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One of Roger Moore's Best Bond movies he ever did my all time favorite
ivo-cobra811 November 2017
What can I say about this film that was said already? I love this film to death! It is definitely the best Roger Moore's James Bond 007 film since The Spy Who Loved Me! It is my second favorite Roger Moore film I love it to death since I was a kid. For Your Eyes Only (1981) is better then the lackluster The Man With The Golden Gun, Octopussy and A View To A Kill in my honest opinion it is better then Moonraker. This is the first Bond of the 80's and it is honestly one of the best Bond films in my opinion this is just my opinion.

This movie is simply action with real stunts more darker then the last one, more serious. Roger Moore did one of his best performance as James Bond 007. Really good actors and really good actresses. It is my childhood. A classic James Bond adventure there is. All right, maybe it was not that simple. Surprisingly this works very well, with the action sequences being more realistic (what with a car chase, ski chase and a small scale assault on the villain's residence instead), but brilliant too. For Roger Moore the film offers his best performance as James Bond.

The climbing on (The Monastery of the Holy Trinity in Meteora) St Cyril's monastery in the northern mountains of Greece is a great realistic sequence. Bond (Roger Moore) climbs the cliff in the mountains to reach the hoist controlling the basket. Those were real stunts it was really dangerous for Moore and his stuntman doing those stunts. In 1993 we got Cliffhanger with Sylvester Stallone climbing the mountains even those stunts were dangerous. This stunts that Roger Moore performed were really dangerous.

Bond in the beginning climbs on the helicopter another dangerous stunt that was performed from Roger Moore and his stuntman. James Bond on skies on the cross-country skiing and he is perused by motorcycle assassins great stunts performed from stuntman's. Great car chase A Citroën 2CV was used in which Bond and Melina are fleeing and are kicked by this car really bad-ass scene. Great fights on the ship, great fights with car on the beach in which Bond shoot's a guy's car. Great under water scenes in which Bond and Melina are under attack by a diver in a JIM suit. Great effects for the mini-subs under water. Bond and Melina are tied up with the line on Kristatos' yacht been as bait for sharks.

Great actors like are: Roger Moore, Carole Bouquet, Julian Glover, Topol ,Lynn-Holly Johnson, Michael Gothard, Jill Bennett, John Wyman and Walter Gotell.

Melina Havelock (Carole Bouquet) is a perfect Bond heroine determined to avenge her parents at all costs. Melina Havelock is a combination of Tilly Masterson from 'Goldfinger' and Domino from 'Thunderball.' Melina comes upon a much bigger plot, involving 007 and a Russian-British race to regain the A.T.A.C. She was really great Bond girl I enjoy the girl so much and the actress she was awesome better then Britt Ekland. Carole Bouquet did a great performance and she did a great job playing Melina Havelock she was so realistic in screen just my opinion. This movie had the absolute most beautiful Bond girl .

Bibi Dahl (Lynn-Holly Johnson) really touched my heart who would do anything for Bond! She is the American figure-skating prodigy who meets 007 in Cortina D'Ampezzo. Lynn-Holly Johnson did a great job been a victim of her uncle Kristatos (Julian Glover).

Agent 007 is assigned to hunt for a lost British encryption device and prevent it from falling into enemy hands. Bond investigate the murder of Timothy Havelock, who was working to salvage the wreckage of a spy boat carrying a vital command system called A.T.A.C. Bond's investigation leads him to believe that the Russians are also trying to recover the system, and may be using Aris Kristatos (Julian Glover) to carry out their dirty work. Aiding Bond is the beautiful sharpshooter Melina Havelock (Carole Bouquet) and an old acquaintance of Kristatos's named Milos Columbo (Topol).

I really miss movies like this one today I really do, I miss them so much. They don't make movies like this one today they don't. The plot was about the hunt for a lost British encryption device called A.T.A.C. that was also used later in Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995).

I really did enjoy soundtrack For Your Eyes Only by Sheena Easton and the music theme by Bill Conti.

The movie is really fast paced, I really wasn't bored with it, it is highly entertaining. You see also the cemetery in which we see Bond on his wife's grave Tracy Di Vicenzo from On Her Majesty's Secret Service we see Blofeld and Bond finally kill's him on the end of the opening scene.

For Your Eyes Only is a 1981 British spy film and the twelfth in the James Bond series to be produced by Eon Productions, and the fifth to star Roger Moore as the fictional MI6 agent James Bond.

10/10 This in my opinion really my favorite Roger Moore James Bond 007 films I love it to death I think is my second favorite film The Spy Who Loved Me is my number 1 favorite film but this one will be the second one. This was the first movie John Glen directed and really did a good job on this film. I highly recommend for every Bond Fan.
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Moore's finest Bond.
sibisi7322 September 2001
'For Your Eyes Only' starts the tenure of John Glen at the helm of the Bond series. He had worked previously on many of the Bond movies but during the eighties he directed all 5 Bond movies, and with the exception of 'A View To A Kill', they are up there with the best of the whole series. Certainly 'For Your Eyes Only' and the follow up, 'Octopussy' are the best of the Moore years, and I don't think it would be overstating it to say that Glen may have single handedly saved the franchise.

By the end of the 1970s Bond had turned from Ian Fleming's masterspy into an entirely comic book creation, culminating in the preposterous shenanigans of 'Moonraker' in 1979. At the start of a new decade a new style is clearly apparent, with a back to basics story that actually involves some spying, and a genuine threat to world peace. It's pushing it to say that the story is believable, but it is realistically told and is certainly a more adult affair than the previous efforts.

The film starts with the final nail in the coffin for Blofeld. After years of legal wrangling over who had the rights to the character the filmmakers decided to show that they didn't need him anyway and unceremoniously dumped him once and for all. We are also immediately put in the mood for a far more serious Bond when he visits his late wife's grave, an unusual moment, not least because the movies rarely referenced previous actors in the role. Here we are reminded that Moore wasn't playing Bond at the time of his marriage. That serious tone pervades throughout the movie, with less wisecracking than usual, and a subdued villain, at odds with the expected megalomaniac we are used to. But the film is all the better for it. There are some fantastic action set-pieces including a chase in a Citroen 2CV, and a ski chase that tops even that of 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service', along with a tense finale that is literally a cliffhanger. Bond is actually forced to use his wits, and much of the action and escapes are less contrived than one would expect. It's also good to see (after 'The Spy Who Loved Me' and 'Moonraker') that the filmmakers have tried to get back to Fleming's Bond, with many ideas lifted from the original stories. The scene with Bond and Melina dragged behind the speedboat, for example, is taken directly from the novel of 'Live And Let Die', and many characters appear in Fleming's short story of the same name.

