
A Cry for Help
A con man has to be let go because he had nothing on him when arrested, so Cagney and Lacey have to find a way to get him with the goods. Meanwhile, a fellow police academy graduate of Mary Beth's is a wife-beater.
9 May 1983
The Informant
Cagney and Lacey have a high school drug case blow up in their faces when it turns out their teenage informant is a drug pusher hiself.

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