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  • The card was to be used when a number appeared on screen. These numbers where taken off VHS and DVD versions of the film. The timing was as following:

    1. with Roses

    2. at 0:18:46 with Flatulence

    3. at 0:33:54 with Model Airplane Glue

    4. at 0:40:33 with Pizza

    5. at 0:43:06 with Gasoline

    6. at 0:57:28 with Skunk

    7. at 1:00:06 with Natural Gas

    8. at 1:05:49 with New Car Smell

    9. at 1:18:39 with Dirty Shoes

    10. at 1:22:31 with Air Freshener

    each extenging up to 15 seconds. This is timed in a version where there is a Oderama introduction. Where it is omited two minutes and fourty five seconds need to be calculated off to get the correct timing. It should also be noted that this is a PAL version, any NTSC version might have different timing.


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