Add to the mix a fine cast, notably Carole Bouquet as another strong character in the list of 'Bond women', and you have a satisfying and thrilling entry in the series.
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The Chinese have a saying; "Before setting off on revenge, you first dig two graves"!
hitchcockthelegend14 June 2012
For Your Eyes Only is directed by John Glen and adapted to screenplay by Richard Maibaum and Michael G. Wilson from source stories by Ian Fleming. It stars Roger Moore, Carole Bouquet, Julian Glover, Topol, Michael Gothard and Jill Bennett. Music is scored by Bill Conti and cinematography by Alan Hume.

Bond 12 and 007 is assigned to locate the whereabouts of the ATAC, a secret device that transmits orders to Polaris carrying submarines. He must do so quickly because the Soviets are also in pursuit, and they appear to be aided by a wealthy shipping magnate.

In spite of the gargantuan box office garnered by Moonraker, Albert Broccoli was hurt by criticism that it had strayed too far from the basic 007 formula. Making good on his word to get Bond back to reality, he mostly succeeded in making For Your Eyes Only a stripped back thriller. Gone is the over reliance on hi-tech wizardry, Moore (in his best performance as Bond) is back to being down to earth, being a Bond using his wits and toughness to get out of tricky situations, and the film goes for short sharp shock action scenes instead of giant battles enveloped by even bigger sets. There's much tension as well, none more so than with the finale, where again the big bang pyrotechnics have been replaced by a mountain peak accent and assault; where Bond uses a boot lace to save his skin! Now that's the Bond we love and admire. We even get the return of a bit of flirting between Moneypenny (Lois Maxwell) and Bond, while Q (Desmond Llewelyn) is on witty form.

Characters are strong, a major plus point in the film. Topol (charismatic and on scene stealing form) and Glover offer up fascinating characters, with Glover excellent as Kristatos, providing the franchise with a cultured and believable villain. Melina Havelock (Bouquet convincing) is tough and driven by revenge for her murdered parents, adept with a crossbow she makes a sturdy accomplice for Bond, and thankfully their union isn't bogged down mid mission by the "between the sheets" angle. Elsewhere, 007 editor John Glenn directs the first of his 5 Bond movies, impressive first outing with the underwater scenes particularly striking. Hume brings Corfu to life via his colour lenses and Conti oversees one of the series' best title theme songs, song with deep emotional beauty by Sheena Easton. His overall score is merely adequate, with decent nationalistic flavours, but the theme song is so strong it lingers to this day in the memory of all Bond fans.

It's not all great in this stripped back Bond world, though. The pre-credits sequence makes the terrible mistake of negating Bond's visit to the grave of his late wife, Tracy, by then having him jostle and jape with a bald villain in a wheelchair (is it meant to be Blofeld?): with unconvincing lines and delivery in the mix as well. Lynn-Holly Johnson's Bibi Dahl character is as pointless as it gets, out of place and superfluous to the plot. While some chase sequences, as fun and pulse raising as they are, are over extended and stretch the running time to longer than required. No mind, though, with Bond back to being a man again instead of a button pusher, and brilliant scenes like the keel-hauling peril, For Your Eyes Only was a major hit that raked in over $195 million at the World box office. James Bond's appeal, and that of the man playing him, was very much in vogue. 8/10
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Roger Moore's best Bond hands down
TimBoHannon11 April 2003
After 1979's sci-fi cartoon called Moonraker, Albert Broccoli and the rest of the James Bond producers decided to change the pace for Roger Moore's fifth adventure. This included firing incumbent director Lewis Gilbert and writing a more believable plot, to begin with. The second item on the agenda was to write a script which curbed Roger Moore's obsessive tendencies to pile on the jokes. Add a few good villains and allies, and voila! a classic James Bond adventure there is. All right, maybe it was not that simple.

This time around, Bond is sent to investigate the murder of one Timothy Havelock, who was working to salvage the wreckage of a spy boat carrying a vital command system called A.T.A.C. Bond's investigation leads him to believe that the Russians are also trying to recover the system, and may be using one Aris Kristatos (Julian Glover) to carry out their dirty work. Aiding Bond is the beautiful sharpshooter Melina Havelock (Carole Bouquet) and an old acquaintance of Kristatos's named Milos Columbo (Topol).

As good as it is, 'For Your Eyes Only' starts out terribly. The pre-title sequence involves an attempt on James Bond's life by a bald guy in a wheelchair with a white cat (I wonder who that could be?). The scene is campy and don't get me started on the remark about the delicatessen in stainless steel (obviously put in there at the request of some actor). I understand why the sequence was filmed, but that does not make it good. Thankfully it would not be a barometer on the rest of the movie!

It may not be among the very best in the series, but believe me when I say that the difference in tone between this and the goofy 'Moonraker' is like day compared to night. It is easily the preeminent Roger Moore Bond film, and is well worth watching in every area. The villain is not trying to kill a majority of the human race for some outlandish purpose. There are no extravagant weapons or billionaire lunatics, no silly motives or doomsday schemes. Instead, we have a lean adventure that a Bond fan can actually enjoy. There are many outstanding qualities about this film, mixed in with a few notable negatives.

Any list of what went right with this film has to begin with Roger Moore. After two mediocre performances, he really nails down the part here. He is courageous, commanding, tough, and, most importantly, serious, thanks to new director John Glen (who apparently had to do some prying to slow down Moore's humor blitz).

Another BIG breath of fresh air is provided by the villains and allies, who are also treated seriously and given unusual depth of character. Julian Glover is exceptional as the ruthless and deceptive Kristatos. It is villains like this that help make the Bond series so great, and Glover is excellent indeed. No wonder Steven Spielberg cast him for Indiana Jones! In Topol, most famous for his work in 'Fiddler on the Roof', we get a terrific ally who has a great chemistry with Bond. I imagine I am not the only person who found him to be much like Kerim Bey in the great 'From Russia With Love'.

