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Sex & Nudity

  • Passionate kissing.
  • A man spends the night with a prostitute. They are seen cuddling and kissing, no sex or nudity is shown.
  • The main character's girlfriend lets him spend the night with her since he has no where else to stay. Nothing bad is seen.
  • Soldier trie to rape a black woman, but they are stopped.

Violence & Gore

  • A lot of battle scenes are shown throughout the film with some blood.
  • An old woman who stays inside her house while a battle is taking place near it is killed by cannon fire. After the battle, her lifeless body is seen on the ground with a little bit of blood.
  • A soldier is shot in the head, blood is seen.
  • A young lady is killed by a stray bullet.
  • A man shoots his dying horse.
  • An escaped slave is hung.
  • Durring a town siege, some innocent civilians are killed. The town is bombed with cannon fire.
  • Two men have a pistol duel. One of them tries to cheat and he fails. His opponent doesn't want to kill him, because he is unarmed. So he shoots his hat off of his head instead.
  • John Brown is hanged.
  • A man is burned alive after a tree that is on fire falls on top of him.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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