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well worth watching!
tarpoff18 November 2002
Haven't seen this since it was first shown, but have been looking for it ever since. This is twenty years old now and made for TV, but seemed ahead of itself at the time. Beautiful people, beautiful scenery, enjoyable story - this is Must See TV. Teri Copley is gorgeous! Look for it.
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Watch For Rock's Bed Scene With Another Man!
reel_emotion16 March 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I guess you have to thank the Encore stations for bringing some of these train-wreck of a mini-series back. I suffered through this one, and it may be worth it to see this pop-culture artifact. A young, pre-plastic surgery Melanie Griffith plays Rock Hudson's young starlet and second wife. There is also a scene in which Rock "pretends" to be in bed with a man to ward off the affections of his lovesick mother-in-law, Brenda Vocarro.

The Star Maker is almost uncharmingly sexist. Could you imagine seeing a movie today in which womanizing is considered a good character trait? Hudson's character loves and leaves 'em....looking for his next famous actress--which is the plot. Watch it for stars and high camp.
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Typical 80's made for TV movie...
twitsted112 January 2003
As scary as that sounds watching is even scarier. The story attempts to squeeze out as much T&A as possible but not even a hormone raging 13 year old could sit through this gem. Most of the acting is rote and uninspired, the director can't get enough mirror shots in, poor stock footage of Rome is followed by palatial estates looking over the San Fernando Valley and poor Rock's attempts at virile heterosexuality fall way limp. I can enjoy movies for their train wreck fascination but this is too gory. The single exception is Suzanne Pleshette who gives her usual natural performance, in even greater contrast with the stilted (and, to be fair, that's to be expected here) performances given around her. The characters are cliches, from the New York cabbie in L.A. to the brainless blonde, the scheming backstage mother to the bimbo stripper; and of course everyone wants to be in the movies. The greatest interest for me though is the four 10 out of 10 votes this thing garnered (50% of the vote!) while the next four are in the 4 range. The plot does thicken when you least expect it to... 2 thumbs?
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