Then there is the matter of the women, who both bring good and bad qualities to the table. Carole Bouquet is somewhat wooden as female lead, Melina, but can also hold her own when the heat is on, which makes her the best Bond girl in some time. Lynn-Holly Johnson provides a lovable portrayal as Bibi Dahl, a figure skater who gets the hots for Bond (don't get me started on the age difference). Her bubble headed character makes for some humorous moments and is used to make the character of Kristatos stronger. Dahl is also enrapturing to look at, but I find her ditzy part a little too over the top, but not to the point of weakening the final product.

Unfortunately, there are a few items that bug me about this film. The first is Bill Conti's soundtrack. While it would be terrific literature for an up-tempo jazz band, it really clashes with the action more than anything. Another weakness is Roger Moore's lack of talent for fight choreography, which detracts from the action slightly. The last is Eric Kriegler (John Wyman), another invincible Oddjob rip-off that at one point picks up a motorcycle and hurls it at a fleeing Bond (!).

This is all forgivable, however, because the action, from the mountainside ski chase to the climax atop a rock cliff, is of very high standards. The absurdity of the previous chapter is shed, and we get a highly entertaining adventure that appeals to fans and non-fans alike. I can certainly live with all of the flaws any day. So grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy another great 007 adventure.
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Favorite Bond film
momma-289918 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
FYEO is by far my favorite Bond film. From the beautiful theme song, to the gorgeous scenery, the wonderful musical score, and the fabulous story line, this movie is absolute perfection. I can watch it over and over and never get tired of it. I just absolutely love this film ! The cast is phenomenal. Carole Bouquet is wonderful as Melina Havelock. Topol is marvelous as Milos, Julian Glover is wickedly good as Kristatos, and Cassandra Harris (Pierce Brosnan's late wife), is charming as Countess Lisl. All of the actors in the film are top notch, and the beautiful scenery of Italy and Greece, is just breathtaking. Roger is of course, fabulous as usual in his role as 007. Handsome, charming, and witty. He is and always will be, my favorite Bond. FYEO is just spectacular. It is the Bond film that I watch the most often. It is one of my favorite movies of all time.
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Q provided 007 with the fastest, most maneuverable vehicle possible: the world's smallest jet the Acrostar
Nazi_Fighter_David11 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
A British fishing trawler/surveillance ship, on duty in the Ionian Sea, is sunk by an old World War II mine caught in her fishing nets…

Lost in the wreck is a top secret missile launching device which soon becomes 'something of value' in a characteristic British-Russian confrontation…

007 is seen caught in a cold-blooded feud between two Greek ex-partisans… He has to recover a transmitter that could fall into the wrong hands… He is sent to climb up the cliffs below an abandoned monastery complex, and is aided by a vigorous and decided sharpshooter whose expertise with a crossbow proved vital…

Throughout the mission 007 is aided by the brave Melina Havelock, a perfect Bond heroine determined to avenge her parents at all costs... Melina Havelock is a combination of Tilly Masterson from 'Goldfinger' and Domino from 'Thunderball.' Melina comes upon a much bigger plot, involving 007 and a Russian-British race to regain the A.T.A.C.

As Bond, Roger Moore finally gets his hair messed up, and more… He is at the mercy of a bald figure in a wheelchair who controls his destiny; chased by ski-borne motorcycles; assailed by spear-carrying fishermen and unlucky hockey players; attacked by sharks and enemy divers; tied up and dragged behind a boat along the sharp corals…

The film succeeds in introducing many mysterious characters… Three of them are:

Milos Columbo (Topol) who becomes the incarnation of Bond's old friend Kerim Bey... Known as 'The Dove,' Columbo is a pistachio-chewing Greek smuggler, ex-resistance fighter, and casino owner on the Greek island in the Aegean Sea… Between him and Kristatos, there is blood feud dating back to World War II, when both fought the Nazis as resistance fighters on Crete…

Ari Kristatos (Julian Glover) who manages to hide his treacherous nature behind a veneer of sophistication... Kristatos comes across as the most believable Bond villain in years… He introduces himself as an enthusiastic Anglophile who was a resistance fighter during the Second World War, and apparently uses Bond to murder his smuggling rival while scheming to please the KGB…

Bibi Dahl (Lynn Holly Johnson) who would do anything for Bond! She is the American figure-skating prodigy who meets 007 in Cortina D'Ampezzo, where at one point was invitingly in 007's bed…

Hate and revenge play significant part in this twelfth James Bond film… "For Your Eyes Only" follows the adventure and exotic appeal of earlier Bond movies like 'From Russia with Love' and 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'. The result is a delightful spy adventure with plenty of intriguing characters, plot twists, and romance
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One of Roger's best!
eamon-hennedy28 April 2004
Undeniably one of Roger Moore's best outings as 007, For Your Eyes Only was an attempt by Cubby Broccoli to bring Bond down to earth after the over the top, but brilliant, Moonraker. Surprisingly this works very well, with the action sequences being more realistic (what with a car chase, ski chase and a small scale assault on the villain's residence instead), but brilliant too. For Roger Moore the film offers his best performance as James Bond. The puns are played down more here and while he does still have a little twinkle in his eye at times, his performance reflects more an older 007, a man who has lost his wife and is still fighting to save the world and right wrongs. This is demonstrated in the superb pre-title sequence in which after visiting his wife's grave, he is kidnapped by Blofeld (unofficially Blofeld however) and taken on a wild helicopter ride. The moment were he visits Tracy's grave sees Roger convey so much in one scene, he shows that he is not just the comedic 007, but he can be a serious one too. We see how the character has come to view revenge on Blofeld as he tells the dream like Melina (a beautiful and enchanting performance from Carole Bouquet) that before setting out on revenge as she hopes to do, she must first dig two graves. Some would see this as hypocrisy, whereas it is the words of a Bond who has come to analyse the hardship of a licence to kill.

With Julian Glover portraying a more down to earth villain and the plot centering around the Cold War, For Your Eyes Only is a great 80's Bond film, with scatterings of what would be developed into the Timothy Dalton years, such as the serious Bond and the more down to earth story telling. Following on the heels of two of the biggest Bond films in terms of scope and financial success, For Your Eyes Only was a risk, but it worked. While it did not outgross Moonraker, it's financial intake was close and while it does possess the entertainment factor that both Moonraker and The Spy Who Loved Me did, it is an artistic success, with great performances, an engrossing storyline, wonderful characterization and superb direction from John Glen in his directorial debut for a Bond film. He stages the abundance of chase scenes well and is helped by the fact that he has a good script to go with. On top of that Sheena Easton delivers a great theme tune.

