Possession (1981) Poster


Isabelle Adjani: Anna, Helen



  • Anna : I can't exist by myself because I'm afraid of myself, because I'm the maker of my own evil.

  • Anna : Because you say "I" for me.

  • Helen : There is nothing in common among women except menstruation.

  • Anna : [to Zimmermann, about the creature]  He's very tired. He made love to me all night.

  • Anna : Goodness is only some kind of reflection upon evil. That's all it is.

  • Helen : We are all the same. Different words, different bodies, different versions. Like insects! Meat!

    [stabs Heinrich] 

  • Anna : Almost.

  • Anna : Do you believe in God?

    Mark : God.

    Anna : It's in me.

  • Anna : What I miscarried there was sister Faith, and what was left is sister Chance. So I had to take care of my faith to protect it.

  • Mark : If I lay at your feet and yelped like a dog would you still step over me?

    Anna : Yes.

  • Anna : Maybe this is something all couples go through.

  • Mark : Don't make me force you.

    Anna : I'll throw myself out the window!

    Mark : You need it that much?

  • Mark : You know what this is for? All the lies!

    Anna : Then you would have to add more.

  • Anna : No one is good or bad, but if you want, I'm the bad one. And if I knew he existed in this world, I would have never had Bob with you!

  • Helen : Will you promise me something?

    Mark : Yes.

    Helen : Whatever it is.

    Mark : I promise.

  • Anna : You think I'm immoral, say it! I think so too, but for different reasons.

  • Anna : [looks up at the Crucifix, starts to cry] 

  • Anna : [introducing Mark to his Doppleganger]  It's finished! I wanted you to see.

  • Mark : I could take him to the zoo.

    Anna : [Flinches] 

  • Mark : Anna, it's me!

    Anna : Don't you understand you disgust me now?

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