Heavy Metal (1981) Poster


Don Francks: Grimaldi (segment "Grimaldi"), Co-Pilot (segment "B-17"), Barbarian (segment "Taarna")


  • Girl (segment "Grimaldi") : [the astronaut comes home with a grey box. he is greeted by his daughter]  What did you bring me?

    Grimaldi : You'll see.

    [the astronaut goes into the parlor. his daughter follows] 

    Girl (segment "Grimaldi") : [she runs after him]  Wait, wait for me. What is it?

    Loknar : [the astronaut opens the box and a green orb rises out. it hovers in front of him for a second, then destroys his body in a gooey mass of flesh and bone. it evaporates quickly into nothing. the orb confronts the girl]  Do not try to escape. You are in my control. Look at me: I am the sum of all evils. Look carefully. My power infests all times, all galaxies, all dimensions. But many still seek me out; a green jewel they must possess. But see how I destroy their lives.

    [the screen cuts to the first story] 

  • Pilot (segment "B-17") : Holden, are you okay?

    Co-Pilot (segment "B-17") : [he gets up inside the plane]  Y-Yeah. Yeah, I-I'm... I'm coming back, Skip.

  • Co-Pilot (segment "B-17") : [Holden opens up the door, when suddenly, he looked down and saw a zombie lunging his shoulders and screams into pain] 

    Pilot (segment "B-17") : What the hell is happening back there?

    [takes off his headphones] 

    Pilot (segment "B-17") : Oh, Shit!

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