A great film and one deserving of classic status.
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Bond at his Best with magnificent girl
georgieboy1322 January 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Possible spoilers but wont reveal anything very important.

Now im not saying Moore was the perfect Bond but in this picture he put in a performance that could match any other(including any Connery one). By far the very best of Moore and what I consider the best of Bond. The film,(and im very thankful for this)steers away from the ridiculous plot-lines that were found elsewhere in the series such as in "Moonraker" and "The Spy Who Loved Me" and got down to,what could be considered as, a realistic or believable story with proper espionage situations, action and characters not seen since the likes of "From Russia With Love".

The action is exhilarating without being over the top. The climb up the cliff-face was on the edge of your seat stuff and the ski-chase was ingeniously executed that has you willing Bond down the mountain throughout. Moore plays Bond magnificently and can actually be seen to be angry enough to push Locques'(a villain who has a great mix of evil with subtleness)car over the cliff-top. A very memorable and credible performance despite clearly aging in the role. Julian Glover puts in a great effort to make his character reasonably interesting(and pulls it off as well as anybody could)and it is a refreshing change to see a villain that is not after world domination or destruction. Meanwhile Topol plays Columbo with near perfection. Neither seems to attempt overplaying their part with memorable one-liners. However Lynn-Holly Johnsons' character, Bibi, may become a tad annoying after a while but does bring a little more humour into the film(not that it needed it)with obvious moves made on Bond and his awkward reaction to them.

By far the best thing for me in the film was the introduction of Carole Bouquet as Melina Havelock. In my opinion she is easily the best bond girl that can be seen anywhere in the series. She has the beautiful looks, great body, gorgeous eyes and the most seductive voice(like at the end when she says to Bond,as her gown falls, "For your eyes only darling"-I was just so jealous of Moore at that moment), but can't be seen as another blond bimbo as seen in previous Bonds as she can also act too!. She plays the part of the "greek elektra" wonderfully,and she can`t half use a bow-and-arrow as well! Many bond girls have been seen in plenty of other work after their appearances but I think it is a great shame we dont see more of Bouquet,shes a great actress and a feast for any mans eyes even now at 44.If Bond 20 has a bond girl that puts in a performance or looks half as good as she does,we're in for one great film!I loved watching this movie and could quite easily watch it time and time again.I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a true bond film that is believable and down to earth.

A very much unappreciated Bond that offers plenty and delivers an abundance of everything.

Moore-9.9/10, Villain-8/10, Bouquet/Girl-10/10 easily, overall 10/10 if just to watch Melina do her stuff!
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High adventure and marvelous underwater scenes by debuting filmmaker John Glenn
ma-cortes6 December 2010
Likable Roger Moore in an amazing adventure set on wonderful outdoors located mostly on Greece and Greek islands . This is a Bond's good entry in which faces dangerous adventures around the world . Moore's outing with overwhelming action and spectacular scenarios , the film teams Bond with an archaeologist as endearing ally ( a beautiful Carole Bouquet) in an effort to stop an industrialist from selling a mechanical artifact . After his first introduction in ¨Live and let die¨ as tough and attractive James Bond of the Ian Fleming's famous creation , Roger Moore went on playing various 007 , and ¨ For your eyes only ¨ is one of the best . The picture starts with an overblown opening , the best part of this film in which James Bond reckoning to Blofield (in previous entries played by Donald Plesance and Charles Gray , but here doesn't appear his face) . This thrilling film deals about seductive James Bond as the ultimate spy hero who is assigned by MI6 a dangerous mission to recover an important device that control over British Polaris nuclear subs . As Bond joins the search, he suspects the tough Colombo (Topol as a gregarious smuggler) and the suave Kristatos (Julian Glover) of seizing the powerful system. Bond finds an ally in the gorgeous Melina Havelock (Carol Bouquet) , who blames Colombo for the death of her parents (Jack Hedley) . Meanwhile , Bond goes to a ski station , there happens a high-octane race and Bond discovers some clues and confronting hoodlums (Michael Gothard ,Charles Dance). James is double-crossed and continues to follow the lead , deciding to investigate on the Egean sea . Following the tracks all lead a nasty billionaire , a maniacal villain who schemes the selling of the powerful machine to a Russian general (Walter Goetell).

This solid , slick thriller with magic mix of action-packed , dazzling stunts, gadgetry, and romance provided by sexy company as Carol Bouquet, Lynn Holly Johnson and Cassandra Harris (first wife of Pierce Brosnan until her death) . Roger Moore as James Bond is fine , he does remarkably well , he earns in irony, humor ,suavity and sympathy, however also has coldness ,cunning , intelligence and toughness . Here Bond is an efficient , relentless agent trying to chase obstinately the criminals , traveling around the world as always , as this globe-trotting story is set in Spain , Veneto ,Italia and Greece at Meteoro mountains and Corfu islands . Bond to achieve his aims , along the way uses violent means even pulling off brutal killings against enemies who wreak all sorts of havoc . As always Bond will use fantastic gadgets and spectacular cars (here a Lotus) provided by ¨Q¨ (Desmond Llewelyn) . In addition , there appears the usual as Lois Maxwell, ¨MoneyPenny¨ , Minister of Defense as Geoffrey Keen and Walter Goetell as Russian general .

The picture contains comic-strip adventure , sensational pursuits , silly set pieces, great stunts, tongue-in check humor, automovile chase, frantic unstopped action , an impressive tour over razor-sharp coral reefs, amazing gimmicks and stimulating images like are the happenings on the spectacular pursuits on the snow, the overwhelming underwater scenes, and the breathtaking battles . As is like a roller-coaster , as is fast-paced, light, excitement, funny and entertaining ; it's a winner for oo7 fans and non-fans alike . The chase and suspense formula wears strong in this entry .The action-packed includes , exciting underwater fights, and cliffhanging assault of a rousing mountaintop fortress filmed in Meteoro monastery .Enjoyable title song by Sheena Easton and stirring musical score fitting to action by Bill Conti (Rocky saga's composer) ,following the John Barry's classic style . Riveting and fancy main titles by habitual Maurice Binder , furthermore eye-popping production design by Peter Lamont. It's brimming with colorful and fascinating cinematography by cameraman Alan Hume . The motion picture produced by habitual producers, Albert R Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson , being professionally made by John Glenn who filmed various outings and previously directed 2nd unit and edition on some early Bond movies . He directed several entries as ¨Licence to kill, A view to kill , For your eyes only and Octopussy¨ though with no much originality . Debuting John Glenn keeps this moving at an incredibly fast pace and this story about every's favorite super-spy falling in love with an archaeologist is one of author Ian Fleming's best . The film will appeal to James Bond series's buffs but good for fans only ; because this one goes on far too long and has provoked so much debate among 007 followers . Rating : 6'5 , well worth watching .
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Bond vs Winter Olympics
SnoopyStyle24 December 2013
Roger Moore returns as Bond and takes down Blofeld once again in the first 10 minutes after visiting his late wife's grave. It's a good start, but it doesn't get any better after that.

