Heavy Metal (1981) Poster


John Candy: Desk Sergeant (segment "Harry Canyon"), Dan (segment "Den"), Den (segment "Den"), Robot (segment "So Beautiful and So Dangerous")



  • [after sex] 

    Robot : Earth women who experience sexual ecstasy with mechanical assistance always tend to feel guilty!

  • Den : [as the Queen presents her disrobed body to him]  Wow! 18 years of nothing, and now twice in one day! What a place!

  • [looking at a beautiful naked woman with huge breasts] 

    Den : [voiceover]  She had the most beautiful eyes. I wanted to make some conversation. But I found my new self asking the same old stupid questions.

    [to the woman] 

    Den : Are you from around here?

    Katherine (segment "Den") : Well, you may not believe this, but I'm from another planet. It's called Earth.

    Den : Earth. I too am from Earth.

    Katherine (segment "Den") : My name is Katherine Wells. I am from the British Colony Gibraltar. You saved my life. I have no reward to give you, but if any part of me pleases your senses, I will give it to you willingly.

    [they lie down on the ground and start to have sex] 

  • Den : [after Ard informs Den he must steal the Loc-Nar from the Queen in order to save Katherine]  And if I refuse?

    Ard : If you refuse, you die; she dies... everybody dies!

    Den : [voiceover]  Sounded reasonable to me!

  • Den : [voiceover]  There was no way I was gonna walk around this place with my dork hanging out!

  • Desk Sergeant : Before you go any further, pal, I gotta tell ya it's cash up front. A thousand bucks a day for a full investigation, another thou' if the assailant is caught. Do you understand?

    Harry Canyon : Yeah. Hey, here's a dollar. Thanks for nothin'.

    Desk Sergeant : Think you can do better?... Punk.

  • Queen : Neverwhere is a troubled land. Your great strength has brought peace to my restless body. It can bring great peace to all the troubled people of this land.

    Den : [voiceover]  I knew I was good. But I didn't know I was that good.

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