A British spy ship is accidentally sunk by a mine. Its valuable communication equipment is a top prize for the Soviets. Meanwhile, a Greek tycoon is killed for unknown reasons, and Bond is assigned to investigate. He tracks down the assassin, but is killed in revenge by the tycoon's daughter Melina (Carole Bouquet).

Bond goes to Cortina in the Italian Alpes. And that's where he battles the bad guys in a Bond Olympics. He skis, he ski jumps, he skis on the bobsled track, and to top it off, he fights a hockey team. It's a bit of fun action. But it makes the mistake of dropping Carole Bouquet for much of the middle. I rather have a pretty face get in on the action. And Greek hilltop villain hideout just doesn't have the explosive action needed for the climax. All in all, it's an acceptable Bond escapist adventure.
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The 80s...
MovieJunkie197617 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
***Warning! Spoiler Information Inside***

After boldly going where no Bond film had gone before with Moonraker(1979) , The gang at EON productions decided on a movie somewhat less alien , and finally released For Your Eyes Only.

A particularly sensitive piece of nuclear defense has sunk in the sea off the coast of Greece. Sir Timothy Havelock and his wife are killed trying to recover it for her Majesty. 007 is sent to find the killer , and recover the equipment. Along the way he destroys cars , hat tricks a hockey squad and fends off the affections of an eager admirer(Lynn-Holly Johnson).

This movie was the first outing for veteran assistant/Second unit man John Glen (Aces: Iron Eagle III). Roger Moore gives what is likely the best performances as Bond in the franchises long history (pretty easy when you have been in character for the majority of half a decade).Carol Bouquet(Milena) may have easily have been the best looking Bond girl of all time. Julian Glover is insidious as Kristatos. Cassandra Harris (Lisl) married her lover Pierce Brosnan during the filming.

Four stars(of 5.)
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SillyPuddy9 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This starts strong and maintains it's momentum throughout, delivering just the right mix of action, tension, romance, and humor. The skiing chase scenes are spellbinding and Moore proved to be particularly formidable against an array of dangerous villains including the chilling Locque and a young Charles Dance. I enjoyed the deftly-handled scene on the boat in which Bond finally meets Columbo since it defied my initial impression of him and led to an unlikely alliance. Bond's dark haired damsel was stunning until she spoke. Add the scintillating underwater scenes and this is one of the most underrated entries in the Bond collection.
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One of my Favorite Bonds
Zoooma28 January 2014
This is the very first Bond movie that I can remember enjoying as a kid back when it was HBO a long time ago a year or so after it came out. It helped get me hooked on 007. After James in Space in Moonraker, he is back down to Earth in this very exciting installment of the series. Definitely a step up over Moonraker. Great action scenes. Movie slows down a little here and there but when it picks up it rocks... literally, at one point, when James does a little rock climbing. And in this, Roger Moore's fifth Bond film, we finally get to see him playing baccarat, something he hadn't previously done and something Connery did in almost all his films. So minor compared to the international intrigue and chase scenes but I thought worth mentioning. This is absolutely one Bond film I look forward to seeing again!

--A Kat Pirate Screener
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it lacks here and there yet still entertains
thomas-williamson-ga25 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Oh where to begin with this one... Guess I should start with letting people know that while I almost never include spoilers for the courtesy of others, I really feel the need to make an exception with For Your Eyes Only. On a positive note, the spoilers I will give are few and will not ruin the viewer's experience. For those who read my previous Bond review I stated that Never Say Never roughly takes place in between Moonraker and Your Eyes Only. As a number of you know, For Your Eyes Only came out a year before Never Say Never. This is where the first spoiler comes in: In Never Say Never, we see the return of Blofeld who headed the Spectre criminal organization thought to have been killed off in Diamonds Are Forever. In Your Eyes Only, Bond finally finishes off Blofeld near the start of the film. Despite Never Say Never being an unofficial 'EON' release and a loose yet much improved remake of Thunderball, For Your Eyes Only should have come out in between Never Say Never and Octopussy as far as I'm concerned. NOW BACK TO THE INITIAL REVIEW: For Your Eyes Only delivers most of what 007 fans have come to enjoy regarding a super spy action flick. Still, having come out after Moonraker I can see how some viewers might have found this movie to be a bit of a letdown. The previous Roger Moore bond films had reached a good peak for the series at the time with supposed future technology and special effects. Your Eyes Only somewhat clumped a rehash of previous action/effect sequences used in previous 007 films going as far back to Her Majesty's Secret Service. Normally this is fine and has worked even for some of the later Bonds to come yet in this particular instance, it seems overdone and cliché. Just watch and you will see what I'm talking about. As for the villain of this 007 title, he is very mundane and uninteresting as was the villain Largo from Thunderball (Ironically, the Largo character in Never Say Never was quite improved upon). Mind you, none of the critiques above should discourage anyone from watching this movie. In fact, the bond woman in this is one of my favorites. This is because her character is not the predictable damsel in distress as we have seen in many 007 films. She is independent, a trained fighter, intelligent, and very good looking. As for the music, the theme song to Your Eyes Only is one of the tunes that stand out to me from the bond series. The other tunes I liked were from Goldfinger, Live Let Die, Man with Golden Gun, and Spy Who Loved Me. On a final note, this movie is worth viewing though I will strongly suggest watching it after Never Say Never and also watching it before Octopussy even though nothing connects it to the latter bond title. While some readers will disagree with me on this review and quite possibly Never Say Never, hopefully all readers will have found my reviews informative.
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Exciting, Eye-Popping, Globetrotting, Blockbuster James Bond Spy Flick
ShootingShark14 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
When a British spy ship is accidentally sunk with a top-secret code machine aboard, MI6 agent James Bond is given the mission to recover it. Can he find it before the Russians ?

Some view the Roger Moore era of James Bond as a bit dated and silly, but personally I think they're amongst the best - I like the gadgets, the over-the-top action, the dolly birds and the bad jokes. They make the films exciting, glamorous, and most of all fun, which is what most movies (and all James Bond movies) should aspire to. This one is a series of fantastic sequences; Bond trapped in a crazy helicopter, a car chase (in a 2CV !) through the Spanish countryside, an action-packed interlude at the beautiful Cortina D'Ampezzo ski resort, an undersea adventure in a mini-sub to recover the MacGuffin, and a vertigo-inducing finale at the Holy Trinity monastery in Metéora. The action flows effortlessly across these locations as the story sweeps along and Moore exudes poise and charm in his signature role. Whilst the support cast are not great, they are all good, particularly Topol as the worldly wise smuggler who turns out to be a key ally. Look also for Harris as the groovy Contessa (she was the wife of future Bond Pierce Brosnan) and Dance in his film debut as a wordless thug. The photography in this movie is superb - it was shot by Alan Hume (Return Of The Jedi, Runaway Train), one of Britain's greatest cameramen, and he does everything from strap the camera to a bobsleigh to stage an interior fight underwater with stunning, razor-sharp looks. The film was recently restored by Lowry Digital Images with excellent results - if possible, please try to see the new print. The stuntwork is also outstanding, and Bill Conti provides a thumping score to accompany it all. Whilst this may not be in the top drawer of Bond flicks (You Only Live Twice, The Spy Who Loved Me, Goldeneye), it's not very far behind. Extremely well directed by Glen, who edited the previous two Bond movies and directed the next four, this is a first-rate action thriller and solid entertainment all round. Trivia - singer Sheena Easton here is the only performer of a James Bond theme song who also appears in the iconographic opening credits.
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"I'll buy you a delicatessen in stainless steel!"
ShadeGrenade15 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
'For Your Eyes Only' is the forgotten movie of the Roger Moore Bond era. Kevin McClory had threatened to bring Sean Connery out of retirement for a proposed remake of 'Thunderball' which, he promised, would revert to the tougher style of the earlier films of the series. Cubby Broccoli was so worried that not only did he accede to Moore's massive pay demands, but delivered a pre-emptive strike with this movie, the first Bond of the '80's.

'Eyes' eschews the sci-fi nonsense and juvenile humour of 'Moonraker' in favour of a more realistic espionage story. A British spy ship - the St.Georges - has been accidentally sunk off the coast of Greece, aboard is a transmitter known as A.T.A.C. Should it fall into the wrong hands, it could conceivably enable the Russians to order our own submarines to attack us. 007 is dispatched to the South of France to find Cuban hit-man Hector Gonzales ( Stefan Kalipha ), killer of British agent Timothy Havelock ( Jack Hedley ) and his wife ( Toby Robins ). Bond is not the only party interested in Gonzales; the Havelocks' fiery daughter Melina ( Carole Bouquet ) is after him too, and has a fondness for crossbows...

By 1981, Broccoli had run out of Fleming books, so Michael G.Wilson and Richard Maibaum combined a pair of short stories from the 'For Your Eyes Only' anthology, linked by the A.T.A.C. plot. The Bond movies had steered away from politics in the past, but here the Cold War was featured for the first time. I regret that this happened. It made the '80's Bonds more dated than those of the '60's.

Moore was reportedly unhappy with the 'toughening' of his character, particularly Bond's killing of 'Locque' ( the late Michael Gothard ). But it remains one of his finest performances in the role. A major innovation was the concealment of the villain's identity for much of the picture. It looks as though its going to be Greek smuggler Columbo ( Topol ) but no, its Ari Kristatos ( after years of menacing 'John Steed' and 'Simon Templar', Julian Glover had graduated to 007. He gives a splendid performance here ).

This was the first Bond to be directed by John Glen, who like Peter Hunt before him, started on the series as an editor/ second-unit director. 'Eyes' has, at times, the look and feel of one of the I.T.C. shows he worked on in the '60's, such as 'Danger Man' and 'Man In A Suitcase'.

It is certainly not short on action; the pre-credit sequence in which Bond is trapped in a helicopter over London by Blofeld is wonderfully cheeky, the car chase in France fabulous, ditto the ski scene in which Bond is pursued by a motorbike, and the underwater fight. Rick Sylvester doubled Moore for the breathtaking mountaineering scenes.

Among the fine supporting cast, Lynn-Holly Johnson's ice-skating nymphet 'Bibi Dahl' made more of an impression on yours truly than Carole Bouquet's 'Melina'. As Bernard Lee had died, James Villiers was drafted in to play the 'Chief Of Staff' - his only appearance in the role. A young Charles Dance can be spotted as one of the bad-guys.

A couple of things I did not like - during the car chase, Bond's pursuers draw level and ( wait for it ) he gives them a friendly wave! What was stopping them from shooting him? The film climaxes with a run-of-the-mill punch-up in a monastery. As climaxes go, it is definitely anti. Worse, the final scene features Janet Brown impersonating Margaret Thatcher. It was funny at the time, but looks horribly embarrassing now.

Sheena Easton's title song - though not one of my favourites - was a worldwide hit.

Though some were disappointed to not find Richard Kiel's 'Jaws' in the picture, 'Eyes' was a blockbuster. In the U.K., it was the second most popular film on release in 1981 ( the first being 'Superman 2' ), putting it well out in front of Spielberg's 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark' ( it came eighth ).

Bond had just entered his third cinematic decade in style.
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A beautiful looking Bond adventure
bunny222226 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
After "Moonraker" which was a lot of fun and extravagant. The producers decided to change tack and bring Bond back to earth. I understand that Mr. Broccoli took the fans input to heart! So with "For Your Eyes Only" we have a film that has the flavour of "From Russia With Love. In the interesting pre- credit sequence Bond visits a grave of someone close to him and this immediately sets the tone with regards the characters being brought back into focus.John Glen directs his first film in the series after having been the editor on some of the most exciting films. Roger Moore is put back into the centre of the action in a much more realistic way and has to use his ingenuity in numerously dangerous situations -- I love the way he gets the job done in this film. Topol is great fun as Colombo and Julian Glover brings a low key and steely detachment to Kristatos and I like John Moreno as Luigi being ignored by Kristatos and being a support to Bond in earlier scenes. I like this film because it is refreshing and does not take the audience for granted . It is also beautifully shot and makes excellent use of the Greek Island locations.What it also has is brilliant stunt work (a great ski chase and brilliant rock climbing climax )
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Moore at his Best
filmbuff690074 September 2001
The story is a little more complex,the villains not so easy to identify.the action is more down to earth than the sheer excess of Moonraker.Julian Glover makes for a sneaky Villain who tries to use Bond for his own gains.This was the start of the John Glen Bond movies And quite a vintage they were too.lots of action all of which is less over the top but certainly just as exciting.the music by bill conti has been slated over the years but i think its a great score.this plays very well on for Moore that one scene where Bond kills for revenge is easily his best performance he really does convince his angry enough to kill.
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Down to Earth, Bond back on track!!!
darth_sidious19 November 2001
The Bond series was moving into the wrong direction in 1979 with Moonraker, John Glen takes over the directing for the next 5 adventures, beginning with 'For Your Eyes Only'.

Bond is back down to Earth with a bang, a very satisfying entry in the Bond series. The film is much more Fleming-like, that is until Dalton comes in.

The story is very interesting because it's more of a spy movie, Moore has some work to do here!!! There's no reliance on the gadgets. The Bond girl played by Carole Bouquet is very good, not just a pretty girl!

The acting is much better than Moonraker, John Glen eases into the directing quite comfortably.

The photography is wonderful, very realistic colour use.

There are some fun stunt sequences, the ski chase is fantastic.

The film score is fun, but a product of its time, unlike Barry, the music doesn't transcend the generations!

Overall, 'For Your Eyes Only' is a satisfying Bond picture. Obviously you'll be viewing it in wide-screen!!! James Bond returns in Octopussy!
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The best Roger Moore Bond, and a lot of fun.
roddmatsui4 August 2005
The discarding of Blofeld at the beginning (he is humorously depicted--to the offense of many!) serves another purpose besides being just the discarding of Blofeld--it is almost as if the film is making a statement about choosing to discard cartoonish villains and goofy humor, in one move. This scene provides a convenient rug to yank out from under the audience: The film that we get is more straight serious than we might suspect, based on this introduction. So the beginning of this film really sets us up for a surprise.

Out of all the Roger Moore Bond films, this one is most reminiscent of Connery's Bond. The violence repeatedly shows a mean, hard edge, and the joking (while there) is kept to a minimum. Guess what? This film works very nicely!

There are a lot of things I liked about this one. The requisite special effects, models and stunts are there, but used to surprisingly subtle effect. The story is simple and small, and allows the film to focus on believable human character details. Carole Bouquet's vendetta-driven "Melina Havelock" is well-acted and believably serious. She's excellent.

Character actor Michael Gothard (THE DEVILS, WARLORDS OF ATLANTIS) is very memorable as gun-for-hire Locque, who has no lines of dialogue whatsoever! Gothard delivers his performance entirely through visual expression. I imagine he must have had a wonderful time with this role, easily one of his best. Roger Moore's character, generally cool and under control, nonetheless grows impatient with Locque and seems to display some genuine, heartfelt anger when he finally...well, I don't want to spoil it, so you'll have to see the movie. Suffice it to say that it is one of my favorite "the bad guy gets it" moments in just about any movie.

I also recall that when the film was new, the application of synthesizers in the music (most obvious in the title song, and more subtly applied in the score) was very cutting-edge and tasteful; there were clearly synthetic effects to be heard, but they were not poured on liberally.(Everything in moderation?) It's a little harder to notice in this day and age of synthetic everything, but the careful incorporation of obviously synthetic sounds lent extra style. (Take note of those moments involving the "Dove" pin.) It helped the film achieve a modern character, and is doubly interesting and appropriate because the action scenes do not depend primarily on high-tech gadgetry. All in all, a classy application of synthesizer. Maybe I'm going on about nothing here, but I remember noticing this quality when the film was new, and I've always liked it.

So basically, without rambling on further, this film is good, and very enjoyable.
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Routine and Unfocused.
nycritic31 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
When a spy story -- even one given to moments of camp and essential silliness -- begins with the promise of something big but never quite takes off, it makes one wonder if maybe it would be time to change the premise, change to a better director, and/or get writer or writers who could construct a solid, pared-down movie with a genuine sense of danger and discard some of the less interesting elements.

This is not saying that FOR YOUR EYES ONLY is a bad film -- spy movies that imitate the Bond style have been made recently with ridiculous levels of awfulness -- but coming out in the times of directors bent on super-productions and blockbusters as well as some choices in production (substituting John Barry for an awful, late 70s Euro-rock score reminiscent of the one heard in LUCIO FULCI'S THE BEYOND), it feels lacking in atmosphere and at least to my opinion, I felt I'd seen it all before.

The girl who has her parents killed and decides to revenge their deaths, check. The chase sequences, of course, standard fare, nothing spectacular or nail-biting. The Russians (or any dark, sinister force/country/covert agency) who want access to a secret code which has the ability to control underwater missiles, check. An impenetrable fortress atop a gigantic mountain/boulder/what-have-you, you betcha. A possible second love interest for Bond, another check. The only thing that is sorely lacking is a memorable villain, and in trying to humanize the bad guys, the creators have come up with people who aren't very interesting, or even ingenious. Julian Glover seems quite grey whenever he's on screen it almost makes me wish the writers hadn't disposed of Ernst Stavros Blofeld, or brought someone similar.

And at over 120 minutes, FOR YOUR EYES ONLY runs a tad too long and doesn't maintain a level of mounting suspense necessary for this kind of movie, so when the end comes, it's a little more than a relief, not because this was a bad feature -- again, it wasn't -- but the fact that this ordeal was so perfunctory. And partly to this are the performances, which are wooden to say the least -- Carol Bouquet, while playing a tough girl, emotes little; Roger Moore repeats playing suave and his age is showing here; Lynn Holly-Johnson is irritating to no avail and her part could have been excised, but in a small role as a secondary Bond girl, Cassandra Harris brings an elegant presence in her brief moment of screen time. She should have had the larger part, since she does smolder, but oh well -- I'm complaining and the movie is a quarter of a century old and a classic. Just not a memorable one.
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Possibly my favorite Bond film of all time...
Aaron137522 November 2002
For Your Eyes Only is one of my favorite James Bond films. It and the Spy Who Loved me constantly via for the top spot in my mind. Sadly, this one did not perform as well as other Roger Moore James Bond movies as it did not do nearly as well as the previous film, Moonraker. I enjoyed this one more than Moonraker, which I did enjoy, but I felt it was a bit of a retread of The Spy Who Loved Me, while this one went in another direction by not having an eccentric wealthy person wishing to establish a new world order. At the same time, this one features action sequence after action sequence and location after location which made this one a fun romp. Perhaps it is the fact that this was not t he only Bond film released this particular year as Never Say Never Again featuring Sean Connery was put out the same year so it may have turned people off to see both. Me, I never cared to Never Say Never as it is simply a remake of Thunderball which is one of my favorite Sean Connery Bond movies. It and From Russia With Love via for the top spot for the Connery movies. I guess it matters little these days, and why should I care now that I alone think this is one of the best Bond films.

The movie features a lot of action, but the mission is almost a rather unremarkable one. A spy ship is sunken with a mine and a decoder device that is on board is something that the Russians would love to have. The British have a man working on retrieving it, but he is promptly killed along with his wife in front of their daughter. James is sent in to find the hit-man responsible, but he soon finds a lot of people involved which takes him from one exotic location to another as he tracks down the one responsible for the death of the man charged with recovering the coding device. He will team up with the daughter whose parents were killed and soon try to salvage the device themselves; however, there is another who is after the device as well so he can sell it to the Russians.

This one has so many action sequences in it that it goes by at supersonic speed. It opens with an action sequence in a helicopter that is unrelated to the decoding device plot, but it is fun to watch and the only time Blofeld and Roger Moore's Bond cross paths. There is an awesome car chase scene which features a very non typical Bond vehicle, a ski chase, a warehouse raid, a deep sea battle and a fight on a mountain monastery which has an awesome rock climbing scene. The Bond girls here are okay, just not as attractive as say Goodnight from Golden Gun or XXX from Spy. A lot of people complain about Bebe being to young for Roger, but he never shows any interest in her throughout the film so not sure why her character is criticized. She is just there to advance the plot in the Cortina portion of the film and to make Bond squirm a bit. The villain is good too as if you are watching it for the first time, you are not quite sure who the villain is until midway through the movie.

So, no, this Bond is nothing like the previous two Bond movies which were very similar. Heck, it isn't even like Live and Let Die or Man with the Golden Gun either. It is not even like the next two Bond films. It stands on its own and is really fun to watch. I loved this one as a kid as it and Spy were tops for me at a young age too. This one I sometimes place on the top, because Spy is so similar to Moonraker; although, this one was supposed to follow Spy, but thanks to the space craze they decided to put Bond in space instead. I sometimes wonder had Moonraker not been made, if this film would have been vastly different as Jaws could very well had been in this one as he survived Spy and if there is no Moonraker where he turned good he could have showed up here to torment 007. So, while it is not apparently everybody's cup of tea, For Your Eyes Only stands near the top and is one of the more enjoyable and fast paced Bond films there is.
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An After School Special version of James Bond
Maciste_Brother21 November 2007
The title of this James Bond film should have been FOR YOUR UNDERWHELMED EYES ONLY.

After the box office smash that were THE SPY WHO LOVED ME and MOONRAKER, the producers decided to tone down the huge sets, effects and explosions after some thought the outer space extravaganza of the latter was too un-Bond like. They attempted to bring 007 series back to its roots and they stripped down/away everything to a point where very little of the over-the-top action I usually enjoy in James Bond movies was left: in the end, the film plays more like a TV movie or, in my humble opinion, an After School Special than a cinematic adventure. I saw this film countless of times when it was released. I was a teen then and bored out of my mind and went to see it during the summer of 1981 with my high school buddies to kill time. Needless to say, I know this film by heart. And it always made me and still makes me giggle every time I watch it. From the chintzy opening helicopter scene (with the "action-packed" disco music) to the car chase scene in Spain (more "action-packed" disco music) to the overdone ski chase scene in Italy (the penultimate use of "action-packed" disco music here), FYEO always felt like a catalog of James Bond moments seen in countless other 007 epics but this time set to disco music.

The music is hilarious. It's probably the funniest Bond score ever. From the opening (and closing) credits when we see Sheena Easton's "Deer caught in the headlights" face, to the disco song heard during the pool scene, which was so dated back in 1981 and even more so today. The music during the ski chase scene makes me giggle nonstop whenever I hear it. The violins, the guitars, the trumpets. The brilliant John Barry is sorely missed here. The whole set up for the ski chase scene always struck me as being utterly ridiculous: Bond is forced to go on a ski ramp, which starts off the whole elaborate chase which culminates at a bobsled track. Spectacular? Yes but it's very contrived. Speaking of contrived, there's the fight scene between Bond and the hockey players. Like so many action scenes in FYEO, it doesn't make any sense. Why not just shoot 007 instead coming up with colorful but corny ways of dispensing of the British secret agent? And they said back then (and still now) FOR YOUR EYES ONLY was supposed to be more down to earth and realistic? Hardly.

Then there's Lynn Holly Johnson, who's the most annoying Bond girl ever. At one point, Kristatos slaps her not once but twice. God, that felt so good when he did that. The bimbo deserved it in spades. Because of her presence and her totally useless character, the film felt like the aforementioned After School Special.

After the ski chase scene, the film moves to a crawl and almost becomes inert. Like THUNDERBALL, the underwater sequences are slow and dull, filled with endless scenes of stand-ins for Moore and Bouquet. We are then introduced to Topol, who overacts shamelessly. There is one great scene in the second half, when Bond and Melina are dragged through the ocean and coral reef. But as well made as it is, it begs the usual question the other action scenes in FYEO illicit: why not just shoot 007 and Melina on the spot?

As for the ending it can only be described as underwhelming. Probably the limpest ending in any Bond film! The best thing about FOR YOUR EYES ONLY is Roger Moore. He actually gives a performance worth noting. He's really fun and seems to know that the whole thing is silly and goes along for the ride. It's a shame the rest is so forgettable.
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The Best Bond With Roger Moore!
sjcal7511 July 2004
For Your Eyes Only is the best Bond film with Roger Moore as agent 007. It had the best story of all the Moore Bond's, as well as the best action sequences. These sequences include a thrilling ski chase, as well as an edge of your seat mountain climb.

Carole Bouquet portrays one of the most serious minded Bond girls in the serious. We also have the late Cassandra Harris as a Bond girl who at the time was married to future Bond Pierce Brosnan.

Even for everyone who didn't like Moore's portrayal of Bond, you still gotta claim this one as his best even though he was in his mid 50's. Sheena Easton sang probably the best theme song of all the Bond films.
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